Falling leaves and a taste of Christmas

In my last blog I waxed lyrical about autumn colours and whilst one of my favourite seasons, it’s also one of the messiest in terms of clearing up fallen leaves and branches. Our garden is covered with a beautiful layer of various russet and gold leaves, acorns and pine needles and our hostas and hydrangeas are finally conceding their foliage too. My trusty Original Garden Broom, which I wouldn’t be without, has been in constant use – its appearance always excites Toby and Ellie who jump around excitedly as they know it heralds the appearance of their long-standing nemesis “The Brown Garden Wheelie Recycling Bin”! 😂 Toby used to get excited by passing mopeds or motorbikes, whilst Ellie has her eyes firmly fixed on the rumbling bin. That said, whatever the size of your outside space, be it a few pots on a balcony or a large garden, there’s something quite satisfying about tidying everything up ready for winter and Christmas.

Judging by the many kind comments being posted, it would seem a great number of you are really enjoying our Christmas shows so far, be they offering gifts, decorations or festive food. Our buyers here at The Q have worked really hard to bring you a variety of gift ideas and they’re already working on next Christmas!

As you may have noticed, I love my food and I’m delighted to report the returning series of Andi Peters’ Food Fest has been so well received. I am also happy to report we have a few extra shows lined up too throughout November and December (elasticated waist trousers on standby!). We always have fun with our brilliant, regular foodie guests and have already introduced you to some new ones as well.

I can’t tell you how much Andi and I appreciate the lovely messages we receive before, during and after each show – it’s great that so many are loving the excellent fayre on offer, but for Andi and I it’s even more gratifying to hear how we are bringing a smile to our customers faces given the continuing testing times.

Obviously, I’m in the fortunate position to be able taste the quality of so many of the products on air (when I’m not dropping it down my front 🙂 ). I have already placed my order for the British Meat Christmas Hamper from Althams Butchers again this year, available in 3.2kg or 5.3kg, which means a rather large box ticked, plus no worries of what might be or not be on our local supermarkets shelves when we visit. Yes I have been that last minute Christmas shopper in the past and it’s not worth the stress if you can possibly avoid it.

So, if you’re already or thinking of gourmet food shopping with us, let me be one of the first to tell you that…

We have a special promotional offer of two interest-free instalments (EZ Pays) on all food and drink from 26/10/20 to 01/11/20. Just enter the code FOOD2Z when you place your order with us online at qvcuk.com! You’re most welcome!

Back home the summer bedding is all packed away and nice cosy sheets and warmer duvets have reappeared. If you haven’t already, do check out our extensive range of Cozee Home bedding and throws online. I introduced my mum to it a few years ago and she simply wouldn’t be without it!

As many do, we like to decorate our bed with a throw ect. and so tend to opt for a 10.5 tog-rated duvet, rather than a higher tog rating. In fact, it so happens that we have the Silentnight Comfort Control 10.5 Tog Anti-Allergy Duvet, which is our Today’s Special Value (TSV) on Tuesday the 27th. We’ve long been fans of Silentnight and several years ago when Ali and Jack went off to uni they left with their own Silentnight duvets… after all it’s a brand we trust and have all grown up with.

Well that’s all from me for now, I’m not in this weekend but I’ll be back with you on Monday at 5pm for Fire Light Created Diamonds and then back for two hours at 7pm for Andi Peters Food Fest 🙂

Until next time… stay warm, leaf free and most importantly, well!

Dale x

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  1. Hello Dale That’s all I want to say you and Andi make me Smile Love all the Food Shows but I have got to say I love the Show you also do with Charlie now you 2 make me want to buy all that Q.V.C. has to offer LOL!! is there going to be a 2 hour Show this Year??? I Hope so ! LOVE your Dogs xx Pamela

    1. Thank you Pamela – Andi and I really appreciate that we are putting a smile on so many faces at such a difficult time.
      I also love working with my old Buddy Charlie but we haven’t presented a show together for ages 🙁 There are 2 and 3 hour Andi Peters’ Food Fest coming up 🙂 Dale x

  2. Hi Dale
    Just love your dogs.
    I have ordered the Althams meat hamper (3.2) for my niece as her and her daughter have both lost their jobs (they worked at Gatwick) due to this nasty pandemic so it will be less worry for her and the family this Christmas.
    I have also ordered the Silentnight duvet TSV and look forward to putting that on my bed when it arrives.
    I also love your shows with Charlie so hopefully you will do one for Christmas.

    Take care and stay safe.

    1. Hi Linda – what a thoughtful gesture – I’m sorry to hear of your niece and her daughter both losing their jobs – it really is such a tough time for so many – I hope you’ll love the duvet – I was only talking to Charlie the other day and we agreed it had been too long since our last show together. Dale x

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