The LAB sisters are back with something very new and exciting. It has taken five years of research and knowledge to bring us an exceptional home treatment focusing on the jawline, neck, jowl, face and decollete. This results-driven handheld unit is rechargeable and uses six technologies including micro-current, galvanic current, massage, read light therapy and thermal imaging. To be honest I wouldn’t expect anything else from these two gorgeous sisters, Lauren and Charlotte, who are beauty tool experts, having graduated from Cambridge.

I’m looking forward to launching this rather innovative Today’s Special Value offer on Sunday 14th June (402740). When you see the before and afters from the trials, I think you will be hooked.

Talking of being hooked, I’ve got my eye on one of these beautiful bags from handbag designer Amanda Wakeley

The Midi Jackman Medium Multiway, which is currently on sale, but I do rather love The Jackman Large Tote, which is the larger Jackman.

Or maybe it’s because I’m a huge Hugh Jackman fan too (Amanda names her bags after stars). I went to see him at the O2 last year with his one man show, ‘The man, The music’. It was an unforgettable experience and I think to date the most magnificent show and performance. I will never forget it and let’s face it he’s pretty easy on the eye, huh!

Don’t even get me going on The Greatest Showman… I think I know every lyric of every song. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie and the opening number from the album, The Greatest Show, is amazing to work out to, I just love to run to it. In my eyes what’s there not to love? And I didn’t think that any film could beat La La Land, but both great films.

Happy shopping

Stay happy and healthy




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  1. Hi Jill, Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. Jill I am well and truly hook with Amanda Wakely bags. I bought one for my daughter at Christmas. I just can’t wait now. Stay safe. Antoinette

  2. Hi Jill – I loved the dress that you were wearing for the LAB TSV presentation on 14/06. Can I be cheeky and ask which make it is please? Thank you. Jo

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