‘Snow’ place like home…


I’m writing this after a very snowy weekend at home in Gloucestershire – I was actually a little worried about driving to work this morning as I had to leave at 4.30am for the early shift, but fortunately, although there’s still a lot of snow about, the roads were clear. It took me ages yesterday to clear the snow off my car though, with my trusty snow shovel/scraper I bought from QVC a couple of years ago!

I’ve had a week off since my last blog, to use up some annual leave, and obviously spent that at home too. The highlight of the week was clearing out the shed… what has become of us all!? It’s the little things that keep us going at the moment, isn’t it? For me that’s a yummy meal, a nice run in the hills up the road from our house on a crisp sunny morning, snuggling into bed early with a good book, and daydreaming about better days to come. Longer days too… that little bit of extra daylight we’re now seeing is a definite mood booster.

New shoes are always a treat too. I’m not normally a shoe wearer as such (that sounds odd; what I mean is I normally wear trainers, boots or sandals but actually quite rarely “shoes”!) but I absolutely love the latest Today’s Special Value offer from Moda in Pelle, which launches on Wednesday night and will be on air through Thursday. It’s a loafer with great arch support for a start, so really comfortable, plus lovely tassel and stud detail. I’ve nabbed the navy suede, but it also comes in green suede, off-white leather, lemon yellow leather and two snake-effect options.

Also coming up this week is the first Beauty Weekend of the year. There’ll be a code (SALE3Z) running all weekend to give you three interest-free payments on all your beauty buys so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on your favourites or even try some new brands.

And that’s all I have for you for now… stay safe.

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie

    I know what you mean about shoes, even though I’ve got more than a few pairs, your post made me stop and think about the last time I actually wore a pair of shoes!
    Oh, and you do make me laugh when I happen to catch a show that you’re presenting. Shaking hands with Coatigan sleeves! lol. that did make me chuckle.

    Oh yeah, any motorcycle questions you’ve got, ask away, I’m your Gal. Love them, and have owned/ridden quite a few, it’s such a buzz! I can’t believe you didn’t twig that Moto stands for Motorcycle. LOL, you funny lady.

    Keep up the daftness.

    1. Hi Nikki
      Yes it’s funny isn’t it…I only have a a few pairs of actual SHOES! And re the moto jacket – I know! What’s wrong with me?! I do like motorbikes; I’ve never had one myself but I had a moped for a while in my twenties and that was fun! Thanks for watching and for getting in touch, stay safe.

  2. Hi just to say you really cheer me up you are so bubbly and funny. Love watching you and Ruth have quite a few of her pieces. Would love if Ruth could do the essential vest in chocolate brown colour don’t do Twitter so cant say during shows. Stay safe you all really have helped during lock down 😀

  3. Jackie, on your last show with Ruth Langsford ie Thursday 28.1.21
    you were mentioning a good hair remover for the odd stray hair
    that needed removing before a show. I missed the name of the
    hair remover and wondered if you could e-mail me with it. thank
    you so much and I do enjoy your shows with Ruth.
    Keep safe

    1. Hi Penelope,
      It was a Finishing Touch hair remover – we do various ones at QVC including one for the body, another for the face and one for the brows too. They are really good! They are all currently on the website. Hope you like them!

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