A trip down memory lane and sneaky peeks

This week we had a proper trip down memory lane with my dad’s sister, Auntie Eileen, who is mid-80s and looks 20 years younger. Mum, sister Linda and I went to look at some photographs from years gone by, and I’ve got lots of copies, including ones of our lovely dad Derek, who died 30 years ago aged 52, especially from when he was younger! It was really fun listening to some of her stories, including about when they got evacuated to Devon during the war, how their house was bombed and when they got back they lived in a Nissan hut – but at least it had the new thing called electricity, instead of gas. It made me realise what my dad’s life would’ve been like when he was a little boy. Here is a picture of him aged about eight-years-old.

I was chuffed to find out she had kept several clippings from my early career, and prior to children’s BBC when I was on the Generation Game with my dad! Check this little article out from the local Morden news back in the day. He was only 42 in this pic, and I was 19!

We had a really lovely time and we’re hoping to do it again at the end of August. Fingers crossed we can find even more from some of the other relations. We are getting very far back now with our family tree as well. Some of the ancestors go back to the 1400s! Names like Nobes, Brennand, Whiting, Lunn and more all make an appearance. If I had time to myself and nothing else on my mind, I would get lost in geneology, and I will definitely do more of it in the future. If you are doing yours, how far have you gone back?


Brother Glenn and me

Had a car service near my brother Glenn in Coulsdon, so popped by to have a catch up. So lovely to see him. He is completely opposite in politics to me, so we don’t really touch on that subject! But we have so much more in common and we put the world to rights. I told him about my five-day trip to the yoga retreat coming up this week. He was trying to keep Ziggy the dog calm, because Ziggy was going crazy when he saw me! Funny how doggies don’t forget. When Glenn goes away, we will be looking after Ziggy – that will be fun – for a few weeks in the summer! Whenever the summer might arrive… 🙂

Fran and me

It was supposed to be my week off this week, even though I did some more shifts because of sickness. But I managed to get my haircut, go to the osteopath, get my car serviced, and go to the hygienist. Fran likes watching QVC. She is quite an avid purchaser of stuff online, so we had a quite one-sided chat, bearing in mind my mouth was full of hygienist tools for most of it! She laughed about her mask which makes her look like an alien, but apparently it’s entirely necessary for her work – makes sense. It was nice to have a clean bill of health for my teeth, given how long ago it was I went last!!

Give it to me both barrels!

So the Dyson Airwrap now offers two long barrels, not just the short ones. And it is genius! My lovely friend Victoria from Makeup Junkies used it to do my hair in this pic. I swear by the Airwrap and also really enjoyed using the My Hair Doctor range this week. Guy Parsons was in the studio, and he has some really key products with great reviews in his range, check it out on our website here!

Hot off the press

Have you seen in the news which on of our guests is apparently one of the contestants in the next series of ‘The Apprentice’? Exciting! More news next week, but here’s a clue… Eyebrows!


I have really been enjoying ‘The Kaminski Principle’. Think Grace and Frankie, only with two older guys as the central focus. One of whom is Michael Douglas! A former A-lister, now facing old age but trying to stay relevant while teaching acting classes to students and having a series of failed dates… Very funny – especially his best friend, and his successful agent, also back on the market again after becoming a widower. Pithy, original, realistic. Highly recommended!


This week, as part of our Making a Difference campaign, Will talks to Tash Walker who is Co-Chair of the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. Next week, he sits down with TV presenter and jewellery expert Lee Clark. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


So on Thursday I arrived at the first night of my five-night yoga retreat, in Amchara in Somerset. So I decided to have a little wander

Book of the week

Finished ‘The Happy Family’ by Jackie Kabler, and it’s a belter! Very, very pleased to see how skilled her writing is with this quite unputdownable drama. What a novelist she is!

Plus just downloaded one by the guy who wrote ‘The Martian’, which was a fabulous audiobook, and this time it’s all about dystopia and rescuing the planet. Andy Weir’s ‘Project Hail Mary’ is high up in the book charts, and no wonder, with write-ups like this from astronaut Tim Peake: Brilliantly funny and enjoyable. One of the most plausible science fiction books I’ve ever read.

Can’t wait to read it, it looks really, really good!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – yummy, it’s a rare set of 12 Summer Fruit yoghurt collection, from Easiyo, which is also online now here, don’t miss out. 🙂

TuesdaySkinsense are back with a five-piece Ultimate All Over Body Skincare Collection, one of our most affordable but effective skincare ranges!

Wednesday – Amanda Holden‘s Bundleberry range bring us a set of five flameless candles with remote.

Thursday – time for the Amazing Grace Bergamot Springtime Layering four-piece collection from Philosophy, going on sale early in the week.

Friday – in the kitchen with Gotham Steel, for the low-fat electric grill with ceramic non-stick coating.

Friday 9pm – it’s time for Tili, with a three-in-one anti-ageing LED face shield beauty device.

Next week – more from my week in Somerset, and after that going to Wales to see Lauren and Phoebe and co! A proper summer break for yours truly. Have a lovely time yourself and don’t forget to follow me on all my social media!

Best wishes,


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  1. Gosh you look so like your dad. Sounds like you have had a busy time of late. Hope you get some R and R with your yoga retreat.
    Much love Karen x

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I was amazed to see that you used to live in Tudor Drive, Morden….I am around your age and grew up in Maycross Avenue, just off Hillcross Avenue. I am sure you would have known the road.

  3. Lovely photos. You have inherited your Dad’s beautiful smile.
    Will you be travelling down to your Devon retreat this summer?

  4. I’m doing family history, went to a couple of villages last week in the cotswolds to look for grave stones!

    i’ve got the airwrap but the curls do drop quite quickly, is there a product you would recommend to make them last a bit longer?

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