Shaggy Dog – and cat – stories!

Thank goodness for the lovely weather. This week I am bringing you a feature all about the pets in my life, and how to keep your dog amused if you’re stuck in indoors!

First, you will probably have noticed that the Style channel is no longer doing live hours, and we are endeavouring to continue on the main channel amidst this crazy time. Thank you so much for being there with us. We are deemed to be an important part in the effort to maintain online shopping of course, allowing people to stay in their homes. See the company message about this here.

Secondly, our offers continue – now with an extended 60-day Money Back Guarantee!

Plus, there are still lots of food deals online here, including from The Real Pie Company. Check out a blooper from this week when Jackie was on with Brett and some delicious looking pies – that all needed a very special crust technique …

I had a nice week relaxing at home in Devon with Daisy dog, my last for a while. (Daisy came back from Maureen’s, as Maureen needed to go and look after her poorly brother in Dorset). So I took Daisy along to my brother Derek’s (more of that next week.) But first, I had a smashing week in the sunshine with her.

I must say it was just what I needed, as I was beginning to feel a bit tired and rundown, and that’s the last thing I want at the moment! So relaxing in the summer house in my back garden with the birds singing – it was a real tonic. We had some nice country walks as well. Many of which are on my Facebook page. I did one every day so that people can at least enjoy walking along a country lane in Devon, even if they’re stuck indoors.

I also did a little bit of ‘dinner with Debbie’! For instance, this video where I told people what I was going to be cooking at night and had a look around my kitchen in Devon!

Follow my social media for much more of that, plus lots of funnies and uplifting news, which I am posting regularly now. Least I can do in the current climate.

Snippets – a dog and cat special!

Ziggy update

How big the little Australian Shepherd puppy is getting at my brothers in Surrey! Look, he needs a new bed! I really love spending time with him and got to be outside in the sunshine quite a lot last week with him during the daytime. But what he likes to do most is chase Oreo the cat. . If you want a little bit of funny Oreo versus Ziggy action, watch this video! They will play for about half an hour at a time, and the cat obviously loves it as he comes back for more, sometimes being the one on top, mauling Ziggy’s ears ha ha. They are a real tonic, pets, aren’t they!

Hanging around

Or is it swinging around! The egg chair I was sitting in for the top picture, with me and Daisy in the garden, was a bit like this one. The cocoon chair that I presented, at a distance! With lovely Lucy Piper last week. We have lots like this online – do go and check out our gardening range, including Richard Jackson’s wonderful products and plants. Watch out for the advanced order dates, because lots of the plants will be delivered later in the year. Many are ready for delivery now however, from compost and lawn care to pots and bulbs, which means you can get on with the gardening if you’re stuck indoors.

My neighbours have agreed to look after my place while I am away, so I don’t have to worry about the garden. I’m very lucky and Sheepwash is a fabulous place. You could hear lots of people clapping outside for the NHS this week. And I passed (at a distance) lovely Pete, delivering bags of shopping to people around the village from the local shop, having done his pharmacy run in the morning. One of the 700,000 or more volunteers in the UK who have said they want to help locally during this crisis. (The NHS volunteer line is easy to Google, so do sign up if you want to help or you need help.) Actually, a lot of local Facebook groups are now pulling out all the stops to help their community, so also check there or with the local council if you can, if you are online.

Doggy brain games

I also love what Battersea Dogs Home have done online – videos about how to keep your dog amused and exercised by doing brain training. If you google ‘Battersea Dogs Home brain games for dogs’ it will come up. Such a wonderful idea for anyone who cannot go outside and still has a pet. If I find any more like this, I’m putting them on my Facebook page, including about the nightly virtual choir session via Youtube from Gareth Malone. Fabulous.

QVC has also asked all the presenters if we would like to do other things on our social media to get people involved. As mentioned above, I have been going to do walks in the countryside plus some ‘dinner with Debbie’ evening posts! Craig said how about doing some exercise with him, like this one. Catherine suggested she can read some short stories, and Jackie said what about a book club. Do follow our QVC presenters’ social media for some imaginative ways to keep ourselves amused.


If you’re looking for something to listen to while you workout or do homework, the latest podcast from Will Gowing is with the amazing Lulu. Check it out here.

Book of the week one

False Values by Ben Aaronovitch. How thrilled was I that Detective Peter Grant is back with the series based on the supernatural unit of the Met Police in London, with the latest in the ‘Rivers of London’ series, from one of my favourite authors. Plus, with my absolute favourite of all time narrators. So highly recommended. Peter discovers a secret – deep below a ‘silicon roundabout’ tech company’s office in London, that stretches back to Babbage and forwards to artificial intelligence. But magic is not done with him yet… I will read every single thing this guy writes, read by Kobna. And I’ve just downloaded the free Nicholas Nickleby read by him as well. Tons to entertain you and much of it free on audible!

