Mudlarking by the Thames! And sneaky peeks

Had one of my top days out again, searching for ancient bits of artefacts down by the river at low tide.

Met my lovely niece Chloe and her fiance Gareth in Greenwich, had a super lunch, which was absolutely delicious, then spent the afternoon enduring bright sunshine then showers then more sunshine then showers, whilst we walked up and down the foreshore and picked up our booty. Mostly little bits of pottery, a few bits of pipe stems, oyster shells galore, and old old bones. May have been a bit of a rubbish tip at some stage, the river bank, near the Royal Observatory area by the Trafalgar pub, what do you think? And we even found a section where it looked like it revealed some kind of burnt remains just below the surface, with old strips of leather and old bones. We thought possibly they had a fire in the old days! No idea how old the old days were though.

Since I talked about doing mud larking, lots of people have said they would love to do it with me, so I have some willing mates and family to go and spend the day with, doing one of my favourite things. I just love things ancient, historical, archaeological et cetera.

One of the best parts of the day is always having a nice cup of tea afterwards and I took this funny photo next to one of the ship-related displays inside the Trafalgar Pub!

It was a great day and I hope to do it again soon, probably back nearer Rotherhithe where I was so successful and found a more diverse range of items back in January. Sharon and Dawn were very impressed! See below. In fact, Dawn said she’d like to come with me one day as she was very jealous of my day yesterday. (You need to get a license obviously that is £92 for three years, but it’s not difficult, just Google it if you’d love to do it.)

Btw, whilst we were there, I saw evidence of the latest film crew to book the Royal Observatory area as a location. Apparently they were filming a 1936 Olympics movie and we saw some of the old cars! The site is used often as a film location, I’m told.

I’ve never been round Greenwich Observatory or the Cutty Sark, so I’m definitely going to go back there again at some point in the future.

Lovely Chloe is the niece that is getting married in July and we have her hen weekend coming up mid June (which she knows nothing about, so I won’t mention it here!!) Lots of lovely times ahead! Just need to make sure they all happen now!


Meeting up with Sharon and Dawn my old school friends

Had the most lovely evening as I always do with my wonderful mates from school. I’ve known these two since I was nine. That’s 51 years. I hear myself say those words and I can’t quite believe it! Funny. They came round and my place was a tip, so I spent most of the afternoon getting it ready, rushed to buy the food, came back, got ready myself, then got the food on… just in time! If only they knew 🙂 LOL. Well they did know because I told them! We compared grandbaby stories and tales from when we were at school together and just after. Mum popped in as well, and they had a nice little chinwag and a cuppa. We’ll meet up next for Dawn‘s birthday in October and who knows, maybe a trip to the Thames mudlarking with Dawn in between.

Garden Party

Thanks very much to lovely George and his fab wife Sally for playing host (for the patrons group for which I am chairman), as last Sunday we had the most wonderful get together in the garden of their gorgeous manor house in Walton-on-the-Hill. We were so lucky with the weather. I arrange these events from time to time for my association in Surrey, and I was very thrilled when they suggested this one, it was a great success and everyone had a nice catch up.

This weekend I’m off gallivanting to get-togethers again: to Devon on Saturday for a big all-day meeting including lunch, after which I will be spending a couple of nights in Wales again as I need baby cuddles! Lots of miles on the  clock – hence looking around at electric for the next car, Any recommendations? Mind you, they are saying it’s at least six months waiting list at the moment so I’d better get a move on!

Incidentally, I’m very chuffed that the VIP guest at a recent dinner I attended, has been back in touch with me and I’m hoping I’ll be able to arrange an event that he can attend too. But not till later in the year – especially considering what’s ahead of me for this summer!

Daisy Dog joins her sisters over the rainbow bridge

Very sad that poor Daisy dog had to be let go this week, but she had been very poorly, wasn’t really able to move around and one day just couldn’t get up. Thank you so much to my kind sis in law, Amanda, and niece Evie, doggy cousin Beau, and originally brother Derek, for looking after her since the start of the first lockdown. She had a lovely few last years. Very sad but she was 12 in March, so she hasn’t lasted badly for a Labrador. Even though my other two shown in this picture (Patch on left at back and Holly on right) were 15 when they died and her sister Gracie (on left at front) was nine. Run free, pain free, Daisy dog, over the rainbow bridge, we will miss you.


Talking of final journeys, I am loving, loving, loving, the very last season of ‘This Is Us’ and I finally watched the ending, which, after six seasons was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint. It was amazing, what can I say. Still reliving it now, especially the way they portrayed the final journey of one of the main characters as being on a vintage train. I’ve loved every minute of this emotion-packed, drama-filled, funny series. Highly recommended.

Too busy this week to watch anything else but determined to go and see Maverick at the cinema very soon! Top Gun 2 has at last come out with Tom Cruise looking fabulous as the feisty elite pilot . Can’t wait!


I haven’t got a whole clip, but if you watch the very start of the video online currently for the smock neck sequin dress by Nina Leonard (191350), on a show I did with Alex last week at 11pm, you will see a bit of a tongue twister gone wrong! I was trying to say “I like the look of what Nick looks like…”! Far easier to say what I changed it to in the end!


Really enjoyed listening to Craig’s one lately, and now you can listen to lovely Lee Hohbein talking about his recent tales! Next week, Will speaks to SBC Skincare’s Brand Manager, Nancy Mason about how she immersed herself in all areas of the family business, her time spent travelling the world and what we can look forward to in the future from SBC Skincare. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Here’s one for you, featuring Saturday 28th #TSV Dyson V10, and behind the scenes at my flat! But also look on my social media for when I went mud larking earlier in the week!

