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Hello again, and thanks for stopping by to read my blog this week.

It’s been a very busy last couple of weeks, mainly to do with home improvements. We have been working really hard in the garden to revive it and have planted lots of bright flowers, plus, I’ve been creating a little hideaway den for Beau in this beautiful little part of the garden. I’ve also been trying out some new haircare and taking a little time to chill out with a gorgeous candle and balm set from Scentered.

Let me show you the garden first. We moved in December 2020, so to be fair, no garden looks at it best then, but by slowly chipping away at it each weekend and now that the weather is slightly warmer, we can spend more time in the evenings tending to it. We replanted a Mock Orange tree, and with love, care and Flower Power by Richard Jackson, it’s taken very well to its new side of the garden. More recently, we have planted lavender plants and honeysuckle to help attract the bees, and one of my favourite plants – hydrangeas! I love their full, round, pom-pom-like heads, and how soft the colour of the petals are.

In our garden, I must say Elliot is head gardener, and I am more of the one who likes to weed and clear areas of rubble and old branches. Then there’s Beau, who is chief plant waterer! He loves nothing more than to water the plants with his own little watering can and has also discovered the joys of running under the hose when we are watering the garden. 

In these pictures, he was wheeling his little wheelbarrow around that had water in it, and then all of a sudden, he picked it up and put the whole thing on his head! Water and all!

This month was also Elliot’s birthday, which was great fun, as we were able to meet with Beau’s big brothers Joel and Errol, plus Joel’s girlfriend, Adele. We were able to be outside together and enjoy a lovely walk to the local sculpture park. I had also baked a birthday cake, which didn’t last long! It was a delicious lemon cake with mascarpone filling. Helped by my soux chef Beau, of course.

I’ve also been taking a little time to unwind in the evenings with these beautiful candle and balm sets from a fabulous company called Scentered. They use 100% natural ingredients and believe in the wellbeing of the mind and loving those around us, which is a wonderful mindset. The set I tried comprises a candle to burn and a balm that you can rub over your pulse points. I have the Sleep Destress collection and I just loved how the fragrance fills the room and leaves it smelling beautiful and full of the aromatherapy notes. I am a huge fan of scented candle and particularly these. This would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a friend.

The other little gem that I’ve recently found is from another fairly new brand to QVC, We are Paradox. They have a small but powerful selection on the website. The company have great ethics and do their bit to be as environmentally-conscious wherever possible.

The set I’ve been using is Cleanse and Condition two-piece collection. The first thing you’ll notice with this company is the very contemporary packaging, which I love. The silver tin and pump bottle look great in the bathroom, but its what’s in them that’s the exciting part. The tin is a body and scalp scrub. Have you ever scrubbed your scalp before? This Celtic sea salt scrub is infused with lavender oil, copper and zinc and smells gorgeous. I loved the feel on my skin and afterwards it felt beautifully soft and cared for. When applied onto damp skin, the scrub melts into a creamy texture combined with the salt flakes, making it a perfect scrub. The Repair 3-in-1 Conditioner is a lightweight yet effective formula that can be used as a conditioner, leave-in treatment or a finishing balm. It’s enriched with hazelnut and coconut oil extracts.

The first thing I noticed about my hair after using the set was how clean and free of build-up it felt. The shine was fabulous and smelt wonderful too. I would highly recommend giving them a try.

That’s it for this week’s blog, I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday and if you love gardening, then please tune into my gardening shows with our gardening expert Michael Perry, this Saturday May 1st at 9am.

Until next time, take care and stay well.


Eilidh xx

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  1. I ejoyed reading about your garden in fact I enjoyed reading about all of it this is the first time Ive read your blog and hopefully it won’t be the last and that birthday cake looked yummy I’m interested in the hair scrub and conditioner is it for all ages and hair type etc as I’m 76 years would it be OK for. Me love Linda x

  2. Hi Eilidh your hair looks gorgeous, very shiny. Your little boy is gorgeous too, he is blonder every week. The cake looks delicious XXX

  3. Lovely photos Eilidh,the garden looks beautiful.I love your choice of plants,colour and fragrance are what make a garden so special.You’ve done really well saying you only moved in December!Im moving in July and the garden will be a blank canvas to transform.Love your top in the last photo.Xxx

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