Marching on!


And so March continues, as does the countdown to (hopefully!) an easing of lockdown. I’ve been training for a 50km (31 mile) ultramarathon for well over a year now on and off – it was meant to happen last March and of course was cancelled, then I hoped it might happen in the autumn, then this March, then April… now, it seems it’s likely to go ahead in May, with the organisers saying there’s a “low risk” of cancellation. So I’ve just been trying to keep up with running as much as I can, while taking it a little easier in the hope of avoiding injury! As a result I’ve been stopping a bit more often to take photos, as I often see weird and wonderful things on my runs. Here’s some rather cool street art I spotted the other day on a rare urban run (I normally run off road but it was SO muddy) – I do love bats!

At work we’ve had some exciting new launches including Dannii Minogue’s new fashion and jewellery range, which is focussed on petites but also has some stock for regular sizes. I had a couple of shows with Dannii last week and she was an absolute joy to work with, a ball of energy despite the massive time difference (she joined us live from Melbourne), and so passionate about the brand she’s spent three years working on.

Obviously I’m not petite but I do have very small wrists and have always struggled with bracelets being too big, so I was so impressed with her jewellery range which is adjustable for all sizes. Our buyers lend the presenters some new jewellery samples every month and I was delighted to see some of Dannii’s pieces in my bag this time – here I’m wearing her Love and Kisses pendant, Hug Me ring and Love Me ring. I’m also wearing the Diamonique design of the month, the lovely Heart Clover pendant designed by none other than my clever friend and presenter colleague Charlie Brook! It’s a four leaf clover/heart design and it’s so pretty.

If you’re shopping for beauty products in March, just to let you know also that there’s a reduced (£1.95) P&P offer on selected beauty brands including Mally, Tarte and Laura Geller, for the whole month.

And I also wanted to tell you about a Today’s Special Value offer that’s coming up on Wednesday 17th (launching 9pm Tuesday) from Moda in Pelle. I love this brand and I think these leather sandals are super cute! The style is called Navello and there will be six colours to choose from – pale blue/silver, silver/white, rose gold/nude, lemon/white, navy snake and black snake options. The footbed is padded and really comfortable; I bought a similar style from the range last year and wore them so much!

Lots of love to you all and see you soon.

Jackie x

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  1. Good Morning Jackie
    My wife likes the top you are wearing in the 11AM show this morning .
    Could you tell me the make please so that she gives me some peace
    Thank you
    Tom Heaney

    1. Hi Tom, sorry I’ve been on leave and have only just seen this! Can you give me a clue as to what the top looked like and I’ll try to help!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I do hope your run goes ahead.You always look so fit and healthy and I enjoy watching your shows.I started running 3 years ago, on the advice of my Dr.I went through a very bad few years with anxiety and depression.My Dr was great and said she ran and it helped her deal with stress.We have moved from Oxfordshire to north east coast, we now live 5 minutes from the sea,I run there 3 times a weel for 3 hours.It helps me a lot, I am now 66 and I hope I can keep running I enjoy it sop much.

    Keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Lillian,
      Oh I’m so glad running has helped you so much! I totally agree, it helps with mental health as much as with physical health – if I’m stressed or anxious it makes such a difference. I’d love to live by the sea, that sounds wonderful. Keep on running!

    1. Thanks Manjit! Simon is great fun and I always enjoy working with him. Amazing jewellery too, like little works of art!

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