Heaven scent!

Hi all,

I just had to burst in with news of a fabulous offer from Shay & Blue!

Yes! I’m talking gorgeous, designer fragrances that are just heavenly. