Spring fashion… and roof repairs!


February, at last. January felt like the longest month in the history of the world, but at last spring is within touching distance. I wish the weather would improve though – we’ve had so much rain recently, and at home we’ve sprung a leak! Suddenly we had water dripping through a section of flat roof, so hubby held the ladder while I hopped up to investigate. Now, those of you who’ve known me for a while may now be expecting to hear a tale of a fall from a great height and a trip to A&E but – I DIDN’T FALL OFF THE ROOF! Miracles do happen. Instead, I patched up the leak temporarily, and then got my hands on some of the fantastic SFIXX leak-repair paint and hey presto, leak fixed! The roof will need to be redone at some point but it will do for now.

There is so much mud around at the moment too, on my off-road running routes. This is a photo from the other day – muddy right up to my thighs! Getting out there is keeping me sane though, and for some reason I quite enjoy tramping through the mud, although cleaning my shoes afterwards isn’t quite as much fun.

On a slightly more glamorous note, back in November I was delighted to be involved in a fashion shoot and some filming to promote QVC’s spring fashion selection, and some of the photos have just been released. I absolutely love the outfit our presenter stylist Stine chose for me – if you go to her blog you can see full details, and all the pieces are either online now or will be soon. Roll on spring!

And before I go, a quick heads up (no pun intended) about a Today’s Special Value offer coming up on Tuesday 9th from haircare experts Percy & Reed. You can actually get ahead (OK, deliberate pun there!) and order it HERE now if you like; it’s a fabulous six-piece collection that’s all about volume. You get the Turn Up The Volume shampoo, conditioner and mousse, plus the iconic Wonder Balm primer, a “no oil” Oil and an Extra Hold Hairspray, all for a fantastic price. As the salons are still closed, I’m just trying to keep my hair in as good condition as possible for now, and products like these really help. I’m not going to risk colouring it myself though (far too scared of turning it bright orange or something – can you imagine?!).

Until next time, stay safe.

Love, Jackie x

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    1. Hi Penny, I’ve had a few messages about that over the past few days! They re-run that episode every now and again. It was many years ago when I was a real-life TV news reporter and they asked me to do that scene – great fun!

    1. Hi Fiona, I’ve had a few messages about that over the past few days! They re-run that episode every now and again. It was many years ago when I was a real-life TV news reporter and they asked me to do that scene – great fun!

  1. Love the mud / think you are a genuine lady who just adores running – weather unimportant .Thanks for telling us about the upcoming Percy and Reed , it’s so good and even my local hairdresser has commented on its efficacy . Also thanks for NO self promotion ! I’m sure many feel same .

    1. Hi Mari, you’re right – I just love running! Glad you like the hair products, I agree, they make a big difference! Stay safe.

  2. Hi Jackie That]s all I will say GET OFF THE ROOF !! Please my Husband Martyn Bought our Poarch and him down last Year broken Leg, Foot Plates , Screws Operation to rebuild his Foot not able to Move out of Bed for 3 Months not a Toe to Floor even had to have Ambulance to take him to Hospital no Pressure in a Pandemic that’s gives me nightmares !!! Get the Men in !! I love your Hair if it goes Orange put Tomato Sauce A tip from a Friend it Works ! You look Lovely in the Fashion Shoot as Always !! xx Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela, oh no your poor hubby! I was very, very careful; I’ve broken several bones in the past and don’t want to go there again! And I think I’ll hold off on the hair but thank you for the tip just in case! Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Hello Jackie Please can you tell me how I can access your Book Club blog? When you first started I found it quite easy, but now it has disappeared off my I pad!!

    1. Hi Sandra, I do my monthly book club on Instagram – my name there is @officialjackiekabler. A new video goes up on the first Friday of every month so the next one will be on Friday 5th March! You can also watch the older ones by scrolling back through my posts. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Jackie

    Loving the black/white spotty jacket. Is it available on QVC?

    Love your shows especially with Ruth. You’re a fun double act ❤️

  5. Hi Jackie, you were wearing a gorgeous sweater the other day it was grey winter white and yellow I think it was an abstract floral pattern, quite boxy not sure but I loved it! You always wear clothes so well.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you! I think that jumper may have been White Stuff. I don’t think there were many left but you could have a quick peek on the website and maybe you’ll spot it!

  6. Chocolate contrete… Beautiful!!!!….. You can get it from Cooplands. Lovely with custard…. Take care Jackie😄😄.x

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