Time to sparkle with Diamonique Day


Just popping on today to give you a quick preview of the upcoming Diamonique Day here at QVC. It officially launches at 9 pm on Thursday 2nd September, and we will have fabulous, sparkling, glamorous shows all day on Friday the 3rd. I‘m such a big fan – I started buying Diamonique when I first joined QVC nearly nine years ago, and was absolutely blown away by the quality and the huge variety of styles. I still wear all the pieces I bought back then, and have added to my collection over the years; I probably wear a piece of Diamonique pretty much every single day, even if it’s just a pair of stud earrings.

So, what can you expect on the day? Well, we’ll be featuring the Diamonique collections from Michelle Mone, Tova and Dannii Minogue – all very different and all fabulous. We’ll also have shows featuring YOUR Diamonique favourites,  Platinum-Plated Diamonique and Vintage-Style Diamonique, among others, so hopefully there’ll be something to suit every taste and every budget.

I thought I’d pick out a few of my favourites from the day to feature here. In the photos above, I’m wearing the stunning panther pendant by Tova (347045) and the lovely, simple, simulated gemstone solitaire pendant (347075). I love layering necklaces, and I think these two go really well together.

Artfully draped over a plant pot (!) is another of my new favourites, the pave lock curb chain bracelet, and next to it is the leaf wrap ring(346934). The bracelet is delightfully chunky, and I love the detail on this beautiful ring.

And of course we’ll have a fabulous Today’s Special Value offer, which I will be launching in the 9 o’clock show on Thursday night. I hope you can join us, and maybe treat yourself to a little something. It’s almost certain that I’ll be doing the same!

That’s it for now.


Jackie x

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  1. You look great Jackie and so do the diamonique pieces. Hmmmmm 3rd Sept is my birthday so im sure a few pieces will find their way into my basket! LOL! Cant wait xx

  2. I have been buying diamonique for at least 26 years. The first one I brought was a watch lovely, but do not wear it much as back then setting was claws ( catches on clothes love it though).

  3. Diamonique, first item I purchased was in 14k gold a pair of stud earings and a ring, still buy today for myself and gifts, I love that after all the years it’s been on QVC they still come up with different designs.

  4. Hi Jackie, never messaged you before but I just had to let you know how much I loved your book The Happy Family, read it in under two days which for a slow reader like me is very fast! I was hooked from the first page and can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much. I kept reading till 4.30am in the morning, I was so engrossed. I’ve just started The Perfect Couple which I’m also really enjoying. My hubby of 34 years said he’s never saw me whizz through a book so fast, praise indeed. Luckily we were on holiday so I had plenty of time to read! What a great talent you have! Can I also just add I’m totally addicted to QVC. Many thanks Aileen

    1. Hi Aileen
      That’s so kind of you, thank you so much! And I’m delighted you also love QVC. I hope you had a lovely holiday – I’m off myself for a few days this week so “see” you soon and thank you so much for getting in touch!

  5. Hi Jackie just finished reading Happy Family another gripping tale looking forward to the next .Always look forward to seeing you on qvc

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much. I hope you’ve had a nice summer! Thanks for getting in touch and happy September!

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