Last of the Summer ‘Shine and the new Downton film!

Me n Jenny outside, last of the summer ‘shine.

It really was like a last-gasp summer it seems this week. So I took full advantage and had coffee and tea outside with as many people as possible 🙂

Plus had fun in the studio with Alexandra and a photo bomb from our lovely model. This week it was 10 years since I actually returned to work for QVC although I did not go back on the telly ’til about the end of October. How time flies. Especially when you pack it full of activities 🙂

I also went on a train trip to work very early one morning as I was on an earlier shift on Monday, in order to go and pick up my granddaughter Blake from nursery late afternoon.

So it was a rare occasion that I shared the same train as my sister-in-law Boki who came with me. Playing in the park with my lovely little grandbaby once I collected her, was amazing, she made a funny face and said ‘Nan Nan!’, and then pointed towards the swing next to her. I said ‘do you want me to sit down on there’, she said yes by nodding her head. Ahhhh! She understands a huge amount even if she doesn’t speak a lot. That’s Blake my son’s 20 month old girl. They live in Fulham.

This weekend I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter who is down for a few days with her little one Phoebe too! It’s all go. No wonder I am so tired 🙂 ha ha. Hope you’ve been enjoying what is probably going to be the last few days of sunshine this year. Can’t believe it is October in a couple of weeks time 🙂

Bodyblade Fun

Bruce returned this week and he and I had a good catch up. It was lovely hearing from so many people on the Bodyblade Ohana Facebook group too – they’ve got a 21 day challenge going and I tell you what, if you use this for 21 days you will definitely definitely notice a difference. If you don’t have any DVD player don’t worry, you can just look up the word Bodyblade on YouTube and if you put ‘Bodyblade beach’, you should see the video that Bruce and I did which you can exercise along to, while watching it – on Marina Delray Beach in California. Ahh memories. Go here to get your Bodyblade as it is a fantastic fitness device.

Vlog of the Week – actually it’s my chat on QVC Facebook page featuring a little quiz! Go here to watch it and see if you can get some of the answers. As you can see I’m wearing one of my favourite dresses again, listen to the video and you hear me read out the number for it 🙂 : it’s a Nina Leonard trapeze dress, I really love them as you may know 🙂 Go here to see more. 

Whose Shoes

Look what I saw in the presenter lounge this week. Answer at the bottom of the page, see if you can guess 🙂

Perfectly Personalised

Look at this pretty locket, which heralds the arrival of a new range of personalised jewellery coming soon.

People think this is an agate from a distance because it is a sepia photo of my mum and my dad when they were really young. You could put what you like, make it just a face, or it could be colour I’m sure.

From the 23rd September onwards, QVC are to offer a select range of personalised jewellery items, like this necklace I had done with a photo of my mum and dad when they had just got together in the late 50s. Look out also – online or on our blogs mainly – for birthstone options or jewellery with little messages.

Customers need to choose their metal when they order online. Once they have ordered and paid they will receive an email with a link, click the link and they can upload the photograph (or add personalised text to other items), the 14 day delivery expectation starts once that form is submitted by the customer.

More nearer the date but I wanted to mention it as I have started wearing it on shows and people have asked!

Old Studio, New Loft

Check out what’s coming, just a sneaky peek, more soon…

Old House, New View

People may remember me living in a place called Hollow Lane in Dorking, and complaining about how dark it was. There was a little hill behind my house and layers and layers of thick trees. Well guess what they did! I popped round to see Fiona from leg master, the lady I used to go horseriding with, and look what I saw! It’s all been completely cleared. I bet the plants grow better now in the light 🙂

Watch- Downton Abbey at the cinema

Absolutely utterly completely loved this. I had gone along not expecting it to be great because several people said it left a bit to be desired. But with my expectations lowered, it exceeded them! I loved that most key characters had a storyline, I loved the simplicity of the need to keep watching it to see certain people get their comeuppance, and others get justice and fairness. But most of all I love the period drama of it all, it’s the era I am writing my next book in after all. Really good and I want to see it again even now, 8.75 out of 10.

Book of the Week – The Teashop Girls by Elaine Everest

Okay, you guessed it – another period book. This novel is set in 1940 during the war and revolves around friends who work in the Lyons tea room. My dad used to clean the Lyons tea room in Tooting when I was a little girl. I remember the smell even now. Very different from what it was like in the 40s of course, but the period details of this story or once again thoroughly enjoyable. In days before technology when getting a phone call was a rare thing, and loyalty and principles were probably more of a driving force Then we can imagine nowadays, this is a charming tail and I highly recommend it. I often say that but I really do with this one, I’ve been listening to the audiobook and thoroughly thoroughly enjoying spending time with the characters. I was blubbing in the car on the way to work, getting all emotional listening to one of the scenes. Very very good. Well done Elaine 🙂

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deal’s – ending Sunday

  • Joules Beth 3/4 length sleeve jersey dress
  • GX Bedding set of two 2nd Generation Suspension pillows
  • It Works Spray and Clean Flip to Dry multi-surface mop with four attachments
  • Prai Ageless Throat and Decolletage serum

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Monday

  • Emu Explorer Bourkle ankle boot
  • LA Tweeze three-piece Pro collection
  • Neom three-piece Luxury Home Layering Candle collection
  • Living Proof five-piece Ultimate Full Volume collection

Next Week

A flying visit back to Devon for a meeting and a dinner! Plus maybe seeing Downton Abbey again 🙂 and my daughter is down so lots of cuddles with little Phoebe who is nearly walking and is one next month 🙂



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PS Ali Keenan QVC owns the shoes and she ruined them dancing the night away at the Butler and Wilson party ha ha.

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