There’s no stopping the boy now!

Hello and thanks for reading my blog again this week, and if you’re a new reader, thank you for taking an interest. I normally write about my family life outside of QVC, fashion (because I love all things clothes and shoes), sometimes a bit of beauty and often snippets on the food that I’ve been making and baking.

This week I am going to cover a bit of fashion, family life and few heads up on some very good deals. We have some big news in the Nairn-Russo house. Baby Beau Fox has started crawling! Oh yes, the house is now beginning to take the form of a giant soft play pen as we cushion sharp edges, gated off stairs and protect plug sockets. It is incredible to see Beau scoot along the floor like a wind-up toy. He loves it and is thoroughly delighted that he can be independent. He also loves to sit in the garden, pulling at blades of grass and mulling over random daisies. The days of carrying him around peacefully like a wee baby are rapidly slipping away. I really understand why people say they grow up before you know it. Beau also had his first bike ride this week. More on that later…

I wanted to mention a few of my favourite fashion pieces at the moment. In my last blog, I touched on the fact that despite us not being allowed to go out anywhere social, we can still feel good at home. Maybe its not realistic to dress up to the nines every day, I am usually in my banana and porridge smeared PJs until around 12pm. But perhaps once or twice a week, putting a bit of make-up and a nice outfit is more achievable. So I’ve chosen two outfits that have made me feel good. The item numbers are below if you feel inspired to treat yourself.

Here I am wearing double denim. Fear not! The idea of wearing two styles and colours of denim has been revived and we can wear combinations with confidence without feeling like an extra from an 80’s music video (although secretly I’d love to be in ones of those videos.) For me, this outfit is a cute take on casual, because of the slogan tee and the light denim jacket. The heels make it more fancy, but pop a pair of your favourite Moda in Pelle pumps on or Skechers street trainers and that works just as well.

Jacket: Women with Control My Wonder jacket (173338)
Jeans: Monsoon Nadine regular jeans in Indigo (182276)
T-shirt: WULI:LUU by Gok Wan “Tough Stuff” slogan tee (183580)
Shoes: Marc Fisher Dapple court shoe (180965)

The next one is somewhere between a smart casual day or evening look. I just adore these MarlaWynne trousers. They really could be worn with an athleisure style paired with dress trainers, perhaps a style from Bronx, or as I’ve done with the leopard print  Marc Fisher courts.

Trousers: MarlaWynne pull-on crepe trousers (182628)
Jumper: Little Mistress textured jumper (182762)
Headband: my own

Both of these looks made me feel great and that I’d made an effort, even if it was just for a few hours. I generally don’t wear much make-up, if any at all, at home especially as it would just smear on Beau and I’d end up looking like a clown, but when I do, I feel great. It’s amazing how wearing some red lippy can really lift your spirits! Talking of beauty and make-up, we often have some of our big brands in our weekly Big Deals. Check this link for the upcoming deals next week. We have an incredible deal on a James Read three-piece Sleep and Glow Gradual Tan collection and some lovely bath delights from Molton Brown.

I am going to round this week’s blog up with a final picture of Beau in his favourite new hat. His very first cycle helmet!

Last week, we fitted a child’s seat to the back of my bike as we love cycling. We are, of course, being very careful and just go for a slow gently cycle in the quiet lanes by our house, but it has opened up a whole new world of two-wheeled travel for all of us.
I hope you are keeping well in this time. It’s been so lovely to have contact with you and please forgive me if I don’t respond immediately, but I will get back to you.
Lots of love,

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  1. Hi Eilidh, thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. I do enjoy reading them. I think Beau looks so much like his dad. Love the outfits that you are wearing. I will be purchasing a few of them. I have done lots of shopping over the last few weeks. I am so happy that Qvc and the team are there keeping us going during these sad times. Wishing you and all your family members all the happiness in the world. Antoinette

    1. Hello Antoinette, I hope you are well and thank you for your lovely message. It’s so lovely to receive. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, Beau life is so busy.
      Take the best of care.
      Eilidh xx

  2. Hi
    Lovely to see your lovely baby has started crawling
    Will keep you busy during this difficult times
    Enjoy being a mum it is the best job ever
    And time goes so quick
    Beat wishes
    Tracey nasli x

    1. Lovely to heat from you Tracey, I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by and how fast he is now. I hope your doing good.
      All my best.
      Eilidh xx

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