Book two

Cathy Bramley’s A Patchwork Family. Cathy’s new one came out this week, and I have downloaded it as I am already a fan, having met her in France at the writing retreat. (April’s trip there is now off, hoping we will be okay for a replacement date by end of July!) Anyway, Cathy always writes so compellingly about family relationships and this one is no exception. It’s about a meek childminder who suddenly finds herself facing the fight of a lifetime to keep open the old peoples home next door, and the beloved seniors who find themselves depending on her for their future. Fab.

Julien at home

Julien Macdonald himself came in to do a whole hour show, which is going to be repeated quite often, with some lovely candle holders, trinket boxes, mirrors and lamps. Great ideas for presents! Even if it did feel a bit weird that we were so far apart on the sofa! Check out his range here online and don’t forget we have all sorts of candles and other gift ideas if you want to send to somebody directly, to save you going out.


Box set binge time again! This time I’ve been binge watching Pillars of the Earth, based on the book by Ken Follett. Regulars will know that at one point, I was devouring these in audiobook. And it’s great to see them translated to the small screen. Five Select have it on Sky, I think.

What about Belgravia, the new Sunday evening series by Julian Fellows, the creator of Downton! I have yet to get into that one but it looks good, set long before the famous international smash TV series.

Plus Disney have launched their new online channel as well with just a small monthly subscription, to keep the kids amused at home. So much to see!

Workout at home

As you may know already, lots of workouts have sprung up online, meaning we can all keep fit at home. Joe Wicks is doing his YouTube session at 9am every morning for kids but lots of adults are joining in as well. And keep fit instructors that can no longer go to classes have got lots and lots on offer online. Gina Sherwood in Devon doing Pilates. Jenny from Nimblelimbs doing yoga. Indoor Bodyblading and lounge-walking in virtual groups, all at the same time via Facebook. Or taking a meander down a country lane with me (via my Facebook page!) in an afternoon while walking on the spot! Or see Tony Blackburn’s tongue in cheek exercise sessions and daily posts. Like his ‘windmill’!

And you can do it all while watching your favourite shopping channel QVC!

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More next week.

Next Week – the results of a week of ‘dinner with Debbie’ on my official Facebook page! And more funny family pets and pics. Plus Daisy Dog goes to Del-Boy as I decamp for three weeks to London.

Best wishes


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  1. I look forward to reading your blogs Debbie and I am not surprised to hear that you have been feeling tired and rundown. You pack so much in to your weeks but sometimes it is time to stop and make some “me time” so it’s great to hear that you have had a relaxing week. Thank you so much for your blog which is always so informative. Take care and keep safe.

  2. Great blog Debbie the pets are gorgeous.
    Thanks to all at Q for keeping us entertained at this difficult time.
    Look forward to seeing you on air xx

  3. Debbie is the Ben Aaronavitch book audio? I’m doing work for home now so more stuff online less face to face so don’t really want to read as down time at the moment but love the podcasts and audio books

  4. Hi Debbie … I always love reading your weekly blogs and today especially it’s really cheered me up. It’s so hard keeping away from my little 15-month old granddaughter; how are you coping without seeing yours? I do FT but it’s not the same as a cuddle. I can’t believe it’s almost two years since I visited for the photography retreat – how time flies.

    Keep writing – it brings so much joy during this period of isolation.

    Best wishes x

  5. Debbie, your blogs really are the best, thank you. I love the way you let us know what’s coming up in the week ahead. Going to be spending lots next week on Sketchers, Elemis and IT cosmetics. There has to be a positive in not going out. Look after yourself and hope a your family are safe too. With love Natalie

  6. Hi Debbie always love your blogs but just want to say take care of yourself stay safe and look forward to all your shows all the presenters on qvc are like friends to me Im 80 so although I dont always want or need whatever is on air I love seeing whats going on once again Take Care love Pam xx

  7. Hi Debbie,great blog as usual,I’ve just got my Margaret Dabbs leg serum,2nd purchase,love it!…im still cleaning for our lovely residents, is my “normal”at present,keeps us all going,so a big thank you guys..take care everyone..x Debbie x

  8. Di debbie hope you are well and you family son daughter and 2 grandchildrn bet you spoil them rotten.
    well i am now off work a t leat i still have ajob at mcdonlads aberden paid now my wahes by government.

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