Surprises for Lauren and special Laura Geller message

In this week’s blog – Lauren’s birthday weekend went swimmingly, plus your usual sneaky peeks and features. Also a special message from Laura Geller!

This week, my lovely Lauren came down with her hubby Nick and little nearly three-year-old Phoebe, and had a lovely four-day stay with me. We had several meals out on my balcony, played lots of games of tea party with the little animals I keep here, and Phoebe loved delving into my dressing-up box, from a fairy to a unicorn to a mermaid to Jasmine from Aladdin. Lauren had fun as well when I treated her to a spa morning at my sister’s spa in Westcroft, followed by afternoon tea at Dotty’s and a shopping session. No maternity wear anywhere in store though, all only online, so came home with lots of over-sized T-shirts, et cetera. 🙂 She is due in January and has got past the sickness stage now, thank goodness. She is blooming.

On the Sunday, we had a surprise party, which she wasn’t expecting, part-birthday party, part-baby shower and a lady called Loretta did sweet treats including an alpaca cake! Lots of her cousins and aunties came. Hubby Nick even got into the swing of things by wearing a father-to-be sash, and we all had a lovely time.

On Monday they went ice skating and bowling on their own, then we all went out for a nice meal in the evening at Pizza Express. It was a lovely weekend and the next time I see them will be when I go up to Wales for Phoebe‘s 3rd birthday at the start of October. I hope I don’t have any visitors for a little while now so I can get some work done! Lol. Although, I’m due to go and see little newborn Kaleb and granddaughter Blake at Brad’s at the end of next week. Watch this space. 🙂

Special message from Laura Geller

If you didn’t know already, the new Supersize of the Month is the incredibly popular Balance-n-Glow Baked Foundation from the lovely lady herself. I messaged her this week and she did me this recording. I find it really is the best foundation for speed and ease of application with a brush – plus it’s buildable. Use it with Spackle Primer for more coverage. Balance-n-Brighten is still available and is more matte, and is our perpetual award winner in our customer awards! Balance-n-Glow has a bit more of a sheen, a youthful dewy look, and is my favourite. I wear Golden Medium. Get it now while all the colours are in stock and to make a big saving because the regular size, less than half as much, is £25 usually. Get it here this month!


Me ‘n’ dog

Wasn’t it boiling again earlier this week? I found that I needed to resort to sitting in front of a cooler device (where you put water in) that I got with a voucher, and it definitely cooled me down. I looked after Maggie dog for my niece one day and she joined me! Hope you kept cool. If you have any tips, let me know. Mine was make yourself feel cool by watching a rainstorm on the television (like on the picture), ha ha!

I agree with the sentiments of the yellow rubber glove

Oh dear, had a major leak under my sink this week, with one of the pipes coming apart. I thought it was funny though when I took this picture – just look at what the yellow rubber glove is doing in the centre of the page! Lol. Can you guess what many people said to me when they saw this picture?

Massive raspberries

So the saga of the raspberries continues. Richard Jackson’s wonderful plant food has given my raspberry bushes another spurt of life, and some sizeable fruits to enjoy. However, the magpies think that it’s a smorgasbord for them to peck at so it’s lucky I rescued these two whoppers! 🙂 I’ve put netting on them now (on the raspberry bushes, not on the magpies…!) so let’s see what happens…

Watch – Pose

This is an interesting series. Based in the late 1980s, and early 1990s in New York, with some incredible music and stunning acting, it’s set in the gay and drag queen world of seedy nightlife, but has some incredible storylines and characters. Some of the acting is absolutely stupendous. I’ve watched season one and am now well into season two. If you can withstand some quite explicit language and scenes, it’s quite compelling, and free on iPlayer.




Did you catch Will talking to tanning expert Amanda Harrington? Next week, he sits down with Keeley Aydin to discuss autumn/winter skin, chat about the Pro-Collagen skincare range and cover your concerns in ‘Keeley’s Skincare Clinic’. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Yes, it was another heat wave this week and on my balcony once more it hit 50 degrees, so I took myself off for a little walk… PS. don’t forget to follow my social media to see lots of behind-the-scenes stuff from QVC, updates, funnies, and stuff like this!

Book – Dangerous Promise, by Merryn Allingham

This is the prequel to five other Tremaine mysteries, so if you like a series, start here. One of my writing friends is brilliant at period detail and this one is set in the 1950s.

“It’s Coronation Day and among the crowd gathered at Westminster Abbey, Nancy Nicholson meets the man of her dreams, someone she can truly love – or so she believes. After years of loneliness, romance has finally arrived. But there’s mystery surrounding Philip March and it’s not long before the questions begin. Why is Nancy never invited to his apartment? Why does she never meet his friends? How has he managed to beguile her parents? And does he truly care for Nancy, or is his love no more than a means to control?”

The great thing is that I can now get my Alexa to read my Kindle books and she’s not half bad! Means a lot more has opened up to me! Anyone else like Alexa reading to you or is it just me?!


