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Last week, I enjoyed a few days down in Devon, including some lovely countryside walks. Had a bracing walk around a cow field just after the cows were moved (it was a mud bath) with my fabulous yoga friend Jennie and her happy, muddy pooch Gerald. (Got to be one of the best names ever for a spaniel!) I’m thinking that I may take a couple of days down there later in November, and take Daisy dog to see her old best friend. He always goes crazy when he sees me and looks around to check out if I’ve brought Daisy, and although she has much less mobility nowadays, she might enjoy it! Just depends if I can lift her into the car and whether I can get her from my sister-in-law’s house beforehand. I also did some stretching as I’ve been really tight around my lower back/left hip. I think standing in heels for three hours solid last week didn’t help. I think it’s about time I start getting lots more flat shoes. OMG, and I must stop eating rubbish – although when in Devon…

I did some lovely food again for everybody on the latest retreat and was very happy to meet the group. Alison May is such a good tutor and she is absolutely hilarious. She’s persuaded me to add another date in my diary for next year for another week with her in Devon, even though I already have one every month. I’m always torn when I go down there, as I love my place in Surrey but really adore my life in Devon. Ever been torn? Anyway, it was a fabulous week. 🙂 I managed to do a bit of a technology detox as well, but I listened a lot to audiobooks, see below for this week’s one – gripping!

New Elemis Today’s Special Value on sale Sunday!

Well it’s another super deal, this time with an unbeatable eight-piece set. Five for your face, and three (in your choice of fragrance) for your body, and a bag. I really don’t know how they do this value. It will absolutely fly I know. I have it at 3pm on the Sunday, assuming there is some stocks left! 🙂 I can’t rave enough about the quality of this and when you consider that it’s only around £7 – yes £7 – per piece, not including the bag. No wonder people buy more and save more, and when you do, you get a few pounds off the second one in the same order! OMG, don’t miss out, it’s going to be absolutely massive.

Here is my video telling you all about it. #reveal. Then go here to see and buy it nice and early when it goes on fair on Monday 8th! (The actual TSV day is Sunday 15th.)

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Rainbow duo

Oh my goodness, so much rain down in Devon this week but, plus ca change! Then, not long after the last guests arrived, this happened! Sometimes nature fascinates me, doesn’t it you? I had some lovely drives in my car down country lanes on my own as well this week, the sunshine just makes me want to go out and wind the windows down, and it was lovely and warm as well. Pootling along at 22 miles an hour behind a tractor or a sheep carrier, and not a care in the world, able to take a lovely deep breath and relax. My kind of life. 🙂

Mario Halloween!

Never let it be said that QVC crew don’t get into the swing of things and have fun on special occasions. Whilst Julie at the back dressed up as Wednesday Addams, Charlie and Rachel at the front dressed up as the Super Mario Bros! Specially for Halloween. There were some quite frightening sights around the building, I can tell you! Top marks to my colleagues Jilly and Chloe who also had Halloween make-up on, on air! Check out their social media to see it. Love working at QVC!

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, or EVs, were the subject of a new project for me last week, when I started enquiring about getting them installed at our block of flats. Has anyone out there handled anything like this so far? I’d love to know anyone’s experience, especially if you have or are a managing agent who knows all about how to do it, grants et cetera. I plan to get an electric car next August, when my current deal runs out. And given what’s in the news at the moment, it seems very timely and a hot topic! Having done my project management Prince 2 qualification years ago, I’m stepping up to the plate and helping to research it. So feel free to give me any info! Either via my own website or via social media – just google me and you should find details! And I don’t know whether electric cars will make it all the way to Devon though, what do you think?

Clear out

Had a little clear out this week and, silly me, for leaving garden metal garden furniture for too long out in the rain. So I asked Tommy Cross what to do and he told me, involving a jet wash, rubbing down, metal brushes, and primers and paint. So I might just send it all to the skip… LOL. Not really, I’m quite into recycling nowadays, so I might give it a go. Tom Shepherd, who brings us the wonderful SFIXX products, told me that wire brush drill attachments should get the rust off, then use a primer, then some paint. Am I brave enough!? Well, if I spend those couple of days down here in late November, maybe I will give it a go! Otherwise, if you see chairs like this in demos on QVC done by either Tommy or Tom, you’ll know where they came from!


Well, whenever I’m down in Devon I don’t really get to watch anything, so I thought I’d mention something I’d like to see at the cinema when I get back. It’s called Last Night in Soho and it features time travel – one of my favourite topics! Regulars will know that I always say “I think I was alive when…”. Jokingly, sure –  but feeling an affinity with bygone eras is something many of us do. A young girl travels back in time and think she’s having visions, but then realises she was actually there! It’s my favourite kind of concept/premise for a story. I cannot wait to see it! 1960s Soho nightlife, Matt Smith, Anya (Queen’s Gambit and Emma) Taylor-Joy, and a host of really well-known big names. In fact, I’m going to see it as soon as I can when I get back!


This week, Will chatted to Dom de Vetta. Next week, catch him talking to fashion expert Sarah Booker. You can listen to all of the podcasts here.


