Spring frollicking… And sneaky peeks!

Debbie Flint with a lamb

What a surprise I got down in Devon, during last week’s retreat week, when I went to pick up some provisions in the local grocers shop and saw a little field full of frolicking lambs! They had even put a little seesaw and some tunnels for them to play with. They came running over and were really friendly. So I did a little Vlog – go here to see more!

Bless!! Sights and sounds of the countryside, and I had them in abundance this week again, part of my ‘other life’. Spent a fair bit of time seeing friends and wondering what will happen when the viewings start this weekend!

And guess who else came down with me this week because her new family were holidaying nearby in a caravan without easy-to-climb old-Labrador-steps? Yes, Daisy dog! It was just like old times when I was in the studio watching TV at night with her snoring alongside me on the floor. Bless her heart!!

Sleeping dog

Also had a blooming lovely group of writers, three of whom I knew from previously, so it was lovely to catch up. And two new ones who are very welcome. This is one of the favourite meals. Our signature dish!** I do love running these weeks. Let’s see what the future holds.

Plate of food


Debbie Flint shares a video of blossom trees

Blossom trees

How restful is this? My lovely cherry trees in blossom down the bottom of the garden. Only happens in spring, filled with buzzy bees when they are not being blown around by the breeze. Thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Debbie with a fallen tree

My goodness me, look at the scale of this enormous tree that fell down in our garden at my flats. Thank goodness nobody was injured but everyone is sheltering indoors because of the storm. I know I featured this before but I thought I’d show you the scale with this photograph. It’s absolutely enormous, isn’t it?! What should we do with it? Any suggestions? Leave me a comment below.

Debbie and Denise

When I was 14 I had a best friend called Denise Barnhurst and, guess what, she came to visit me this week! She’s been living down under for many years but has returned to the UK in the last few years so we’ve been catching up big time. We went for a little walk around the grounds and she was amazed at how beautiful the place is. Denise is one of those friends that I can talk to after a big gap and it’s like no time has passed. So nice to see my lovely friends, and I will be seeing two more soon, as well.

Watch – Hacks – on Prime

Oh my goodness what an excellent show – it was nominated for three Grammy awards, and I can see why. Following the fortunes of Deborah Vance, a past-her-best headliner in Vegas, with a dysfunctional family and an entourage of mismatched characters. A desperate down-on-her-luck gobby joke-writer takes a job writing punchlines for her, and the conflict begins. And the funniest thing is – Deborah Vance also has her own line of accessories on … QVC! (Fictional obvs but QVC US gets lots of mentions!) Very original and highly sassy. You have to watch it, really highly recommended!

Also – I know I may be late to the party but one afternoon I went to see my friend Alix in Devon who was obsessing over the 9th season of MAFS – Married At First Sight: Australia! She was just up to the point where they have commitment ceremony number five, full of ‘This is unprecedented’ moments and if you’ve watched it you’ll know what I mean! Now I think I want to watch more to see what happens to Dion and also to the 24-hour couple. Reminds me of when I was at home with Lauren and these types of shows were our regular entertainment because Brad had left for uni. She and I used to bond over Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity and other reality shows. Not long now till we all spend a week together at Center Parcs in May for my big 60th birthday! Can’t wait. Meanwhile I’ll carry on watching MAFS, I think!


This week on the podcast Will Gowing spoke to Michelle Feeney, founder of fragrance brand Floral Street. Next week he’ll have chef and QVC kitchen expert Gail Samways with him. You can listen to them all here.

Book of the week – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Really enjoyed demolishing ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’. Regulars will remember I loved ‘Great Circle’ and this is reminiscent – a young girl-done-good, against-all-odds story spanning the 50s and 60s, with an interesting timeline. Following the fortunes of a swamp girl in Carolina, excluded from society, and the make-or-break relationships she tries to build. Really beautifully written. Loved it. Highly recommended.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

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Next week – The dreaded eye operation! Theoretically it takes two days to recover from a cataract operation (that I needed six months after the detached retina gas bubble op). So I will tell you all about it then! Have a great week.

Best wishes


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** Tahini sauce marinated kale, butternut squash with chilli flakes, spring onions, avocado, feta, toasted sunflower seeds, plus I add a jacket potato and a corn on the cob and a little asparagus! Yum

9 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie, I was terrified to have my cataract operations but it was so easy. Each eye takes 10 – 15 minutes and I was watching tv when I got home with greatly improved eye sight and no need to wear glasses. Hope all goes well for you. Margaret

  2. Debbie please give the tree to local crafts people, both professional and just love it and ask they send you photos of what they make in return

  3. Hi Debbie. What a huge tree! Lots came down round our way too. Very tempted by a couple of pieces on your Nina Leonard show last night, also can’t wait for the new Danni Minogue skirt (wonderful for us shorties!) and the Women with Control denims. Very best of luck with the eye op – I’m sure it will all go well. Lots of love xxx

  4. Good luck with the cataract operation. I had my first one done on Wednesday. It only took 7 minutes. Worst part was the long wait beforehand – over 2 hours! Anyway it didn’t hurt, was over quickly and I could see well the next day.

    I am wondering when I dare start using my Theragun again. You are told various things not to do, but not when it is safe to start again!

    Best wishes

    Sue Rothery

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I love Daisy, she is adorable!
    Give her a cuddle from me!
    Hope eye op goes well.
    Jacqueline. Xx

  6. Thanks for your lovely stories Debbie,

    Super exciting about your friend/s visiting from Oz!!!!! And those lambs – cuteness overload!!
    As usual fab offers coming up, i’ve just ordered a few things from the two day fashion event, Ruth’s crop jean and her linen jacket in the Sand colour. My Revamp curler came yesterday and its great.
    I’m just going to have a look for those 8 greens to see if they’re previewing!

    Just took a note to self to watch Hacks, thankyou for the recommendation. QVC deserves to be in it lol! I’m an avid MAFS fan, addicted! It never lets us down in terms of a bit of a scandal……Poor Dion!

    Very best wishes for your eye op, it’ll be a breeze i’m sure. And for that tree……looks good to me where it is! Thank God no one was injured.

    Have a great week,
    Love Christina X

  7. Hi Debbie! This is my third attempt to write this ….I keep dozing off and hitting delete!!
    I loved the clip of the lambs, its a true reminder that spring has sprung and warmer weather will be upon us shortly.
    I often think of you when we pass the turn-off for Sheepwash on our way to West Putford ,visiting my bestfriend who move there two years ago having lived in Bath most of her life….brave lady its the middle of nowhere!
    I was born and grew up in South Devon but would never return there, its changed far to much and bears no resemblance to the lovely place I remember.
    I have lived in West Somerset for 36 years, clothes shops are scarce and I do most of my clothes shopping from QVC with a scattering of M&S. I have been with QVC since it started and I have seen such a huge improvement in the clothes you sell. I love watching your programmes!
    Take care and enjoy the spring weather. Our 3 black labs – Madge, Nell and Merle love basking in the sun
    Best Wishes

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