Hot or cold sleeper?

I don’t know about you, but I love having a cold bedroom when I sleep. When I moved into my new flat last summer, one of the clinchers was that the back bedroom was dark and quiet and almost never gets the sun because of the way the back of the block of flats is constructed.

That said, I find a Dyson fan with timer is invaluable. The famous AM09 is something I cannot do without. Just the circulating air from a gentle fan all the way through the night provides movement in the room and keeps me adequately cool, even if it’s warmer outside. Plus with the timer and the remote, if I throw off the covers as I’m hot, I can zap it up to the highest level of fan speed, stick it on a 15 minute timer, go back to sleep as I’m cool, and it turns itself off before it freezes me to death, ha ha. Highly recommended!

While I love my Cozee Home bedding, I also rely on the cool crisp cotton of some of our premium bedding ranges with a high thread count in the warmer months. I find that a bit of sheet shock on my feet does the trick no problem! I must admit while I do get hot flushes sometimes, they are not terrible. I’m more likely to go to bed with a hot water bottle on my feet most of the year… well, we have had terrible weather, haven’t we?!

Finally, my sleep routine includes having a Tempur pillow, the really soft one, as I find it doesn’t overheat my head at all, plus a really comfortable Sealy Pillowtop Geltex mattress with a top layer, which achieves the same outcome in keeping me at the right temperature. Add in a bit of This Works pillow spray, and Neom Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter, as well as a new discovery – a Scentered temple balm – and I’m good to go… to dreamland. Stick some ocean sounds on Alexa and I’m usually out like a light. 🙂

Try it!

Sweet dreams!


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  1. I love Buying items from QVC but on 2 occasions there have been competitions on either facebook or some other app
    not everyone wants to use these apps, maybe the young but not the mid/ to older generations. I use Q CUT for every order as you will see from my a/c , I can just order what I want when I want and do not have to hold on for someone to speak to., Is there some other way I can enter your competitions?I am sure I am not the only customer you have with this question. I would really like to enter your quiz and I think it would encourage other people to buy more items.
    Thank you for listening.

    1. That’s a really good point, L, and I will pass it on to the powers that be. I’m always talking about the people who don’t do technology as you may have noticed.
      Glad you enjoyed QVC and use the simplicity of Qcut- I still use it sometimes myself. Hope you are well. Best wishes debs x

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