Have you seen the new way of keeping in touch with other QVC customers? It’s called Qurio and it’s like a big WhatsApp chat only on a different platform. You can see what everybody writes and join in with them by commenting, but in a more protected arena. Why don’t you try it? (It would be great to see some of your original posts as well. Many people are joining but not posting original stuff. Put your favourite skincare pic, your best buy from fashion, a picture of you with all your Lola Rose jewellery… whatever you wish. Looking forward to seeing what people write in the next few months!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of Denim & Co. fleece bonded with Sherpa, it’s a long sleeve coat with hood, order now but pay later ready for winter, which knowing our luck will start in a few weeks’ time. 🙂

Saturday – this is my weekend off, which is a shame because Gatineau are bringing their Defilift 3D Toned Pro Defence Skincare collection. It features a brand new product, launching tonight at 9pm. Look out for it!

Sunday – it’s tech time with a big LG OLED TV – 48”, 4K, and comes with earbuds. I’m really looking forward to my 10pm show, which will feature a whole hour of tech featuring what’s left of the TV offer. 🙂

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Prime Fifty Immunity Health trio pack 90 days supply
Charlie Bears 15 Year Anniversary Ragsy 13″ bear
FITT Curve multi-purpose fitness chair
Tweak’d Rise and Shine three-piece collection
Tarte five-piece Sea Colour collection with bag
Frank Usher V-neckline embellished star jersey long sleeve tunic top
Centigrade coatigan with striped contrast lining and patch pockets – by the way, I wore this earlier in the week and think it’s really smart! So much so, I have now ordered the Navy! Go here to see and buy yours, or what’s left of it!
Denim & Co. Cosy knit cowl neck tunic with drawstrings
Your Zooki Turmeric four-week supply

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 12th at midnight:

Kim & Co Soft Touch long-sleeved cowl neck tunic
Shay & Blue five-piece Fragrance Layering Collection
Bell & Howell set of 2 3-in-1 Mega Lights
Charlie Bears 15 Year Anniversary Ragsy 13″ bear

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – join me on Sunday night at 9pm as I launch a brand-new Ninja Today’s Special Value, a fabulous Dual Zone Air Fryer Max. I swear by my Ninja and use it most days. Especially useful when it’s boiling hot outside and you don’t want to heat the whole kitchen up when you’re cooking something! Gail Samway’s QVC guest kitchen does really well with these machines, so don’t miss out and buy early if you can. 🙂

Tuesday – fabulous new brand, Beekman 1802 joins QVC with a fabulous Bath and Body Gift Collection featuring a key ingredient of goat’s milk. Their presentations are fantastic as well. Plus a really good price for gifting, and there is never a better time to buy then when it’s a TSV! Very moisturising ingredients and some fabulous smells. Watch out for the beauty wipes as well!

Wednesday – it’s a big home event, kicked off by my fabulous mate Charlie Brook, I’m looking forward to the 9pm show when I will also have the TSV Pur Feather by Northern Nights Ultimate Comfort Extra Deep Featherbed as well as launching the next day’s offer which is from …

Thursday – … Doll 10, bringing us a wonderful eight-piece set, the Speak Your Truth collection, and check out the 4pm show when one of our newest presenters, Ophelia, will be presenting. Isn’t she fabulous?

Friday – another home theme with the Kelly Hoppen Home Design shows, this time with a set of Illuminated Glass Spheres.

Friday 9pm – it’s another wonderful Ruth Langsford fashion weekend, this time with the Heart Intarsia jumper.

Plus, there will be another wonderful Elemis deal, the Elemis four-piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Aging Radiant Skin collection. I’m looking forward to launching it for Beauty Day at midnight Saturday. It’s goes on sale earlier in the week, so look out for it.

Next week – a garden party, a special occasion, time to go out! I won’t know what to do with myself! Look out for the photos next week. 🙂

Best wishes,


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  1. I am asking you cos you are so kind and helpful. Can you tell me is Catherine Huntley ok? Concerned cos haven’t seen a message from 19th July. Thank you.

  2. Hi debs congratulations on your 3rd grandchild how old are your other 2 now hope you are well iam not bad.
    Have agood day

  3. Hello Debbie, yes please could u let us know if Catherine Huntley is ok. She hasn’t posted anything in her stories since May I believe & haven’t heard anything about whether she is well if her mum is ok or if she has left QVC . The same thing happened when we didn’t see Jill Frank’s for a few months. I do hope u can let us all know. And love reading ur stories & ur recommendations as wat to watch on the t.v & the books ur reading. And loving the new Ruth’s heart jumper. Looks great on u! Best wishes,XXX.

  4. Hi Debbie always enjoy reading your blog and keeping up to date with your lovely family. Can you tell me where your daughter’s beautiful moon and star necklace is from, I love it and collect moon and star jewellery. Kind regards to you all.

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