Enjoying the outdoors and a bit of pampering


Hope everyone is OK… brighter days really do seem to be ahead now, don’t they? I’ve had to take a few days of annual leave this week to use it up, as we can’t carry too many days over into next year (“next year”, for our leave begins on 1st April!), and even though I haven’t been able to go away of course, I’ve been getting out into the garden to do some spring planting, and enjoying a daily run as usual. This made me smile on my run up in the hills near my home in Gloucestershire the other day – isn’t it surprising how many people seem to lose just ONE glove? Amusingly, there seems to be a “Shrine to the Single Lost Glove” here; it really made me laugh to think of people finding random gloves and then holding on to them to add to this little display on a gate!

At work, we have some lovely pampering treats coming up as Today’s Special Value offers if you want to treat your hair and skin as we head into spring (oh – hair! I’ve tried everything to tackle my roots – blue shampoo, purple shampoo, toner – nothing has really worked, and I’ve only succeeded in making it look rather grey. I’m not planning to dye it myself – far too scared! – so it’s just a matter of holding on now until the salons open. I have an appointment booked for the 28th of April – bring it on!). Anyway, I digress. Friday 26th sees a fabulous offer from Tweak’d – a five piece Volumise & Restore set, which includes the moisturising Dhatelo Shampoo, Conditioner and Rejuvenating Oil, plus the yummy Coco-Nutty Cleansing crub and Volumising Clayditioner. It also rather nicely comes with three gift bags so you can share the collection (if you can bear to part with any of it).

Then on Sunday it’s the latest bumper offer from Gatineau. I thought I’d show you the Defilift 3D Toned Skincare Treatment Collection in a little video – it’s a goody!

That’s it for this week – see you soon! I’m back at work this weekend.

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    I love that photo you took of the gloves! It made me smile too! Why is it always one glove as you say?!
    Enjoy your rest x

    1. Hi Susan – I know, it’s so weird! It’s when I see one lost shoe that I really wonder though…!

  2. Hello Jackie,

    I have just watched your Health and well-being show today, while I did my Lock down walk on my Treadmill!! 😉

    I wanted to thank you for always including what is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians on any of your shows! its a big help!! 👏 Not all the presenters check for us!!

    Stay safe on your runs in beautiful Gloucester where I was born!!

    Best wishes,

    Liz x

    1. Hi Liz, I’m very glad to be of some help! And how nice to be able to watch TV from your treadmill, sounds ideal! I have one at home but it’s out in the “gym” (posh shed!) in the garden. Gloucestershire is indeed beautiful, lucky you to be born there. It’s definitely home for me now. Take care.
      Love Jx

  3. Hi Jackie, I was watching this morning on the gardening show and I must say your makeup was gorgeous . You looked lovely. Was your makeup from QVC I’d love to try your look if it is available. Always love to watch your shows you always seem to be interested in everything.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Sue, that’s very kind of you, especially as I’m still doing my make up myself for now and don’t always think I’m very good at it! I was wearing some lovely eyeshadow from IT Cosmetics (the round palette from their recent TSV) and I’m currently wearing Doll 10 T.CE. foundation and Laura Geller blusher. I’m so glad you enjoy the shows, thank you.
      Love Jx

    1. Hi Karen – thank you! And yes the top is from Monsoon and it’s coming to QVC in April so keep an eye out for it! It’s lovely.
      Love Jx

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