The Lion, the Blake and the Wardrobe

Yes, it’s true. My three and a half-year-old granddaughter is obsessed with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Have any of you not seen it already? She loves the film and even ‘drew’ what she said were pictures of the characters in the card for my birthday. So when cousin Evie came to stay at the weekend with my lovely little Blake, we whisked them straight off to the nearby Banstead Woods where there is a nature trail incorporating wooden sculptures of three of the characters. The witch is opposite the wardrobe, I’ve mentioned it before, but this was such a lovely shot, I thought I would feature it this week. Plus, after watering the flower beds, bathtime and a play on the balcony, we watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks as well!

We had such a lovely time, I was absolutely shattered by Sunday when it was time to take them home – as you can imagine! Wonderful memories to look back on when she is grown, though. Looking forward to next time, which should be 12th.


No wonder I needed this after that hectic weekend! A lovely brand of candles et cetera, using powerful ingredients and distinctive, gorgeous aromatherapy fragrances. I have gone for the Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm called Love, which reminds me of a fragrance I used to use when I was in my late teens/early 20s, called ‘Cinnabar’. Remember that one? Anyway, I rub it on my pulse points and it smells amazing. Great ideas for gifts so check out the range here.

Other highlights this week – look out for the new Dyson vacuum cleaner, we are the first to have it! See below. Plus a new product from Gatineau this coming weekend, and the most incredible new Tili set on Monday!


Shyama’s book club

I’ve mentioned the books we have been reading over the past few months, but so far it’s all been on Zoom and we haven’t met up. Well, we put that right this week when I visited pal Shyama and a few of the other girls. A lovely buffet lunch plus some good chat and a review of another ‘thin’ book, called We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I’m going to finish reading it, as I didn’t do my “homework” in time for the get together, (!) and while some people loved it, some people absolutely didn’t. Same as normal then, really. 🙂 But apparently it’s got a fabulous twist in it!

Two doggies were there, including this cute apricot one called Tuppence (half poodle!) having a cuddle with my friend. I even got the group to agree to make the next month’s book choice Joanna Cannon’s Breaking and Mending!  Lovely see my old friend. I have known Shyama since 1990, so that’s some long friendship! Hope to see each other again soon and not leave it so long this time!

Rapeseed oil intolerant

We had some lovely food at book group, most of it quite simple, which is quite handy really, because of what happened this week – I had a recurrence of something that happened to me last summer. So I now have to look even more carefully at the ingredients when I choose food, it seems! Had a really bad bout of jippy tummy again, just like I had last August, when I was drinking lots of a barista oat milk, which I realised has tons of rapeseed oil in it. Having researched how bad it can be for your gut, I immediately began to feel back to normal. Swapped to milk that has just oats and water, and the upset went away… until this week. Turns out the offending ingredient was also in the egg mayonnaise that I’d been I gobbling up this week! It’s everywhere! Certain salad creams and sauces also contain it, and it’s a well-known ingredient in some vegan recipes, which I like. I will be more vigilant in future. Just watch in years to come, when they suddenly announce people should stop eating it. I’d bet money on it.

Patrick Hoy ahoy!

How delighted was I, when filling in this week for someone who was ill, to find myself on air not only having a fun show with Jenny Blackhurst (doing the stylish Phase Eight Today’s Special Value top), but also with one of my favourite people in the world at both 9 o’clock and midnight – none other than my old friend, Patrick Hoy! We realised it had been absolutely ages since we did a show together, but now that he is doing generic shows too, not just Quacker Factory, we are blessed to have him on more often. He is so knowledgeable. Do watch one of his shows, you’ll see what I mean. He’s on again soon with the wonderful Quacker Factory garments for a special, so check out the TV Guide. We did the rest of the 9pm show and went to have a coffee and a catch-up. An hour of non-stop nattering later, and we had put the world to rights and still have so much more to say. Such a pleasure and such a lovely guy. Check out Quacker Factory here and Phase Eight here.

Plus, do have a look here at the wonderful fashion shoots that our talented stylist Stine did recently, with fellow presenter Eilidh and with fab fashion guest Katie Pemberton. I always feel too self-conscious when I have to do things like this, 🙂 so I’m guessing it will be quite a while before I do any, ha ha.


People have been talking about the Davina menopause program on Channel 4, so I’m determined to see it at some point. (Not sure if I would ever take HRT though.) That may be worth a watch.

Also, lots of people have been recommending The Pact. So I’ve got that on my list. Devious goings-on after a night out mean trouble for women with a secret working in a company when the boss’ son disappears, I think. Looking forward to it!

Podcast – Meg Matthews and all about the menopause this week and some of her super ladies’ products. And don’t forget to check out Alex Kramer‘s blog as well, for her own related story. Listen on Monday when Will talks with Dr Esho. You can find all the podcasts here.

Vlog – this week I want you to go here, because Tommy Cross has done some incredibly entertaining, informative, quirky garden videos, including for one of our brands, Greenworks, which I posted about this week. Funny! And check out my post on my page on Monday at 12.09 pm, with a video of a walk in the Narnia woods!

