Time to pamper ourselves and loved ones

Hello and thank you for stopping to read my blog again, and if you’re new to my blogs, then welcome! I usually chat about lifestyle, home, fashion, food and bits and bobs from my home life. This week I’m going to write about pampering at home. If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you feel in the need of a bit of this.

There is no escaping the fact that we have had a tough, difficult and terribly sad run of time this year and as we start to emerge from this, there is a need and want to recover and treat ourselves a little. I’ve found that I’ve been doing this in various ways by baking cupcakes so that we have a little treat during the day or I’ve made little homemade toys for Beau so that I, sorry, I mean he, has something new to play with. All lovely, but is that “pampering”?

I am talking about an evening when you can soak in the bath with your favourite candles lit and glass of your favourite tipple (mine ranges from a glass of wine to sparkling water and orange juice… mainly the latter) or putting your hair in a restoring and repairing mask (if like me, you’ve not been to the hairdressers yet, you may need this asap). So how are we going to sort this out?

Help is at hand!

The team at QVC have put a lot of thought into this and come up with a whole range of super duper goodies for you and those who you love who could do with an extra little TLC. We are calling it Beauty at Home, online it will run until July 26th 2020. Your favourite big names are there, such as Elemis, Alpha-H, L’occitaine OPI, Margaret Dabbs, Laura Geller, Philip Kingsley and the list goes on. Click here for hundreds more offers, there are so many with three or four interest-free Easy Pay options too. Plus, you’re always going to get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. I know, even on beauty! Good isn’t it?

I have been trying for the first time this collection from Alpha-H. You may have heard of their award-wining bestselling Liquid Gold? In this set you get a 50ml bottle of Liquid Gold, a 50ml Daily Moisturiser and a 15ml Absolute Eye Complex. This set is ideal for helping your skin regain brightness, helping refine the appearance of enlarged pores and can be used as an overnight facial too. I loved this as soon as I used it. It goes on with a water-like consistency and absorbs immediately. I noticed that my skin definitely looked clearer and brighter, especially around my nose and mouth. Of course, everybody will have their own experience when using skincare, but for me, this felt great.

I also love the Absolute Eye Complex, which felt calming and soothing to my tired eyes – plus it can be used as a primer too. Great if you tend to get dark circles or uneven skin texture. You also get the SPF 50 Daily Moisturiser, which is lightweight and can be used as a make-up prepper. It contains aloe vera, hibiscus flower extract and hyaluronic acid.

For me, this set felt like I’d made a step in the right direction to helping my skin feel brighter and more soothed.

Nail alert!

If nails are the thing that you’ve been struggling with and your local salon hasn’t re-opened yet, then I can highly recommend trying Perfect Formula. They have a range of treatments to help you get your nails back to a healthy condition and stay stronger for longer. The great news here is that they have a Today’s Special Value coming out next Thursday 23rd July, the seven-piece Manicure Essentials collection (look out for item number 241941.)

The set is designed to help protect, brighten, and strengthen your nails. Look out for the before and after pics!

Here is what you get:

Four shades of the iconic Gel Coat that works to leave your nails feeling stronger and looking naturally brighter, My Favourite Top Coat that helps to create a high-gloss, fast-drying finish, Daily Moisture, a hydrating tonic that works to achieve longer, stronger, healthier-looking nails, plus a crystal nail file that helps to shape and  seal the nail edge, working to prevent snags and gnarly tips. I love these classic colours, they’re timeless and ideal for all occasions in my opinion. Look out for a great price on this one, but be quick!

The fashion bit

One of the many other things I love about QVC is that we have really talented people working in our fashion department, from our stylists to our models and guests, and of course, those who design their own collections here, especially for you. Ruth Langsford has her own superb range here (click on Ruth’s name to view collection.) Ruth is such a lovely and down to earth woman, and she works hard. Her range is full of classic wardrobe essentials, plus something with a swish and a swirl of dress up and feel good. Check out her cool faux leather jackets right through to her gorgeous summer dresses, like the one I have in the picture below: the belted midi dress. I have worn mine so often and just love how feminine and pretty it looks. I feel like a well put-together lady in it, which makes for a refreshing change from the banana and porridge-splogged top and shorts that I’m wearing as I write this blog, while Beau is napping. He thought breakfast would look funnier on mummy than on the spoon this morning.

Next week, I’lll post pics of my show with Gok Wan. He is super awesome too!

On that note, I’m off to continue doing the housework while the little fella sleeps. It would be lovely if you fancy tuning in to some of my shows. Here is a list of some of my times and dates in July: Friday 17th 11am, 12pm and 2pm; Saturday 18th 5pm, 7pm, 8pm; Monday 20th at 9am and 12pm; and Thursday 23rd at 3pm, 4pm and 6pm.

Please tweet in or Instagram me, both at eilidhnairntv, with any questions and hellos. I love to hear from you.

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.




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  1. Eilidh Always enjoy a good Relax Feet Up and Pamper Away !!! stay Safe and love to your Wonderful Family xx

  2. Hi Eilidh.Just watched your ‘Together’ fashion programme on 23/07 at 3pm.I love your dress.Is itavailable from QVC and can I see it online?

    1. Hi Edna,lovely to hear from you. The dress i was wearing was from the range I believe. Can you remind me what the design was again please.?It may have been from Live Unlimited. X

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