Festive food shows and gift ideas

Well I hope all’s well…

As autumn starts to unfurl its magnificent russet and golden spectacular for us, it always coincides with a very busy time at The Q… as we launch into full Christmas preparation mode.

At home, Toby celebrated his 12th birthday with a special “dog safe” birthday cake that my daughter Ali bought him. His foot is well on the mend and he now goes for walks without his protective boot 🙂

This Friday Andi Peters and I have two shows! The ‘Andi Peters’ Food Fest’ is on at 1pm and again at 6pm for two hours. The day is devoted to festive food and we’ll be featuring a Today’s Special Value (TSV) from German luxury confectionery brand Lambertz, who have been making speciality gingerbread and Printen since 1688.

The TSV takes the form of two beautiful hinged Stag Tins each filled with a three layer selection of their spectacular German gingerbreads including Aachen Printen and Dominosteine, with a total of 108 pieces and 1.5kg in weight!

As a boy growing up I always loved the taste of “gingerbread men” but in the UK our gingerbread is usually a brittle biscuit whereas in Germany, it’s more like a cake consistency with a glorious ginger and cinnamon flavour all draped in a beautiful chocolate coating.

For me it’s very much one of the tastes of the many German-style Christmas markets that have been so popular around the UK in past years. Although unfortunately this year may well be different, we can still enjoy the essence of the market at home courtesy of Lambertz and perhaps a little mulled wine 🙂

We’ll have many of the usual brands in the shows as well as Gail Samways with Lambertz, brilliantly standing in for our popular German guest, Hubert, who hopefully will join us by video link from Germany. We have offerings from H Forman & Son, Hotel Chocolat, Joe & Seph’s, Flower & White and many more luxury food brands.

Friday’s ‘A Taste of Christmas’ event is just the start of a whole weekend of festive preparations with some exciting offers, designed to help us fill those Christmas gift lists and provide ideas and solutions to hopefully make this Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons.

I’ll be bringing some sparkling ideas at 3pm Saturday with a ‘Diamonique Gifts‘ show and some great ‘Top Tech‘ ideas at 5pm. The show will include an item that will be on many wish lists this Christmas, a Rush Charge Trident 4000mAh Portable Charger for Apple and Android devices – basically with today’s “power hungry” smartphones and tablets, you’ll always be able to have the ability to re-charge wherever you are. It’s our TSV on the day and is bound to be popular, it even charged my iPad.

It has an ingenious design having built-in Apple lightening, USB type-C and micro USB connectors. Plus, it has a USB connector to re-charge it, so you don’t need to carry around three or four different leads with it! I’m sure guest James Murden will have an even bigger smile on his face than usual when he finds out the price too 😉

On Sunday I’ll be showcasing some stylish fashion from MarlaWynne at midday and back again at 2pm for two hours of ‘Inspirational Christmas’.

Q: “Yes Dale but what if what I order is unsuitable on the “big day” I’m well out of my return period aren’t I?”

A: Au contraire mon amis (no idea why I went into French there?), as we have extended our already generous 60 day money back guarantee until the 31st of January 2021!

So, as always you can order from The Q with confidence.

I hope you can join Andi and I on Friday at 1pm and again at 6pm and perhaps myself across the weekend at some point… as always, it’ll be great for me to have your company.

Until next time… stay well, well fed and well sparkly 😀

Dale x

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  1. Hello Dale , a very happy belated birthday to Toby, and am so pleased his doggie foot is on the mend. Take care of your animals, as I know you do, cause they are soooo precious.

    1. Thank you Susan – Toby’s doing really well apart from putting on weight ! (combination of very short walks and spoiling !) He’s already on reduced treats and he’s gradually walking further each week ! Dale x

  2. Bonjour Daleo, yes I’m afraid it’s moi mon amie 😀, back again.

    Lovely to hear that Toby celebrated his twelfth birthday and what an amazing cake Ali bought him; bet that went down a treat. Well, I suppose you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, or maybe not then! Well, it takes a lot to keep me quiet as you well know but I’ve been suffering with a broken heart. I lost one of my much loved dogs a few months back and it stopped me in my tracks. I always say grief is the thing I fear the most and I stand by that wholeheartedly. I only had him 6 years (he was about 9 when he died), a beautiful white rescue Chi (chihuahua to you Dale). I miss him so much Dale that I genuinely can’t even say his name. I love the way you and Charlie love your dogs, they bring us such joy.

    Oops, must go, more tears.

    Au revoir

    Gail x

    1. Hi Gail – lovely to hear from you again ! I’m so sorry for your loss – you have to be or have been a pet owner to even begin to understand … We cherish our dogs so much and they get a huge amount of love from us but they give back to us more than they could ever realise. Take care Gail.. Dale x

  3. Understand Gail’s feelings completely. Us doggie people are a special bunch.(picture of my border collie )on my Twitter.
    Trying to message you regarding Lindt chocolate and whether you will be having it on the food programs this year.

    Thanks Val Wilding.

    1. Hi Valerie, thanks for sharing my brother has a border collie/Beardie cross, unbelievable energy!! I haven’t seen Lindt on our show schedule yet ? so perhaps not this year but I’ll let you know if I do .. Dale x

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