Tommy’s first crush and a big Sealy deal!

First, don’t miss this weekend’s incredible deals including the new Sealy mattress and divan, with the biggest saving we have ever done! I launch it tonight (Friday 24th) at 9pm and it’s on all day Saturday or while stocks last. I love my Sealy mattresses and will be buying a new one for my new flat in Banstead! (Go here now to see and buy it!)

Secondly, the Elemis summer deal is also here with the wonderful British Botanical fragrance for the bodycare, plus cleanser, serum and moisturiser – includes the Overnight Matrix, which is £92 on its own! It really is an incredible offer. Again go here and you will be able to buy it now, ahead of Sunday’s Today’s Special Value – it’s already getting five-star reviews!

Tommy’s confession

(See the top picture!)

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but the first day that handsome Tommy Cross, our gardening guy, ever came up to me at QVC in the corridors, he said “Debbie Flint! I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for ages!” Well, I was very flattered, as you can imagine 🙂

“Oh,” I said, doing a bit of ‘cos I’m worth it’ with my hair… “Yes,” he added, “you read my birthday card out when I was six…!” 🙂

That took the wind out of my sails, I can tell you! But we have become good friends. After that, he explained that he was a Forces’ baby, on BFPO bases when I was a Forces’ sweetheart, reading out the birthday cards to the kids from their daddies away on maneuvers. We went live on SSVCTV from 1991 as a result of the first Gulf War, and I still have people sometimes saying to me now that they remember me and my colleagues introducing the children’s programs, which we used to play out in Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands on the army bases. When I saw him for a show recently, he told me that I was his first crush… aged 6! Ha ha.

Garden goodies

Tommy has some fabulous products though, and we were selling the Greenworks lawnmower at a brilliant price for a 41cm cut. I love mine that I bought from Tommy a couple of years ago, it’s made the garden so much easier in Devon. (Not that I’m there as much nowadays – the holiday lets are going well though. My presenter pal Julia goes down there with her family early August too!) Tommy also has a new pressure washer to look out for soon, and we do lots of other garden devices as well, check out the garden tools range here and remember everything comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Talking of nostalgia and previous presenting jobs, I had a call from a guy called Alistair who works on the Doctor Who magazine this week. What is my connection with Doctor Who, I might hear you ask? Well, in 1990, I worked on a program called 31 West (the position of the satellite in the sky on BSB, which used to have a squarial rather than a sky dish. Remember squarials?) Well, in September 1990, we did a whole weekend about Doctor Who programs, back in the days when we didn’t really used to have repeats much. It was called 31 Who and in between the re-runs of old Doctor Who shows, we had new programming, interviews with Doctor Who helpers and experts, plus some of the Doctor Whos. It’s become quite a cult event in the Doctor Who world apparently, and they are going to run a feature in September to celebrate the 30th anniversary. 30 years. My goodness. Well, I guess I did it when Lauren was about nine-months-old, so that adds up! Here’s one of the pictures I found, and if you search 31 Who or BSB or 31 West on YouTube you will find some of the clips!


Dress of the week

I have a new dress brand crush! Perceptions has become a firm favourite. Very flattering for feminine curves, for instance, like this one I wore recently. Very comfortable and got lots of compliments! Just needed some pockets ha ha. Check out the Perceptions range here, and get this dress while it’s only £34.98.

Decked in a chair

Here’s another one from last week in Hastings – having fun with mum and sister at the caravan site!

Beans meanz vitz!

Well, the crop has started well and truly flourishing, and this freshest of fresh plateful of runners and French beans this week was my favourite. I picked them, put them straight in the pan after washing and ate them a few minutes later. Absolutely delicious and packed full of vitamins and goodness. The only thing is, I got a bit too enthusiastic during lockdown and now have tons of runner bean plants… and some of them are about six or seven feet tall… in pots! Not sure how I will transport them to my new place, which has a 30 foot balcony. But in the meantime I will enjoy their bumper fayre.

Here is an extra live Facebook post I did from the back garden one afternoon when it was just beautiful and I wanted everyone to join in 🙂 (Oh and don’t forget we still do my Thursday night catch-up live posts on my Facebook page – featuring singing, book and film reviews and chat. I call it #Flintsthursdaybantz!)

Ziggy helps around the house

And talking of said dog, he is so clever. My brother Glenn keeps teaching him new tricks! Well he is not an old dog yet, just six-months-old 🙂 Here is the latest one… Clever boy.

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page


Well, so much to choose from this week. I watched ‘The Secret She Keeps’, and it was good, including a double meaning for the title! I won’t give it away… but then I felt like something with period drama. So I watched ‘The Duchess’, a movie, on catch-up. Really liked it. I love that era anyway, with performances by Keira Knightley among others and sumptuous wardrobe and scenery. Thank goodness everything has changed since those days when women couldn’t do anything without a man’s say so! This is about her character, the Duchess of Devonshire, and how she tried to strike out for independence – a bit – back in the day. Highly recommended film though.


