First al fresco of the year! And win £550!

Loved the very slightly warmer weather and lighter evenings this week, and had my first al fresco supper out on the balcony. Yes, I had to have a cardigan and a jumper, but listening to the birdsong was gorgeous. I posted about it on my Twitter. I do hope that we will have some warm weather soon, we all need a summer, don’t we?! Really looking forward to my new egg chair arriving as well from QVC, any day now! And it’s Bank Holiday this weekend so come on, British summer, please arrive soon!

Bank Holiday bonanza

Look out on Bank Holiday Monday for a special chance to win in a multi-part QVC competition – £550 worth of prizes for some lucky winner answering all of our questions. There are several questions going to be asked including on a series of Facebook live broadcasts through the day on our QVC Facebook page. I will give you my clue at 5pm during my live post, but here is the third clue for Charlie’s question as a sneaky peek – you know how I love my sneaky peeks!

How to use the Duolab Formulator:

  • Use twice a day, AM and PM
  • Select your Moisturising Base and blend with your Targeted Concentrate in your LAB device
  • In just 90 seconds, the device emulsifies and gently warms your personal blend so it’s ready to work on your skin.

(N.b – questions one and two will be available through the day on Monday 31st specially on our Facebook live broadcasts earlier in the afternoon.)

Good luck if you find all the questions and enter!


My happy place – Dotty’s

Delighted to have gone back to my favourite place, Dotty’s teashop in Carshalton when I visited Westcroft to get my nails done and have a nice pummel from osteopath nephew Ricky. They are a patisserie now and do a fantastic tea. At some stage when we are able, I will be arranging a kind of a get-together for those taking part every week in my #Thursdaybantz. Do follow my Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out on the news when we arrange a date. They even do different kinds of milks now, and they have a new chef who makes fantastic food. This was an outstanding smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise dish, together with real tea leaves in a pot. Heaven.

Eurovision dog

Loved the Eurovision fun last weekend. Poor UK with no points, but I guessed three out of the top five songs! Switzerland and France in particular. (well, before the public vote… I hated the Italian entry!) Caught up with brother Glenn, his family and Ziggy the dog who snored through most of the entries. My sister-in-law Boki is from Serbia and has always had Eurovision parties. Niece Izzy is also an aficionado. We all watched avidly and loved every minute.

I once recorded a song intended for Eurovision, for the Song for Europe part of it anyway, and it never even got a place in Song for Europe. Producer, Ozzy Falquero, did have our UK entry a couple of years afterwards though. The song is called ‘Sweet Surrender’ and was really rather good I think. Ozzy also recorded a song called ‘Oh Tony Blackburn’, which I had great fun recording but nothing ever came of it. 🙂 Another little tangent in my life of near misses!


I had a little tutorial with Katy Pullinger this week on how to do ‘Reels’, for Instagram. I’m really good at Facebook and Twitter, but a little bit behind on Insta. Do have a look at my Instagram, link is below (or just search Debbie Flint and you’ll find me on most platforms!)
Meanwhile, this was my first one, where I managed to put a little survey on it as well. There is a wild fox that comes and sits at the edge of our lawn waiting for titbits to be thrown. I was very amused at his relationship with a magpie who also seems aware that food is soon to arrive, but the fox did not take any notice of the magpie! The magpie was very loud as well, making a weird grating, cawing noise. The fox has a little cub and is a regular visitor, so I did this post. Should we feed the fox? Dog food? Dog biscuits? Old bits of fish and meat? All chucked right to the other side of the lawn? Or not…

Do also check out on Craig and Katy’s own Instagram pages, because they have done a really funny ‘Hey Big Spender’ video, Katy lip-syncing and Craigy doing what Craig does best and dancing – has to be watched!

Deb-Bee jewellery in stock!

Here is the link once more to the Diamonique bee jewellery range on our website and look out for the lovely Diamonique watches that are now in stock with bees on the faces. Hopefully I get the chance to bring them to you at some stage soon. Probably June 6th in the evening. 🙂


As discussed with fashionista Jacqui Joseph this week, our lovely Nina Leonard guest is also a presenter on several TV shows. She was telling me about one called ‘Money for Nothing’. I highly recommend it! Watching people take junk from rubbish tips and transforming it, selling it, and sharing the money with the original people disposing of their tat. One person’s tat is another person’s treasure after all! Highly recommended.

And, of course, I have to mention the “Friends Reunion” two hour special programme. Absolutely loved it. Our family were Friends-a-holics and watched with baited breath for every new season. Loved their recollections, and some behind-the-scenes stuff as well as all the laughs. Definitely one to catch if you can!


The fun of being a QVC presenter!


This week, Will catches up with Juliette Lettman-Findlay, the head of buying from Monsoon, and on Monday, you can listen to his chat with Meg Matthews from Meg’s Menopause. Click here to see all of the podcasts.


I did this little one while on one of my walks, just to show you this amazing plant growing in our grounds!

