Winter photos and upcoming offers

I hope all’s well…

Well the snow hasn’t left us just yet has it! As I said last week it’s something of a novelty where I live – of course we get a little snow every year but it’s usually melted by lunchtime, so when it settles or we get those huge flakes dropping in slow motion it brings out the child in us all. I hope you can enjoy the snow safely wherever you are.

With this cold snap I’m really pleased I stocked up on bird food, as the little mites are wading through Richard Jackson’s Premium High Energy Bird Food. I’m having to top it up every day and of course they love the fatballs mentioned in my last blog. A little help from us through the colder months can greatly increase their chances of a successful breeding season.

I thought I’d share a few winter photos taken whilst on my recent dog walks – I never profess to being any good as a photographer but I love taking pictures as I walk and as I often say, every day’s a school day with photography.

I suppose the fact that so many of us are spending a lot more time at home has increased and perhaps brought forward the traditional “spring clean” and the need to make sure we try to keep our sinks, washing machines and dishwashers free of the increased build-up of dirt, limescale and grease. We have a great Today’s Special Value TSV coming up next Tuesday the 16th from UK brand Ecozone! It’s the brands first TSV, their Clean and Descale Kit.

In the kit you’ll receive some of their most powerful products that can help you keep your sinks, drains and washing machines running more freely. The brand pride themselves on finding eco-friendly cleaning solutions and many of their products are considered allergy friendly by Allergy UK.

So what’s in the kit Dale?

  • You’ll receive two boxes of the Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner (12 tablets total), in your choice of Eucalyptus or fragrance free – these can help reduce limescale and excess detergent build up over time – use once a month.
  • The multi-purpose Appliance Descaler (500ml) – this is a non-toxic formula limescale remover designed to work on kettles and coffee machines or irons etc. Regular use will help you keep on top of your descaling.
  • One Tough Limescale Remover (500ml) – a spray on formula designed for use on taps, sinks, shower screens, tiles and more.
  • A Kitchen Degreaser Spray (500ml) – with a tough formula to help keep your surfaces and sink free of greasy build up, which only seems to attract dust and dirt if left.
  • Last but not least, the brilliant Drain Cleaning Sticks (12 of them with each month shown as a reminder) – these clever little sticks utilise powerful natural enzymes to break down food deposits, grease etc. gathering in your plughole!


There’ll be an Auto Delivery option available at launch as well, giving you the opportunity to receive a second kit in 90 days (mid-May). You can always cancel out of the Auto Delivery at any time by contacting our Customer Service Team.

A quick mention of the day after’s TSV from Neom – it’s a beautiful four-piece Day to Night Wellbeing Collection, featuring one of their stunning scented candles in fragrance Perfect Night’s Sleep, along with a Pillow Mist, Great Day Magnesium Body Butter and Great Day Natural Soap.

We have many great fragrances at The Q from our top Beauty brands and candle ranges but Neom’s fragrances are second to none in my humble opinion  – see if you agree. 🙂

Until next time… stay warm, limescale free and of course, well!

Dale x

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  1. Love your bird photos as well as your photos with your dogs. Always enjoy your shows especially when you do the foodfest with Andy Peters. Always entertaining and fun to watch. Really helps cheer me up at this difficult time! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Romola, that’s kind of you to say – I’ll keep the bird photos coming but my wife warned me not to bore everyone 😉 x

  2. Hi Dale
    The pictures you have taken of the lovely blue tit and robin are stunning. You are a very talented photographer and it is lovely to see your pictures and videos in your blogs – thank you for sharing them 😀
    All the best
    Jules x

    1. Thank you Jules, you’re very kind, good camera gear, a bit of patience and luck – it takes up a lot of spare time but for me it’s worth every second – I’ll keep ’em coming 🙂 x

  3. Hi Dale, the photos that you have taken as beautiful. You have made 2 elderly people smile. Thank you for sharing them. Antoinette.

  4. Hi dale good food fet with you and andi on tuesday if you dont mind me asking how is your son and daughter getting on with their studies at university.

  5. like the photos dale still off work on furlough from mcdonalds aberdeen hopefuly back soon hopefu;;y no more lockdowns.

    1. Hi Martin Hope you’re keeping well – Ali and Jack graduated over 2 years ago now – doesn’t time fly by – Hope yback at work soon 👍

  6. Wow, Dale, you sure can take a photograph! Thank you for sharing them on your blog – which, as always, was a joy to read – and for keeping me entertained this past year. Even as a wheelchair-user, you make watching shows about shoes fun! Thanks again, take care and keep safe x 😊

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