Fashion bonanza ‘Reset Your Style’

Hi all,

Hope all is well with you all as we fast forward into the depths of February! However, fear not as it’s not all doom and gloom and February blues, there’s some exciting news on the fashion front at QVC. You may have noticed some gorgeous new designs from all of our incredible fashion brands gracing our screens of late, well, stand by those wardrobes it’s about to go fashion crazy!!

Next week (Monday 21st Feb) sees the start of our Fashion extravaganza bonanza! Our 2-day fashion event, Reset Your Style is set not only to re-vamp our wardrobes but also give us a well needed boost. It’s true, February is a bit of a dull month and there’s nothing that cheers me up more than seeing that influx of stunning new fashion options that not only brightens our style but more importantly lifts our mood.

As always, our experts will be on hand with all their styling advice. Not only do we have our fashion stylists and designers on screen for you, but we also have our team of stylists working hard for you backstage too, putting all the looks together.

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing all the outfits on our catwalks, it gives me loads of ideas of how to put things together. Sometimes I see a look and think, I would never dream of wearing that with that? But it works and when you try it, you get that fresh modern update to your wardrobe. What’s clever is, that you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe either, just a couple of key pieces and some old things worn in a different way, can seriously re-vamp your whole clothing collection.

Our 2-day event covers as many ranges as we could pack into our live on-screen hours including Kim & Co, White Stuff, Seasalt, Helene Berman and Ruth Langsford to name but a few with sensational Today’s Special Value offers from both Skechers and MarlaWynne! (more on those in a moment).

Plus, there are lots of accessory hours too, making sure you have the right shoes, handbags and jewellery items to complete your look.

One of my all-time favourite QVC designer brands is the very glamorous Frank Usher brought to us by the equally glamorous June Poster. The Frank Usher range, with all of its couture heritage, has been with QVC for many years and never ceases to delight me. It’s always my default, my go-to. If in doubt reach for a Frank Usher piece and add a little glamour to the occasion even if it’s just a coffee. (I incidentally, had a lovely coffee this week, on the river Thames, with a great view!)

I always say it during every Frank Usher hour, that in all my years of wearing the collection, both at home and in the studio, I’ve never lost a sparkle or embellishment! I always wash on 30 degrees and turn the garments inside out mind you, but they are so well made, they wash brilliantly, and our prices are so affordable.

June will be with you on Monday at 8pm with the collection with the lovely Craig and I’ll be joining you straight after at 9pm for the launch of Tuesday’s fashion event TSV from MarlaWynne!

Now definitely not one to be missed, our Marla TSV is a statement in fashion, a completer piece and a true fashion warrior that will update your whole wardrobe in an instant. MarlaWynne has become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry and her toppers are now somewhat iconic.

The Marla TSV for our fashion event is a stunning Drama Topper with an infusion of floral which is so chic. In true Marla style the floral patterning is bold but never fussy and appears tonal on the Sea Mist Grey, contrasting in ecru on the lnky Blue, Wood Rose and the Prairie Sand and boldly standing out in black on the Ecru/Black, offering that true monochromatic story. The floral look is one of an abstract design and appears on the one side off the topper which is such a flattering finishing layer.

If you’ve never tried a Topper before, it’s a really versatile piece, lending itself to pretty much all seasons. Perfect for now with a turtleneck under but you can also throw it over a T-shirt and it always looks stylish. By the way there’s matching tops and trousers too, in the fashion event from Marla, so you can shop the whole look should it take your fancy!

Now if you are wanting to add that sporty edge to your new MarlaWynne styling, or are in need of a fashionable yet comfortable alternative to a trainer, check out the Skechers TSV that kicks off our 2 days of fashion.

Launching on Sunday night at 9pm and running all day Monday We will be bringing you one of Skechers most prominent styles at a sensational price. I’m always checking out the prices of Skechers wherever I go and I’m always amazed at the price points we are able to achieve. But hey, that’s QVC’s buying power for you and that makes us the best place to buy your Skechers by far.

Our TSV is the Classic slip-on trainer from the, now very famous, Go Walk range. With comfort straight out the box and a look that would work with almost any outfit, these shoes are a must in your footwear collection. Offered in 6 great colours, Black, Light Grey, Blue, Navy, Taupe and light Pink, there really is something for everyone with the renowned comfort and Skechers technology underfoot, guaranteed in each and every step.

So do enjoy our big fashion event, it’s going to be so exciting seeing so many new designs coming right to your living room like a breath of fresh air, and don’t forget you can let us know what you think by using our WhatsApp messaging service and really feel part of the action.

Throughout the Reset Your Style event we’ll be visiting our Stylist corner and getting our on-trend experts to answer all your fashion questions. So don’t hesitate to get involved and pose your questions and comments on WhatsApp using QOnAir.

Also, if you would like to appear in one of our future shows, why not drop us an email and tell us what you love about QVC, what your favourite brands are and what products you couldn’t be without? You never know you could be chosen to possibly feature in one of our hours live on air – just send us an email to

Good luck.

You never know, we could be chatting on air soon!

Jilly xxxx

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  1. Jilly. You have been wearing a kimono type jacket. Dark grey or black with one sleeve large cream or white design. The other side just a smaller patch of the design. Someone said it was Marla Wynne but I have looked it isn’t her. Hope you can help. Maggie.xxxx

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I can’t remember the exact one but the only Kimono I’ve worn recently was Marla Wynne. It was possibly the TSV kimono that sold out, but have a look at the drama Kimonos currently in stock. Xxx

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