A catch up with Cork! And Phoebe turns 3!

My eyesight has gradually returned more and more to normal this week, although it is still cloudy I can read certain things again. (See last week’s blog to find out more about my detached retina problems!). Hopefully normal enough to come back to work on Monday night!

So I was able to enjoy the conference in Manchester last week with my lovely friend Alison Cork, whom I caught up with at her Women Entrepreneurs evening reception. Had a super chat with a real ‘up and coming mover and shaker’ local to Reigate and Banstead called Becca; and had a whale of a time with my Devon pals, Gina, Sarah, and Alison (the police and crime commissioner for SW) Including going to a Thai place for some nosh and a real giggle!

Listened to some brilliant fringe meetings including one where I discovered that Legal & General are creating modular housing opportunities, something my son Brad has been talking about for ages. Hopefully it will help with the need for more housing. Plus was very interested to listen to Lord Frost at the Mercure; and also I really enjoyed the one about fundraising – particularly up my street as the guy started talking about keeping all the records on Excel! God I’m such a geek sometimes.

Got door-stepped by ITV for a soundbite, (thanks to those who said they saw it) and got the train all the way back down again when it was all over and slept for three days. Ha ha, not really. After my travels though, I needed it. Particularly after a long weekend in Wales for Phoebe’s third birthday!

Phoebe turns three

Yes my beautiful little Welsh ginger granddaughter was three, and I had a delightful weekend spending lots of time talking to her and playing, including dressing her up as a witch, a mermaid, and also a ballerina for her party. Check out the cake – Nick made it himself and it was utterly mouth-watering. As usual!

She had a little group of about six friends over for a party on Sunday, and I stayed to help out. They set up in the barn conversion which, although not finished, is now at least dry and clean inside, albeit a couple of the windows are still to be fitted. It made a suitable party location for the toddlers to run around. Even Nick flaked out on the sofa that evening after all his hard work, and that’s saying something! My daughter Lolly and co did a grand job and it was lovely spending a few nights with them last weekend. Roll on next time!


Whilst in Manchester an old but familiar face rushed up to say hello to me, a chap called Mark Hope who went to the same broadcasting school as me. Haven’t seen him for years! It was nice to reminisce for a little while. He is now working for Elton John’s marketing company and wants to be a politician.

We compared notes about children and broadcasting journeys, including that our mutual friend Andrew Collins is now one of my producers and the person at QVC I’ve known the longest! We were all at the National Broadcasting School in Greek Street Soho in 1983, learning how to be radio presenters. And yes, in two years’ time, that will be 40 years ago! Yikes!!

Here’s a pic from the other week when we went to see The Mousetrap in London. One of those productions I’ve always meant to go and see but never have! A proper old school whodunnit. And very well produced too. Highly recommended.

Watch – Hollington Drive, ITV Hub

This four-part drama based on real events (quite loosely I think), features two fabulous actresses, and revolves around the relationships of two sisters, their partners, their children, a boy who goes missing and his parents, all of whom live in the same road, and how they are interconnected. Very detailed, a real whodunnit, but it is so well done! Highly recommended, I just finished watching part two at time of writing and cannot wait for the next one!

I’m due to go and see the new Bond movie this week, hopefully Friday, more about that next time 🙂

I thought I would also mention a couple of other very gentle easy watch programs – Gordon, Gino and Fred on a Road Trip. The chefs going around Europe creating havoc and cooking up a storm; fishing with Whitehouse and Mortimer. Gentle, amusing, funny. And the latest Richard Attenborough show on animals finding partners – all three programs well worth a watch!


If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t forget to go and listen to Jilly Halliday‘s interview with Will Gowing on the current Inside QVC Podcast. I loved hearing about Jilly’s early career, I’m learning things I never knew about my mate. Next week it’s going to be Patrick Hoy from Quacker Factory. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Another Thursday night banter, with an update on my eye, following the appointment in London on Thursday lunchtime… Go here to find out more.

Book of the Week – Paradise fields, by Katie Forde

I do love me a bit of Katie! She always writes such compelling characters and storylines, and this is no exception.

Nel is the owner of a house full of animals and the organiser of the farmer’s market in the picturesque Paradise Fields. She is always super-busy, but not too busy to want to preserve the meadow and market she loves when its owner dies. But who can she trust to help her save Paradise Fields? Her sensible boyfriend, Simon? Or Jake, the devilishly handsome man who kissed her under the mistletoe?! Fab!

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Best wishes


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Sweet photos of pheobe and isn’t her hair lovely. Glad to hear your eye is doing well too. You had me confused about Richard Attenborough; isn’t it David?! Now I’m having a moment! I don’t know if you ever watch documentaries but if you do you might be interested in both Ambulance, which gives an insight into everyday lives of those on the ground. And 28 up I think it’s called, about the lives of people every 7 years and the challenges everyone faces. Makes a change from all the usual dramas and a reality check to boot!
    Take care x

  2. Hi Debs

    You and Mark Hope make a lovely couple, he s got a kind face.. and you’ve lots in common, just saying..

    Hope your eye condition soon gets sorted.. Thinking of you..

    Take care, love your blogs!!



  3. Love your posts……always full of information. I saw Mousetrap several years ago…..and I have never told anyone “who did it”. Looking forward to seeing you on QVC. Although you probably can’t answer this, but will Decleor ever return. I used to order their oils, but now get Elemis…..also love Gatineau and Judith Williams. I am 69….mix and match all their products and find them all lovely….never had an outbreak. Love the fact you seem really genuine and say how it is.

  4. Hi debbie always follow your blogs. Just a quickie debbie what brand was the navy blue top you were wearing it had sparkle stars on,when you were on with neom last night. Please help. You looked fab

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