Keeping busy!

Hi everyone,

So how are we all bearing up? My life seems to consist solely of work, writing, running and gardening at the moment (although to be fair that’s what it mostly consists of in “normal” times too, just with a lot more friend and family interaction thrown in!). I haven’t seen any of my family in well over a year now, as none live in the UK, and that’s getting really hard. But I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful that more freedom is on the way as the vaccination programme continues to roll out, and to be thankful that most people I know are well and healthy.

Hence, other than to say that I’ve just planted some bluebells at the bottom of the garden and dug some chicken manure into my vegetable beds, I don’t really have much else to tell you right now! So I thought I’d just do a quick round-up of some QVC highlights this week instead.

We presenters are lent a little selection of new jewellery pieces every month to wear on air, and my little haul this month included a gorgeous “love” necklace from Melissa Odabash (pictured above). I thought with Mothering Sunday coming up on 14th March this might be a good gift idea. It’s so pretty – unfortunately I have to give this sample back at the end of the month!

Something else that’s caught my eye (no pun intended!) is an incredible new mascara from Benefit. The They’re Real Magnet Mascara has a brush with a magnetic core and a magnetic formula which seems to somehow pull the mascara beyond the tips of your lashes to give an amazing lengthened effect. This isn’t the best photo – it’s incredibly hard, I’ve discovered, to take a decent close-up photo of your own eyes! – but you can still see how much longer and thicker my lashes look on the left. I think I’ll be using this one a lot!

QVC presenter Jackie Kabler unboxes the Liz Earle offer

Find out what’s the Liz Earle Today’s Special Value collection with presenter Jackie Kabler

I also wanted to show you the latest Today’s Special Value offer from Liz Earle, which launches on Saturday night but which you can preorder HERE now. The Hydrate and Restore Botanical Skincare Collection is fabulous – rather than list it all here I thought I’d show it to you in a little video instead. The new hydrating cream mask is amazing!

And finally, we have another Ruth Langsford Today’s Special Value offer this week, hurray! I’ll be launching this with Ruth at 9pm on Friday night and we have a two-hour show together on Saturday afternoon too, from 3-5pm. This time she’s bringing us a printed tunic top with a contrast trim. It’s a really easy, pull-on (no buttons), comfortable but stylish top and you can preorder it HERE now if you like. I’m in the Cobalt Geo option in this photo, and there are also Natural Animal, Grey Animal, Black Geo and Magenta Geo options. Ruth’s clothes do seem to sell out very quickly so if you like the look of this one, I’d get onto it fast!

That’s it for this week, “see” you soon!

Love Jackie x

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  1. I’m feeling just like you Jackie. The 3rd lockdown seems to have hit me the hardest but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can meet up with friends and family. I am hoping to get gardening next week as I have ordered the Rootslayer today to tackle the roots of the dead shrubs. During the last few weeks, I have ordered so many plants (including the Fruits of the Forest selection from Plants2gardens which I noticed on the website today) so I have got to force myself to sort out the garden in order I have space to plant the new plants.

    I always love watching your shows, you make me laugh so much and it is just what I need right now so thank you very much.

    Best wishes Jackie and take care

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Oh I bought the Rootslayer last year and it is FANTASTIC! Makes digging a breeze. And thanks for the kind words. We will get through all this together- thanks for watching us!

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