A Today’s Special Value offer fit for a queen…?

In 2013, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted Molton Brown a Royal Warrant, given in recognition for the supply of toiletries to the Royal households.

And given the value and volume of Molton Brown goodies in our Today’s Special Value offer on Saturday 4th October, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a QVC parcel heading its way to SW1 1AA!

How on earth have Molton Brown managed to squeeze 11 pieces into two gorgeous red and gold boxes and a red pouch adding a touch of extra indulgence? I just don’t know!

I’m told it’s the largest collection TSV we’ve ever launched.

I can’t wait for you to see such an ultimate luxury collection, with many iconic pieces from your favourite Molton Brown aromas, and you won’t have to wait as it is available here now.

This will include an out of the vault scent that you’ve taken to your hearts that will be unveiled by Jemma Forte, our guest on Saturday 4th October at 9pm, along with the entire collection.

All you have to do between now and then is decide if you are a Floral or Warm, or are you both?

It’s unbelievable value and filled with so many of your favourite Molton Brown scents I honestly don’t know where to begin, except to say I’ll see you at 10pm on Sunday the 5th October with Jemma for the last airing, where we can all live like royalty for the evening!

Happy shopping, full of autumn warmth and red rose petals

Jill x

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Would you mind telling me where you bought the beautiful silver sparkle long sleeved top with nude colour neckline you wore Sunday 4th Oct on the Molton Brown show please ?
    Kind regards

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