Happy New Year!


So here we are… 2021 has dawned. Time to look forward and be hopeful that the situation we are all enduring might slowly improve, and in the meantime to distract ourselves with the little blessings that life brings, sometimes when we’re least expecting them. I know it’s January, but for some reason I didn’t actually expect snow over the past few days; that’s exactly what we got in Gloucestershire though, as I enjoyed a few days off after a working Christmas. Not deep snow, but snow nonetheless, followed by some bright frosty mornings – here are a couple of photos I took on my morning runs. Beautiful, eh?

Back to work now of course and this week we launched something very exciting at QVC – for the first time ever, it’s the Big QVC Giveaway! Once you’ve placed an order, and received your order number, just go to qvcwin.com and enter your details. You’ll then be able to spin a virtual wheel – there are a thousand prizes up for grabs, including Lulu Guinness handbags, Lola Rose jewellery, Bose speakers, KitchenAid coffee machines…the list goes on! And, very excitingly, you’ll also be automatically entered into the BIG prize draw, to win £10,000! All the details are online, and the giveaway runs until the 24th of January – go!

Another highlight of this week for me will be helping Ruth Langsford launch her latest Today’s Special Value offer. This time it’s a V-Neck Contrast Trim Jumper in a choice of five colours. I’ve already got my hands on the Pink and there’s also Navy, Warm White, Cappuccino and Sunset. We’ll be officially launching it on air this Friday 8th at 9pm but you can get ahead and order it HERE now! It’s a lovely cotton/viscose mix and comes in sizes XS to 3XL (mine is the small and I’m a size 12). Love it! Do join us on Friday night when it will be our usual girl’s night in with lots of fashion chat and fun.

That’s it for now – a very happy new year to you. As the song goes, “let’s hope it’s a good one…”

Much love,

Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie
    Love the photo`s you have posted you cannot beat an English winter morning with a frost and know that the sun will come out and it will be a beautiful day!
    I have always enjoyed walking and make sure that i get out every day i am usually on my own as i go a good pace to get me warm and get a bit of a workout.
    i have just ordered the pink Ruth Langsford jumper ,entered the spin to win won £20 of credit!! so have also ordered the cappuccino as well, almost buy 1 get one half price.
    look forward to the shows with Ruth later in the week as they are always fun to watch ,and make me smile.

    1. Hi Jackie
      Good to hear you’re getting out and about, and well done for winning on the wheel, that’s a nice little bonus! Happy new year and thanks for getting in touch. Glad you enjoy the Ruth shows too!

  2. Hi Jackie. Really looking forward to watching you and Ruth on Friday. A great start to the new year. You look fab in the pink jumper. I have already ordered the navy and cappuccino. I only discovered Ruth’s clothing range on QVC about 12 months ago but have bought many pieces since. Always great to watch the two of you. Just like a night in with my girl friends. I am not on social media so cannot tweet in during the shows. Please tell Ruth I would love the relaxed fit jeans in black or a darker blue. Looking forward to Friday. Helen

    1. Hi Helen, glad you enjoy the shows, we do too and it’s lovely to hear from you! I hope you like the jumpers and I will indeed pass that request on to Ruth. Happy new year!

  3. Hi Helen, glad you enjoy the shows, we do too and it’s lovely to hear from you! I hope you like the jumpers and I will indeed pass that request on to Ruth. Happy new year!

  4. Hi Jackie. Is the initial pendant you are wearing today on air, a QVC item. I have been looking for a while for an ititial pendant for myself

  5. Hi Jackie, one of my Favourite presenters, so natural! You had a beautiful knitted top on today, at 1pm. Love to know which make! Thanks, Liz!

    1. Hi,
      I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this message! And I can’t remember what top that would have been…if you can describe it for me I may be able to help?

  6. Hi Jackie – I love your programmes, you always make me giggle. I’m watching you on Thursday 21st from 3-4, an Estee Lauder programme, and would love to know the details of the grey jumper with white and yellow flower design you’re wearing. I’ve had a look on the website and can’t find it.

    Thanks for all the fun!

    1. Hi Helen,
      Aww that’s really nice to hear, thanks! The jumper was White Stuff, item number 187271. Looks like it’s almost sold out unfortunately though! Stay safe.

  7. Hi Jackie
    I am in the middle of reading your book “The Perfect Couple” and I have to say that I can’t put it down!!!!
    It is not my usual type of book, but on the recommendation of Ruth Langford, I thought I would give it a go.
    It’s absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! You are such a good writer!! Well done.
    Love Sue x

  8. Hello Jackie. Saturday 21st

    Only just managed to read your blog for January – a bit of a worry as my daughter and granddaughter both managed to pick up the covid virus and both so poorly. Glad to report on the mend thank goodness and l can now get back to enjoying QVC once again.

    I love the programmes you present Jackie, always have a laugh when you are on screen, especially with Ruth Langsford. Please tell Ruth that l have several items from her fantastic range and when whe said on screen earlier this week that the Denim Jacket was purchased and worn by a more mature lady ……. I have the said denim jacket and the suede biker jacket and the jeans. I am nearly 75 years old. I wonder if l am Ruth’s eldest customer. My two daughters who are both early 50’s are very interested in my wardrobe, especially the jackets !!!

    Love watching you and Ruth and it is definitely gin and tonic time when you are presenting.

    Every best wish and stay safe.

    1. Hi Carol
      Oh I’m sorry to hear you’ve had illness in the family but glad they’re on the mend! I’m so glad you enjoy the shows, and I certainly will pass that on to Ruth, she’ll be delighted. Enjoy your gin and tonic (one of my favourite drinks too!).
      Love Jx

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