Seaside jaunt and Devon delights! Plus upcoming deals

I had a smashing time when I went to Devon for a bit of a ten day break. I was running a retreat, and had some super people in, all writers and very pleased to be here.

I’m not doing as many retreats anymore as regulars will know, now I have my base in Surrey and a flat next to mum, and grandchildren and… etc, etc! Need to get back to more Debbie-centric activities going forwards, as I explained in my musings in last week’s blog! Had a couple of people dropped out this week, which made it a little bit easier but was a bit disappointing given I was turning people away before Christmas for this one.

But having advertised to see if I could get any last minute bookings for this week, at least I ended up getting some future bookings: the April one is absolutely full now. Thing is, people know I’m not really doing any others after that that are untutored until September. Since lockdown, changing my routine so Devon trips are just once a month, and that works out really well for me. I always get time to do other things with friends though. Some of it is mentioned below.

On the weekend, I went to a conference in Plymouth and had a really nice time catching up with like-minded people and listening to some interesting speakers. Then I had a huge binge watch and a whole day and a night at my place in Devon on my own! What a blooming luxury! Although I did end up clearing out a few cupboards on the Sunday and fixing the grouting around the tiles in both bathrooms with my recent purchase from QVC, the SFIXX Grout restore marker pens. Check out my QVC social media to see the results!

On one of my days, I went to see my niece in Ilfracombe, Jodi and her two little boys, Wilf and Stan. We had a lovely time chatting and as I don’t get to see her often and missed her at Christmas when she was down seeing her mum in Surrey, we spent had a lovely long catch-up.

This is the vlog from when I was walking at the top of the hill near where Jodie lives.

Don’t forget to check out my #Thursdaybantz on Facebook because I talk all about what happened down in Devon and it’s quite a long one this week. 🙂 You don’t have to be a member to access it as it is a public post and anyone can see it; you can access it by going via the vlog link below!


Afternoon teaser…

Oh my goodness, my rearranged afternoon tea with my holiday-let team who help me down in Devon did not go quite according to plan! Having postponed it previously, two of them cancelled this week as well, then the other one did, so I ended up using the booking with my lovely friend Jennie from Nimblelimbs yoga and Sheila from Holsworthy who was wearing a Ruth Langsford jumper! (See below regarding with brand-new Today’s Special Value!) It was delicious once again and the Halfmoon did us proud. I am so an old granny – and always have been! When it comes to going to afternoon tea anyway, my favourite way to spend a get-together! Also met up with super pal Sheena for lunch and managed to get tons of ironing done – the bedding pile was about 2 feet tall! Well I did do some of it while watching catch up TV – to find out what I watched, check out below.

Phoebe’s wardrobe

Bless her little heart, my three-year-old granddaughter Phoebe in Wales chose this outfit herself. I can only show you her back but from the front it was quite funny as she had put the hat on right down over her eyes and pulled it right down over her hair at the back as it was so cold! Anyone remember Hattie Town with Ken Dodd! Then they put her in the baby carrier, which she thought was hilarious! They are preparing her for when the new little one comes along!

*Stop press* there is… No news at the moment! Due on the 30th, Lauren is now very overdue! But fingers crossed by the time this blog comes out on Friday or over the weekend, there may be some other news so don’t forget to look at my social media!

Lee’s foreshore friend – ‘Sealed’ with a click!

I don’t know about mudlarking, here is a friendly seal larking about on the Thames river bank just outside Lee’s Wapping flat! How lovely! By the way, Lee has also been talking on social media about the upcoming Blink deal, do you have a look online to see more, it’s here soon if you want a new security camera!


Oh my goodness, it’s here and I’ve discovered it! And I’ve been and watched the whole lot! On Amazon Prime, guess what is now a new TV series? None other than Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s creation and one of my favourite book heroes. The maverick returns in the guise of 6’5 Alan Richson, who portrays the character brilliantly. There is one thing that Amazon are brilliant at, it’s casting appropriate actors and actresses in these dramatisations of famous novels. Based on Lee Child’s first book The Killing Floor, it is a worthy TV version and split into eight episodes. There’s tons of footage in which to enjoy the hunky form of Reacher. The Maverick ex-military cop turned avenger is arrested for a murder but then the police need his help, and if you love seeing bad guys get their comeuppance, you will love this just as much as I do! Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

Also started watching The Teacher this week, the latest from Sheridan Smith, since Four Lives was so good. But No Return is also just out – and that is good as well apparently! So much to see at the moment, isn’t there?! Any recommendations for me, let me know. 🙂


This week, Will caught up with Cathy Kangas, did you hear it? Next week, he chats to brand ambassador for Skechers and Radley London, Clare Edmondson. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


I got back into the Joy Ellis books and enjoyed listening to The Patient Man. I will probably start another one of hers soon, too, because she’s written so many in the Jackman and Evans detective series set in the Fens, and many are included with Audible membership for no extra credits! Really enjoyed The Patient Man. I can imagine it as a TV series, given all the wonderful crime shows that are around at the moment! Highly recommended.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Percy & Reed six-piece Ultimate Volume Collection. A super reliable brand for value and impact.

