Happy New Year to you all! A new decade, wow

I could start this blog by reminiscing over the last ten years, but what I’d really like to begin with is by thanking you all for your continued support right from my start at QVC in 2015, all the way through my pregnancy with Beau. You were there to offer kind thoughts, advice and make me smile – as well as being there to welcome the little fella when he was born. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Rather than feeling like the end of a decade, the last few months of the year have very much felt like the start of something. My first few steps into motherhood have been incredible, beautiful, and often sleep deprived! It’s also been a time of laying roots – having spent a good few decades travelling, living in different countries and enjoying different careers, becoming a mum in my early forties might seem a little late for some – but for me felt just right.  But some things never change. I’ve always enjoyed a late night, whether it be socialising or during my days at Channel 5, and now with Beau and his fine appetite, I can really see how those late nights have paid off!

This year, Christmas was very family centred, which felt wonderful. Elliot and I have made some daring (ok, daft) decisions since having Beau, from going to Ikea in search of a nursing chair when Beau was only a week old, to hosting two Christmas parties within a week. One was for our NCT group, so we had eight babies in one room, (which was great when they were sleeping but chaos when they all decided to cry together!) and finally we invited our family over for Christmas dinner. It was great to see all four generations together in the same room. We had Grandpa Martin at 86-years-old, to little Beau Fox at 3-months-old.  We managed to cook up a traditional feast – very much helped by our dear friend Keith (and very much led by Elliot as I dashed off to feed Beau at frequent intervals!) It took me about 2 hours to finally eat my dinner. Beau had no clue what was going on, but loved the attention – especially all the extra cuddles and play time from his big brother, Errol, who is absolutely wonderful with him.

I really do hope that 2020 is a year full of enjoyable occasions and lovely people for you all, and with that I wish health and happiness to you too. I also look forward to sharing Beau’s progress and returning to the QVC family… stay tuned in January for more updates on when that will be.

For now, I’m sending you lots of love from the Nairn-Russo house and a happy New Year.


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    1. Morning Maureen, thank you for your msg. I’m actually returning today at 3pm and 6pm on Style. Hope you can tune in .Take care and keep warm its freezing out .xx

    1. Morning Karel, I’m actually returning today at 3pm and 6pm on Style. :-)Hope you can tune in .Take care and keep warm its freezing out .xx

  1. First of all I like to wish you and your family a happy new year 🥳 and your gorgeous baby photo are beautiful 😘 xx miss you on QVC hope to see you sometime in the future x Trish

    1. Morning Trish and thank you for your lovely msg.I love receiving messages and i sorry of i don’t get a chance to always reply. I’m actually returning today at 3pm and 6pm on Style. Hope you can tune in .Take care xx

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