Get that spring feeling!

Spring is finally here! It’s so uplifting to see all the little shoots in the garden start to pop up and the flowers begin to blossom, not to mention the days getting longer. I love seeing the grey winter sky start to warm up with golden orange hues.

I thought this week it would be a great opportunity to share with you some gardening offers and photos from our garden too! Having moved into the new place only a few months ago, we are still waiting to find out what is in the garden, for it to emerge and grow. You can see in the pics that it is in need of a good shovel full of TLC. Luckily, we, and I include young master Beau in this, love gardening!

We try to get out each day and do something. At the moment, we are in the phase of clearing, weeding and discovering what the garden actually looks like. Beau loves helping us water plants and rake leaves. He especially love to carry his buckets about and offer them to us to fill up.

I have an admission to make however, I am not what you call a naturally gifted gardener, despite having the qualifications that should make me a great gardener. For those of you who don’t know, I went to agricultural college in the borders of Scotland, I then went on to work on farms for years – my specialty was in training horses. Fast forward 25 years, I now feel quite at home on the gardening set at QVC! We work with an incredibly talented gardening team who are on hand to advise and share their knowledge. In fact, on Sunday 21st March, I have two gardening shows – one at 5pm with Plants2Gardens with the new Today’s Special Value 5 x 9 Dianthus Million Kisses Collection (look out for item number 718540), the other at 7 pm, which is a garden makeover show.

Let’s talk about the TSV. You get a collection of 5 x 9 hardy Dianthus, and the complete Dianthus Million Kisses collection that features the brand new ‘I Love U’ variety with its colour-changing double flowers.

The five varieties are: Pink Kisses, Early Love, Purple Wedding, Peach Party and I Love U, and there’s  a wide range of colours and flower types, including single and double flowers, fragrance, colour-changing flowers and unique flower forms.

I’ve included some photos to get an idea of how they look. I love the variety of soft pinks with delicately frilled petals. They flower from June to September.

Plants2Gardens founder and owner Ken says “everyone can have beautiful garden,” so join us on Sunday to learn from Ken about how we care for these blooms and how we can get our gardens spring and summer-ready. I’m certainly looking forward to learning more from our experts. Our resident gardening expert Michael Perry will be on hand through the day so please feel free to tweet @eilidhnairntv with any questions you have for him.

I’m really excited to see how we can nurture and transform our garden into a beautiful place to spend time and for Beau to grow up in. Being outside and learning about nature is so important to me and I used to love helping my grandma in the garden when I was little. I remember she made little tiny fairy  houses in and around her flowers, and each morning of the holidays she’d take me outside to see if the fairies had been and what they had left. It was so wonderful, she would have adored Beau and I will carry on that tradition for him in the next years to come.

I hope you can join me on Sunday, take the very best of care.


Eilidh xx

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  1. Hi Eilidh,
    Such a lovely tradition to continue with Beau. Your grandma would be so proud I’m sure. He’s a handsome boy too. Enjoy your new house x

  2. Hi
    You were on a footwear show wearing a t shirt that had lips with the words love and kisses and you were wearing a gorgeous pair if semi rimmed dark top glasses.
    I have searched every where for some that look like thise but cant find any.
    Would you mind emailing me the make of them and perhaps where you got them from. This would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much

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