Saturday – join me Friday (tonight, 11th) at 9pm and midnight for the new Ruth Langsford colour block Ottoman jumper at another brilliant price.

Sunday – time for the Elemis five-piece Pro-Collagen Super Hydrate and Glow skincare collection, it’s already online here. Join Keeley and me at 9pm and midnight Saturday! What an amazing bargain. It’s the first time we’ve had these two categories put in one deal, combining Superfood and Pro-Collagen. First, a great way of re-ordering your regular Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Cleanser (the cream is usually £55 on its own!) Then the Superfood range, I cannot believe there are three Superfood items in this set. A gentle exfoliator, in the Liquid Glow, the full-size facial oil (just check out online how much that is on its own!), plus the Priming Moisturiser, which can be used to prime and hydrate, and give a subtle radiant glow as well. Active pre-biotics are included. Really worth giving this a try if your skincare needs a boost! I will be bringing you it on Saturday night Launch! But get it now here.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

Tili metallic make-up organiser vanity case home and away
Alison Cork round velvet storage ottoman
Hollywood Smoother and four additional replacement heads with Puff and Brow Perfector
Denim & Co. heavy jersey cowl neck drawstring print tunic
Ultrasun three-piece Anti-Pigmentation collection
Centigrade quilted lightweight jacket with pockets
JM Fashion by Julien Macdonald chiffon overlay top
Ahuhu three-piece Thickening Caffeine collection
Nails Inc six-piece Florals for Spring collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 13th at midnight:
Dannii Minogue Perfection Cornelli design jumper
Ahuhu three-piece Thickening Caffeine collection
Centigrade lightweight gilet detachable hood with faux fur trim
Doctor Seaweed Weed & Wonderful Menopause Plus supplements 120 Capsules four month supply

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – yes I’m doing the launch again, join me Sunday midnight for the Kipling deal, lovely Mary Françoise is back with the Tacita large shoulder bag at a brilliant price. Do check out her social media to find out more.

TuesdayAustralian Bodycare return with the Ultimate five-piece Tea Tree Collection.

WednesdaySilentnight bring us the new Down-touch Supportive-Core two pack of pillows.

ThursdayWomen With Control return with the Tummy Control Prime Stretch Denim Straight Trousers with back pocket, in different lengths. I bought loads of these last time, and will probably buy more this time! Love these jeans!

FridayPrai are here with the Ageless and 24K Gold Bumper collection. A good time to stock up, and you won’t believe the price.

Friday 9pm – join me as I launch the practical ideas with Shark hour, featuring the Trupet upright vacuum with Duo Clean, Anti-Hair Wrap and powered Lift Away. These vacuums always sell really well! And on Saturday I’m doing yet another launch! Lee Hohbein has been talking about it on his social media if you want a sneaky peek.

Next week… catching up with my old friends Sharon and Dawn from school! And hopefully news of the new baby unless there is an update here… At time of writing (Wednesday) no news! But Phoebe was 15 days late so who knows! (For those who don’t know, my daughter is expecting her second, and my fourth grandbaby!). I’m saying nothing… Just watch out on my social media for news!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debs! Always enjoy everyone’s blogs, but yours are the ones I look forward to – my favourites. Glad you enjoyed your time in beautiful Devon and hope for good news about the baby this week. I watched The Teacher – enjoyed it, but slightly disappointing ending. Watching No Return now. Won’t be able to resist the Elemis TSV, such great value …. also need a close look at the Kipling one, and the jeans! Lots of love xxx

  2. Please ask Julian. To bring back
    Dinner services .
    Love every thing . Love him thank him
    For all the lovely designer products ,
    Have so much of your stuff
    Bought all my nieces throws loved them
    Bought most of the fashion designer clothes .
    Family all had stars in window at Christmas
    Fashion year he’s Longline tops 2xl please
    Lamps have them all xx

  3. Always love your blogs Debbie. Always full of interesting news both on what’s going on tv and your interests giving an insight on maybe things to watch and read. Along with your family and friends making us feel part of your life .I live in Devon so relate to all the places you visit and talk of. Keep up the good work looking forward to next blog already xx

  4. Hi Debs,
    Can I ask you to pass on a request? Re the Denim & Co denim jacket which so many of us love, can we please have them in deep pink, and purple?
    Many thanks,

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