Fab Somerset break and a trip to Wales

Boy, have I been busy! First, a fabulous five-night relax and chill yoga retreat in Somerset at Amchara. I was there to re-balance myself and give my body a bit of a reset. I did lots of yoga, walking, had massages, did a food intolerance test (I need to add whole eggs to my dairy intolerance!), and swimming. Oh my goodness, it was such a lovely pool.

I went in a couple of times because the weather was fine enough, and popped in my Apple AirPods so I could continue listening to my audiobooks. It was bliss. I wish I had a pool at home!

The most beautiful views were outside my window (see below for a vlog look around the place when I first arrived!), and I met a lovely bunch of people. Hopefully I’ll keep in touch with some of them. This was my result for the week, it will be mostly water loss in that half a stone off, I’m sure, but I’m going to try to carry on eating clean from now on…

Second Stop – Wales!

Then it was off to Lauren’s for three nights to soak up as much time as I could with my lovely daughter, her two and a half-year-old and their family. Next conversion of the barn is coming on well. I loved going to watch Phoebe do swimming and picking her up from nursery. Plus, I’ve got to spend most afternoons with her, to give Lauren a rest. Always smashing to be down in Wales with my beautiful daughter. A little hiccup came in the form of Baloo, the brown spaniel, having a bad abscess on her tooth, but all was okay after a quick trip to the vets for antibiotics!

They have the most wonderful plants growing, including some delicious mangetout, which had grown a bit too big so they had started to form peas and the outside was more delicious than the peas! But then my clean palette is very sensitive to all sorts of foods and vegetables at the moment, and that means that even something normally bland tastes absolutely delicious! Well you can imagine, after a week of mostly juice and soup! Happy to say I will be back down again with them the following weekend, because it’s our annual trip for the two little cousins to meet up and I will be going with my son Bradley to spend a couple of nights. Hurray.

Leg mistress

Look who loved the Leg Master! I took down my favourite leg trimmer to show Lauren, and look who jumped on it! Little Phoebe was so funny, she knew exactly how to use it as well, ha ha. Just shows how easy it is. Well, if you don’t have any problems with inner and outer thigh muscles – or bottom – that is. If you do, get this, it’s brilliant! Go here to get yours.


Jodie’s view

You know me, I love a room with a view! And when I went to see my niece and her two year-old, plus the new baby, in Ilfracombe, I had to climb one million steps to get to their front door but it was worth it – this was the view! Had a lovely time catching up and lots of cuddles.

Army job

Two of the people at the retreat, Kevin and Sabine, remembered me from my SSVCTV days reading cards for their own two girls when they were stationed in Germany at Osnabruck on the BFPO base. We broadcast from Buckinghamshire, but they didn’t know that. I used to link in between the children’s programs and read out the cards. 🙂 It was nice to spend a couple of days with them there. I wonder what their girls thought when they saw the photos!

Belstone escape?

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When I popped in to see my lovely friend Alex, this was the view across the road from her… The sheep in the field were making a bid for it! Or were they, there weren’t many days left after this I can tell you. 🙂 LOL. The types of things you see in Devon…

Watch – Long Lost Families

Oh my goodness, what a tearjerker it was once more. On Monday this week I had to reach for the tissues while on my last night at the yoga retreat as Davina was on top form. Yes ‘our very own’ Davina McCall (go here for her fitness range), was bringing together a son who had been looking for his mother for 40 years, and his mother who never ended up having any more children and was desperate to see him. Well worth a look on catch up!

Ditto ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ this week on Olivia Colman. She’s one of my favourite actresses and looks like a really nice person. Very entertaining show – and what an amazing family tree, with ancestors stretching back to the 1600s. Some with portraits! I love all things ancestry, don’t you? See last week’s blog if you’re not sure why!


This week, Will talks to TV presenter and jewellery expert Lee Clark, while next week, he’s sitting down with Charlotte Knight, founder of Ciate. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


This was the first look around the yoga retreat place when I first arrived. How lovely!

Book of the week

Have been loving the prequel to The Pillars of the Earth called ‘The Evening and the Morning’ by Ken Follett, this week! Got through quite a lot of it, given I’ve been on holiday.

The next on my list will be ‘The Diary of a Provincial Lady’. It’s our book club read for the next meeting! Set in the 1920s, it’s supposed to be the forerunner of Bridget Jones’ Diary and an antidote to the oh-so serious Bloomsbury books of their time:

‘January 22nd – Robert startles me at breakfast by asking if my cold – which he has hitherto ignored – is better. I reply that it has gone. Then why, he asks, do I look like that? Feel that life is wholly unendurable, and decide madly to get a new hat…

It’s not easy being a Provincial Lady in Devonshire in the 1920s, juggling a grumpy husband, mischievous children and a host of domestic dilemmas – from rice mould to a petulant cook. But this Provincial Lady will not be defeated.’

Looking forward to it!

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Also launching earlier in the week, the Elemis six-piece Pro-Collagen Rose Face and Body collection on a big buy more, save more offer. I will be back down in Wales for our annual trip to see Lauren and Phoebe with Brad and Blake, so I am sorry to miss it! But Keeley the guest is already posting on her social media about it! So don’t miss out. More next week.

Next week – a final couple of days in Devon, including a major weeding session called the Himalayan Balsam bash before I return to be back on Sunday night, launching the new Tarte TSV. Have a lovely week. 🙂

Best wishes


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  1. Had a quick look at the Fitquest Core Lounger. Looks very good. Could it just be used as an Inversion Table.? Got issues with top, middle and bottom of spine. Bit like that tv programme that was on tv years ago. Private physio recs. stretching exercises.

    1. Jenny,
      I honestly don’t know but my guess might be that it’s unlikely any time soon. Do look out for some great bargains in the different sets that we do however 🙂 X ps do you let me know what Customer Services say when you ask them X

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