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Hello, I hope you are all well and managing to enjoy this late summer sunshine. It’s a welcome surprise and much-needed. In my blog this week, I am keen to share with you some interior inspiration from the QVC brand, My Home Stories, and how I’ve styled the pieces in our house.

I’ve always loved interiors and building a theme for a room. I think my love of fashion and styling plays a big part in this and the two often go hand-in-hand. In our home, we have quite an eclectic mix of styles and each room has a different feel, as you’ll be able to see in the following photos. Both myself and Elliot love the Art Deco period and mid-century modern, and then mixing our own pieces in between to personalise it. In our house we have chosen to be bold with the colour of the walls and wallpaper, its been a lot of fun and some risk-taking too!

At QVC, we have some fantastic designers such as Alison Cork, Culinary Concepts, Amanda Holden’s Bundleberry collection, K by Kelly Hoppen, JM by Julien MacDonald and then the new range My Home Stories. I am focusing on My Home Stories in this blog, but you will see other pieces in the photos that will be hyperlinked, so its nice and easy to click on the name and be taken right to the QVC page. The range is new and you can only buy it here at QVC. To me, the furniture has a modern style with an Art Deco influence, with velvet upholstery and gold toned tipped legs on both the chair and matching foot stool.

The velvet arm chair has a wonderful soft curved fan or oyster-style back and smooth rounded arms. Its beautifully made and sturdy too. It comes in a choice of Charcoal, Emerald Green, Pink, Spiced Orange and Teal. I’ve styled the Spiced Orange. It was so easy to find a place and I moved it around the house to try the chair in different rooms to show you.

In the first picture, I’ve put it in our dining room bay window and in one of the alcoves. We have very bold colours in this room and wallpaper with orange fish and teal ferns, so the Spiced Orange was a perfect match. We wanted this room to feel like you would be taken on a journey and escape, if you like. Its filled with fun pieces from a neon cactus, a sparkly skull, a silver pineapple and then tonnes of random framed pictures on one wall. We love this room and having the chair in it suddenly made the room feel complete and much more accessible as a place to relax and not just eat. It works so well as a reading chair and, as you can see in this photo, I love nothing better than to sit down and read the Oxford English dictionary after a long hard day at work, he-he.

Next, I moved upstairs to see what it would look like in our bedroom. We have two blue feature walls and have opted for a minimal look. It was important to us to keep our bedroom clutter-free. Again, I love the contrasting colours of the orange against the deep blue. I’ve also added the faux succulents in ceramic mosaic that come from the same range. This look is very fashionable at the moment and the fact that they are faux means easy up-keep! I really like the variation between the plants and the pots are very well made. The price is exceptionally good too.

The faux succulents make a great addition to styling and can be subtly in the background to add personality to your decor, or you can make them much more of a feature, as I’ve done in the following photos.

I also put them in our bathroom and loved how effectively they filled some of the dead spaces such as the windowsill and along the shower floor. They gave the room a sense of life too.

I should add that everything comes so well-packed and the plants themselves are very life-like and extremely well made.

Finally, I’ve added another couple of shots to show how I’ve used my Auraglow rope lights. I’ve always liked the look of small lights coiled in a glass lantern or vessel and for me this adds a lovely warm glow in our living room, which is again a bold colour.

We painted the whole room in dark forest green. I often feel this needs to be illuminated more and needs more light, which is why the K by Kelly Hoppen mirror works so well. It’s a big bold statement mirror but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Its sunray spokes maintain a lightness, and of course, the mirror acts as a great light reflector.

Some of the other pieces you may have noticed in the photos are:



I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little tour of some of our rooms and maybe have even been a little inspired too. Please feel free to drop me a line here if you’ve got any questions about the pieces. I think QVC offer a very comprehensive and well-chosen selection of homeware and decor, and is one of my favourite places to look for new furnishings in the house.

I often have little updates on my Instagram account and you can also contact me there @eilidhnairnTV or through the QVC Whattsapp QR code (on screen throughout the shows). You can click on the above link where it says QR code and it’ll take you to the page at I love hearing from you all.

Until then take the very best of care of each other and yourselves.


Eilidh xx


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  1. wow wow wow, !
    What an amazing colour scheme you have in your house, so much better than the rather boring grey’s that seem to be fading away now.
    I love the mirror too, i’m not really a sparkly person , so the J M mirrors are not me at all, but this one is fabulous. I do like lantern’s though and lights in vases etc. Well it all looks stunning , may have to pinch a few ideas here.
    Bye for now
    Kathy. x

    1. Thank you so much Kathy, it’s really nice to hear how people like to decorate. I love playing with themes and I’m so pleased so e of these have inspired you. That’s a huge compliment!
      Eilidh xx

  2. Hi Eilidh

    What a lovely home you have, you have inspired me to add a pop of colour in my front room.I going to buy the arm chair in the emerald green.
    Take care
    Janine x

  3. Hi Janine,
    I’m so pleased I have been able to inspire you a little 😁and thank you. I think you’ll love the chair. If I had the space I’d have 3 or 4 in different colours. The emerald green is beautiful!
    Eilidh xx

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