Book of the Week

Still listening to and enjoying ‘A Tidy Ending’ by Joanna Cannon. If you loved ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, you will probably love this!

But can I give a big shout out for the upcoming imminent release of our very own Jackie Kabler’s new novel ‘The Murder List’? She’s put the trailer for it on her social media so do go and have a look! It looks fascinating and I can’t wait to hear it. I will get it on audio obviously and have pre-ordered, as you can. Will fill you in when I start listening to it!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of The gorgeous slider sandals I’ve been wearing a lot recently – and after about a week of wearing them in, felt very comfortable even on my Wide Feet. Catch them before they are gone, if they have not gone already!

Saturday – check out my videos for this brand-new Dyson V10 , launching tonight, by following the Vlog link above. And also, if you need more reasons to buy this one, have a look at this write-up from one of the Dyson experts!

“The v10 is the machine that was developed to replace corded vacuums completely. It’s genuinely one of the best deals ever on a dyson product at qvc. It was a big jump in suction power and battery power and it’s the machine that all future models are based on. Whenever anyone asks what machine should they buy, if they want to tick every box, my answer is anything v10 and above because it was the first of its kind”.

As you will see from the early bird link online now here it is only £249.96! I cannot believe it! Get it soon.

Sunday – A very unusual one – the Innovators Santorini single daybed! It has a foot rest as well, and you can see it here now as it’s already available.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Lock & Lock oven safe glass container six-piece collection
Laura Geller Tahitian Glow four-piece collection
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Danni Minogue Pull On Coloured Twill Jeans Petite

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 29th at midnight:

Dannii Minogue Pull On Coloured Twill Jean Regular
Tweak’d by Nature Cleansing & Volumizing Scrub Duo
PRIME FIFTY Multi Mutrient Vitamin Melts
Shark Wandvac 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – SBC Time and it’s all about aloe and lavender with a four piece cool and refresh day tonight summer collection. Plus some other lovely new SBC offers including The lemon myrtle and thyme hand hydrator!

You get a huge amount for the price, especially with the TSV, so please have a look and see what you think because it is a really good deal. Plus whole hours in the salon through the day including at 3pm with Alison Young and 5pm with my lovely mate, Dale. Dale is also back 7pm till 9pm Monday evening, scoffing his face off with Andi Peters food fest!

And by the way don’t miss my Lola Rose jewellery designs show – an outlet two-hour special – oh my goodness, this will absolutely fly! At 10pm Monday with me and lovely Anna. you can shop them now though, by searching Lola Rose on our website.

Tuesday – Time for Sealy with an anti-allergen pillow duo and a 10.5 tog duvet in the bundle at a ridiculous price!

Wednesday – it’s a first – Abi Cleeve brings us a Skinsense and Ultrasun collaboration in a new five piece collection – to help fight anti-pigmentation – what a perfect combination!

Thursday – Kim & Co are back with a perfect choice for summer – the printed Brazil Jersey sleeveless maxi dress… This time it has pockets!

Friday – wow, what a chance to get one of the most popular chairs we’ve ever sold for the garden – again from Innovators: the folding double cocoon egg chair is here including on five Easy Pays. One of the lowest prices you’ll ever see it for, don’t miss it.

Friday 9pm – Ruth Langsford’s summer cotton slub V-front jumper makes its appearance, it’s going on sale mid week so look out for it.

And join me at 9pm on Saturday when I show, for the first time, one of the most massive bundles from Australian Body Care that we have ever shown you – going on sale mid week, get it early especially at these prices!

Next week – lots to catch up on – including a flying trip to Devon followed by two days in Wales with the babies and Lauren! I can’t wait! Have a lovely week! And don’t forget to follow me on social media, links are all below – especially to catch up with my Facebook Live every Thursday evening on my page (just search debbie flint QVC Facebook page if you remember to look when you haven’t got the link!) I’ll do my best to keep you informed about what’s coming up!

Best wishes


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  1. Thanks for your blog. Wish someone would give us the heads up when brands are being discontinued on QVC if I had known Yankee candles were going to go I would have stocked up!

  2. Another very interesting blog from my favourite presenter! Debbie, I was so very sad to hear about Daisy Dog passing over the rainbow bridge. You will be so pleased that she had such a lovely life especially latterly with her adopted family and doggy friend Beau. They will really miss her presence in their life as well.
    Well, you are dashing about as per usual! Relish this time and decade, as the next one may be so energetic or exciting! Speaking from experience. And one last thing —— get that book finished!
    Hazel xx

  3. Hi Debbie

    Another great blog as usual. I just wanted to echo your comments about the magnificent series ‘This Is Us’. It has to be one of the best ever series i have watched. Such strong casting and storylines which we can all relate to and so incredibly moving and heartbreaking at the same time!! I just know that at some point i will have to watch it all again!! It was wonderful to be a part of it!!

    Best Wishes

  4. Hi debs – heartfelt condolences for Daisy. I am sure she had a great life with you. Lots of love. Julie scott

  5. Oh Debbie,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Daisy dog! What a character! I’m glad her pain is gone and that she will R.I.P.
    I’ve loved This Is Us! Amazing storytelling, performances and themes, brought to life by an incredible ensemble of actors! Might have to binge watch from the beginning again!
    I would love to go and see the new Top Gun! Haven’t got anyone to go with and talk about it after though. Might ask around local friends…
    Cracking deals coming up!
    Take care,
    Jill x x x
    Nesta sends tail wag condolences.

  6. Hello so very sorry for your loss of Daisy..Your beautiful fur baby..Thoughts with your all.

  7. Please please please ask them to get more stock of the lilac denim jacket, it has nearly all gone!!!!!

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