All systems go for gifting

Hi all,

Wow – I can’t believe it’s December!

Suddenly it’s all systems go on the gift front. It always happens every year, one minute we are all thinking ‘isn’t it a bit early to be mentioning Christmas’ and then before we know it, there’s only a couple of weeks left and so much to do, so many people to buy for, cook for, and then there’s the wrapping!

I must admit I’m enjoying everyone putting decorations up earlier this year. I have a long drive into the studio and it’s been lovely to see all the beautiful Christmas lights popping up since around mid-November. They seem to be bigger, better and more impressive than ever which is great. I think everyone is making such a special effort this year, and really going to town with their illuminations.

I think it’s the same with gifts too. Maybe it’s because we have had a little more time to contemplate Christmas, but I hope that being kept apart from our loved ones has meant that we are not taking anything for granted anymore and we are determined to make this Christmas one to remember.

Now, I am always going on about hard it is to buy for teens, and I know all about it having a just-turned seventeen year old to buy for. Teenagers these days just seem to have everything and they are certainly not shy about gifts or brands that are seen to be ‘old-fashioned’.

However, a couple of things that would go down a treat would be the new Nails Inc collection. Beautifully presented, this Today’s Special Value aptly named I’m Just Glitter Ballin’ has such desirable colours and Nails Inc is such a trend-led brand, it would be the perfect gift for any fashion conscious teen.

The value on the TSV set is immense with savings of over £70 compared to being bought directly and is available to pre-order now! You could give the entire collection in the gift box or even split the colours up to make great little stocking fillers or table gifts. The set even includes the iconic Kensington Top Coat, which dries in 45 seconds flat!

Now, if you really wanted to appear cool and in with the in crowd when it comes to beauty gadgets you could always gift the latest development  from No! no! – this incredible offer features the Micro, which is the latest in technology for removing unwanted hair. No more expensive salon treatments, messy creams, painful waxing or dangerous shaving, the Micro’s thermal current zaps the hair in a matter of seconds and is so safe to use.

Catch the No! no! at its TSV price all day Tuesday, but remember our TSV offers always launch at 9pm the night before, and a lot of them have been virtually gone by midnight so don’t leave it too late!

Happy shopping,

Jilly x

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