A lovely Facebook live/#thursdaybantz from the studio in Devon here. And don’t forget to follow my social media, all links below, if you’d like to see what I get up to when I’m away from QVC.

Book of the week

Having listened to a second Joy Ellis crime book straight after last week’s one, I was delighted to see one of my absolute favourite authors ever, Lee Child, had a new book out. So this week’s book of the week is Better Off Dead, the latest Jack Reacher adventure. I absolutely love the way Lee Child (and now his brother, co-authoring), suck you in straight away with the most brilliant openers. By the end of chapter one, I was hooked. However… (and this is a big however, because I’ve never really said this before)…there is a middle section that just dragged! It was like someone describing what was happening in the film version and it was all fight scene action, no character development or insights on the character. Which is, after all, what a good novel is all about. Anyway, I’m sure it is salvageable and I’m still enjoying it very much, let’s see where the ending takes me. Maybe next week’s book will be the new John Grisham! I love this time of year. 🙂 Many of my favourite authors have new books out. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the super Shay & Blue five-piece Fragrance Gift collection. Such incredible value!

Saturday – already on offer, go here to get the Shark cordless vacuum with tons of extras and a new extended run time.

Sunday – also already online here, the new six piece Bareminerals Beauty Favourites collection. This is a picture of mine, and all of the original favourites are there including their famous loose mineral foundation. Stock up at this very affordable price!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

Lock & Lock 16-piece 170ml – 2.1L nesting storage container set
Earth Spirit Origins suede slipper
Ahuhu Keraitn Rebuild three-piece SS collection
Philosophy 12-piece Mini Bath & Body Collection
Molton Brown four-piece Hand Wash Collection with gift box
Centigrade longline faux fur coat
Skechers Mens Renten Palco Slipper

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 7th at midnight:

Helene Berman hooded faux fur coat with zip
Tili metallic make-up organiser large vanity case
Tili ceramic diffuser with lights and timer mode
Santa’s Best indoor/outdoor rainbow digital RGB spiral tree with remote

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondaySimply Beauty bring us a compact jewel magnification mirror with LED light and tweezers. I will definitely be getting myself another one of these, I have two already and really love them! Great Christmas present budget as well. Plus on Monday 9pm I will be launching…

Tuesday – the Hotel Chocolat 24 luxury chocolate selectors in pick up gift boxes and bags. Online now, go here to see and buy it.

Wednesday – an exciting TSV, for lovers of hair-pieces. The Easilocks set of two hair scrunchies, with a real hair look. I will be launching it 9pm on Tuesday night and fingers crossed we’ve got the right colour for my hair by then! But I do have multitude of different shades so I’m a difficult task master when it comes to things like this. With a bit of luck, I will wear it in the few days leading up to the launch, too.

The hair pieces are a little bit more rounded and shorter than some of the ones like this that we’ve had previously. Looking forward to exploring this new range – very handy when you don’t want to have to wash your hair or you want to look posh in an instant!

Thursday – another launch for me, the Skechers On The Go Winter Fling boot, I will bring it to you 9pm on Wednesday night. Very timely given how cold its got lately.

FridayAlison Cork returns with another belter of a Christmas deal, the set of three 2m, pre-lit glitter rope strands. Superb value! Plus don’t miss the two hour Lola Rose jewellery show with me, 10pm on Friday evening, it will be great fun and very fast and furious I’m sure now that we are in gift-buying season!

Friday 9pm – another super television, this time from Hisense, a 50″ massive smart TV, Miceal is looking forward to showing it to you. And don’t forget Sunday’s Elemis eight-piece Pro-Collagen Face & Body collection is already available on pre-sale online from 8th!!

Next week – oh my goodness busy, busy, busy, including a trip out with my daughter-in-law and little baby grandson Kaleb!!

Best wishes,


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  1. Your blogs are the best, Debs! Love your news from Devon and I really understand how torn you are between your two homes. We are planning a move within the next couple of years …. do we go to the coast? Or follow a long-held dream and go to Spain? Or do we stay close to the children and grandkids? Probably!!! Love your sneaky peaks, always encourage me to spend! Lots of love xxx

  2. Hi Debs

    You need nitromors to get the paint off, then wash down. Then hammerite paint. Job done.

    So the Joy Ellis book you read is a spin off from an earlier series. You’ll find out the background of the characters you are reading about now.

    Best wishes

  3. Debbie
    I missed which perfume you compared the Milton Brown white mulberry hand wash to, could you please let me know what it is? Like yourself I adore the fragrance of it and used it for years and would love a perfume like it.

    Thank you in anticipation.


    1. I also wondered about Catherine. No weekly blogs amend no mention of her on air but her picture is still on presenters page. Has she left QVC?

  4. Where was that lovely blue top with a zip nevk and sequins arms from please?You wore it on Tuesday nights Hotel Chocolat presentation.You looked lovely in it.

  5. Debbie, where was the lovely velvet burnout top from that you wore whilst presenting the Skechers TSV on Wednesday evening, pleeeease?

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