Book of the week –  Breaking & Mending by Dr Joanna Cannon

A memoir laid out in short anecdotes with lots of heart-rending human interest stories about her life becoming a junior doctor, and then a psychiatrist. Human, heart-rending, emotional. Really worth a read to help you understand how hard our medical staff work. Beautifully written as ever, from this talented author. (Thank you to my friend Nigel for the signed book gift!)

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Kim & Co Brazil knit 3/4 sleeve button front shirt.

Saturday – plus already online, the Margaret Dabbs range is back in supersize – another chance to get her superb foot collection with hand treatments as well this time. 🙂 Go here to see and buy early.

Plus, Andi and Dale are back at midday for a two hour food fest!

Sunday – gardening time! Hayloft Artisan Alliums with a 100 bulb collection. A hundred! And another lovely morning of gardening right the way through until 2 pm.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Attitudes by Renee Como Jersey sleeveless maxi dress and cardigan
Home Reflections intricate border indoor and outdoor reversible rug
Michele Hope 3/4 sleeve printed lace cardigan with jersey V-neck camisole set
Multi-function 4m retractable dog lead
Simple Human sensor mirror trio with touch-control brightness
Mia Tui set of five packing cubes with laundry bag
M.Asam four-piece 24h Hour Concentrated Retinol collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 30th at midnight:
Michele Hope 3/4 sleeve printed lace cardigan with jersey V-neck camisole set
Simple Human sensor mirror trio with touch-control brightness
Home Reflections intricate border indoor and outdoor reversible rug
Multi-function 4m retractable dog lead

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Bank holiday Monday and it’s Discovery day! Lots and lots of ways of finding out more about all of our departments, from fashion to beauty to home and more. Look out also for the Facebook lives on our QVC page, including with me at 5pm and that special competition.

This is the outfit I will be wearing on Monday, chosen by Stine, our stylist. Featuring a Michele Hope top, Kim & Co denim knit jeggings, Skechers yellow sandals, and a nice neat little black Kipling bag!

Monday’s TSV is the Lulu Guinness Bree triple compartment bag. Here I am modelling it, again wearing the gorgeous Michele Hope top.

TuesdaySkinology beauty brand joins us for an anti-ageing wireless soundwave beauty device.

Wednesday – a fashion sale day, with several hours of garments and accessories on discount. Includes the TSV, a Phase Eight jersey tunic with cross hemline, being launched by Jill Franks.

Thursday – the Ultrasun Sun Protection four-piece Top Up collection is here to give you a great chance to stock up, now that it looks like some sunshine is on the horizon. We hope! It’s available here on pre-sell, and you can use code ALL3Z to pay in three Easy Payments too!

Friday – a beautiful Lola Rose semi-precious long strand necklace, the one we’ve all been wearing! It’s 150 cm in length, and looks fabulous. Also the same night I will launch…

Friday 9pm …the new Ruth Langsford beaded motif two pack of T-shirts, going on sale earlier in the week. Join me for the 9pm and midnight launches, Ruth also has two lots of two hour specials through the day.

Next week – Blake comes to stay! Another two nights with my lovely 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter to give Brad and Kari a little bit of a rest! Can’t wait.

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie
    Love the shoes you are wearing in pic with Lulu Guinness Bee bag: where are they from?


    1. They were a Moda and Pele, Carole, there are several like it on our website, let me know if you find them! X

    1. I was told it had sold out, did you look for it my lovely? I do hope it comes back , Joy. Very bright! D x

  2. Hi Debbie, I have wanted to email you for a long time but didn’t know how until now. Brill. Two things: I really look forward to the shows you present because, in my opinion,you are so very genuine and treat your viewers/ QVC customers with respect and never patronize them by trying to sell sell sell. You always explain honestly and truthfully – I thank you for that Bless you,Debbie. Secondly, Laura Geller’s Spackle ; you said sometime ago that you our the “original one,pump action, as did I. I’ve tried the latest spackle products which I’ve sent back as inferior to the original. Could you please ask if LG could bring this back to QVC. I have searched the web to purchase it to no avail. Thank you. Love your happy,smiley disposition too. Purchased your beautiful bee necklace in memory of my daughter in law who was taken from us through Covid 19 last month (she was known as Queen Bed – her name Billie-Jo). Tonight I have sent for the gold coloured watch. Keep up the good work.

    1. Susan,
      So glad you enjoyed the presentations, I do my best. Glad you got the Bee jewellery and how lovely in memory of your beautiful daughter. So sorry to hear your news.

      Bees are so meaningful, I love wearing them.
      Will pass on your comments to the Gellar team.
      PS have you managed to join the Facebook group get geller gorgeous? A lady called Andie Stephanie runs it and knows everything about everything Geller!!

  3. Hi Debbie, such an interesting read, of what your upto.
    I love all the presenters I have been a QVC shopper for a very long time.
    I have missed Jill Frank’s, can you tell me if you can where she is I have checked in presenters stories & no update there
    Thank you

    1. Hello Ellen, so glad you enjoyed them.

      Jill came back last weekend hope you caught her first shows!

      Glad you have stayed with us for so long 🙂 Best wishes in all this madness X

  4. Great vlog Debbie… but “costs” me as it always makes me buy! Stay well. Love to Blake. Marie BF

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