Just loved listening to Will talking to Fiona from Decleor this week, including how and where she used to treat celebrities! Go here to listen to the podcasts and look out next week for Kim from Kim & Co.

By the way, one of the best deals we have was in our show last week, the seven-piece Summer Hamper (242243). Incredible value because the Neroli Aromessence alone is over £50, and the summer solutions must-have, Cica-Botanic balm, is £35. Get the whole lot at the moment for £51! I am very glad I stocked up on a special offer for my favourite of all time, the White Magnolia Aromessence Serum, which is usually £77 and currently on waitlist only. It sold out very quickly but now I have some to last me quite awhile. Shop the whole range here.

Tweet of the week

Look what Michael Perry Has been up to, what a good idea!

Book of the week

Finally, a book of the week, and I must say I have some very talented writing friends. Merryn Allingham has released several period novels – regency as well as wartime. The latest is more modern, called Venetian Vendetta, and is part of the Tremayne Mysteries series. It is set in romantic Venice and involves the mystery of a death at the opera. Venice seems to be as sinister as it is beautiful… She has some fabulous descriptions of this beautiful city, the characters are great and the story well thought out as always! Best of all there is a really strong heroine. She remains true to herself, with a little Nancy Drew vibe going on. I’ve worked out that I can get my Alexa to read my Kindle books now as well. It takes a little longer as sometimes it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for when I’m working round the house at home! Enjoy.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – it’s Christmas in July, don’t miss the Auraglow set of three rechargeable lamps with gift boxes, and the Christmas programming through the day, including Andi Peters Food Fest late morning! Then I will see you for…

SaturdaySealy return with the best deal we have ever done, less than half price! Either mattress or mattress and divan base, choices of size, the 1500 springs GelTex deep pillow top is going to be on five Easy Pay and will be delivered on the day of your choice in a few weeks time. (They take the upmost care to deliver with Covid regulations in mind, and will still assemble and take away all packaging and your old bed. Please note they will take the payment initially, and then refund it by means of a check that they’ve got the right account.) Can’t wait to get my new place to sleep on my new one I’m ordering for myself! Can’t resist, can I? 🙂 It’s best bed I’ve ever slept on. Go here to see and buy.

Sunday – as mentioned above, Elemis is back with a Pro-Collagen and British Botanical six-piece collection, also available right now to see and buy, and I hope there’s some left for my 7pm show! I also have the midnight launch on Saturday night.

Also watch out on Sunday night at 8pm for a new jewellery range called Ceramic. I always have fun with guest Lee Clark and I’m looking forward to that hour.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Philip Kingsley three-piece Flaky Itchy Scalp Hydrating collection
Homedics UV-Clean portable sanitiser
Crafter’s Companion the Ultimate Christmas Compendium
Hay’ou Restore and Reset collection
Yankee Candle two Large Jars
iFrogz Airtime Truly Wireless earbuds and charging case

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 26th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Sensica Sensilift Mini anti-ageing firming device with serum
KitchenAid seven-speed hand mixer
Spotlight Whitening 1 Hour Express teeth whitening strips and toothpaste

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayMonday and Tuesday it’s all about our big Summer Sale. The California Innovations set of four foldable insulated market totes are the TSV.

Tuesday – my lovely friend Alison Cork is back with her pin-tuck velvet bedspread with satin reverse. Always an incredible way to create that luxury in your bedroom, transforming it easily and quickly. I launch it at midnight Monday.

Wednesday – I am very impressed with the Aqua Laser three-piece duster set with extendable handle and four microfibre cloth set. You can never have too many microfibre cloths, I think. And these are fluffy and effective! Going to have a good old clean up.

Thursday – lockdown favourite Color Wow  are back with a three-piece Dream Regime! Good time to stock up.

Friday – it’s a Kim & Co Brazil jersey sleeveless twist-front jumpsuit with pockets, and in different lengths. A fabulous price for this brand as well. Plus I have Prai and Australian Bodycare at 11 pm Friday (31st).

Friday 9pm – how exciting! The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner, the Animal version, is back in a Today’s Special Value deal. It’s the top of the range, and easily does the job of an upright, even though it’s cordless. Always a really super competitive price, and I think it will go very well in my new flat… Gosh so many things to buy!

Next week – I am off back down to Devon to do some sorting out, look out for the vlogs when I walk down the Devon country lanes, I try to do them every day when I’m down there :-). Meanwhile, have fun!

Best wishes,


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