Book of the week

Time for Jackie Kabler‘s latest book, the follow-up to The Perfect Couple – her bestseller. The Happy Family follows the return of a long lost disappeared mother and the daughter’s attempts to rebuild the relationship as strange things start happening… Really looking forward to it and have bought the audiobook! Comes out on the 4th!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the lovely Lola Rose semi-precious strand necklace called Oscy, it’s 150cm so really long, you can double it easily without needing to undo anything. And it’s in some beautiful colours.

Also depending on the time you get this, you may just about see my 3pm practical ideas with Dyson hour, if not, do have a look online as you will hopefully see my first airing of the new Dyson Micro, which is a 1.5 kg new cordless vacuum cleaner. So light, perfect for the car, for lifting up high, and particularly for flat floors, as it has one of the fluffy heads. I can’t wait to show you my experiments with it next week! Assuming it’s still available… it is supposed to be, as we are the first to have it in a special launch with Dyson. Got to love your favourite shopping channel, haven’t you?

By the way, I’ve actually got a really long shift on Friday, including Fashion on Friday at 5pm with Artscapes and the lovely Carla Laszlo, can’t wait! Then later on, I launch this:

Saturday – already on sale, so go here to see and buy it, the Ruth Langsford beaded motif two pack of T-shirts, one plain and one with an elaborate heart beaded emblem on the front.

Look out for my social media where I will post a picture of me wearing it as I launch it at 9pm Friday. I also have the Saturday night 9pm launch of…

Sunday – …the brand-new Amazon TSV. This is an unbelievable value set of two HD7 Amazon Fire tablets, with SD cards and cover vouchers. Two! Cannot wait as I will be with my telly hubby, Lee Hohbein, and I do love me a bit of tech! Plus another long shift (so many people are away!), including the 6pm health and fitness hour with Theragun, the amazingly effective massage device that I love

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Moda in Pelle Periar wedge sandals
Hollywood Browzer four-piece dermaplaning kit
Attitudes by Renee Como Jersey sleeveless maxi dress and cardigan
Michele Hope 3/4 sleeve printed lace cardigan with jersey V-neck camisole set
Simple Human sensor mirror trio with touch-control brightness
FlavorStone Diamond 24cm deep square pan with lid and accessories
Multi-function 4m retractable dog lead
Tili PRO LED Anti-Ageing Hot & Cold Facial Toning device
Percy & Reed Give Me Strength Hair and Scalp Regime

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 6th at midnight:
Carole Hochman Tropical Cheetah luxe jersey kaftan
Percy & Reed Give Me Strength Hair and Scalp Regime
Silk’n USB rechargeable Pedi Vacuum callus remover with addidtional heads
Stylsmile Ultimate Whitening Kit

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday –  Tili seven-piece Complete Skincare collection is here. Take a little sneaky peek at it with my unboxing video, I was well chuffed! Not only some of my favourite items like Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and Alpha H Liquid Gold, but just look at the colour scheme… And this beautiful bag! Almost as if it’s made for me. 🙂

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Tuesday – going on sale earlier here, the Tan-Luxe two-piece Super Glow Hyaluronic Serum supersize collection. And a really good price! I think this is their slightly speedier self-tan fluid, so if you’re feeling pasty, don’t miss it!

WednesdayModa in Pelle return, this time with a trainer called the Fizzali.

Thursday – the Dannii Minogue printed tiered midi dress is here in a petite and a regular length, and it goes on sale early. Made of poly with elastane, it’s very, very pretty and it looks like it will suit curves. I can’t wait to try one.

Friday – a big SBC four-piece Acids collection, sounds exciting! I will not be back on the telly box until the Sunday.

Friday 9pm – oh and standby for a brilliant new launch from Gatineau featuring Age Benefit in the Regenerating Skincare five-piece collection… Looks fabulous! I will report back mid-week probably!

Next week – I will be back down in Devon for another retreat. Look out for my vlogs from the Devon country lanes! And #Thursdaybantz from my lovely echoey Devon kitchen!

Best wishes and have a great week,


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Have a nice time in Devon. I’m glad you’re able to get back there again after putting so much into it. Didn’t know Patrick is on more now but did know you like putting the world to right! Maybe you should go into politics to put it into practise! Mind you I think there’s never an easy fix and you’re damned if you do, or don’t. Just my thoughts!
    Safe trip.
    Susan x

    1. Yes I love working with Patrick and I know exactly what you mean about dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t! He is in a lose lose situation whatever he chooses that’s for sure 🙂 X

  2. Hi Debbie please can you tell me if the bonova shoes are a wide fit? Having trouble with arch pain so need arch support footware…..urgently.

    1. Trish, I would recommend Vionics for arch support before anything else, have you tried them? The bonova are – so far- quite a wide fit but not super wide if you see what I mean. I don’t know enough about them yet based on one pair. I got given the 42 and they were little bit long but they fitted me with twice (7 1/2 EE Clarks)

  3. Debbie, how do we wash the spongy device that comes with the Theragun? there are no instructions on how to wash it or remove the head to put a new one one.

    Love reading your posts.

    1. Hi Pat, to remove it you just pull it, that’s what the guest did. And to wash it I would say gentle soapy water.
      What does that help? If not please email me info at debbieflint. com (my public email on my website) and I will do my best

  4. Hello Debbie,
    I love reading your blog each week. It must take a lot of work, but it’s always so full of interest. Thank you!

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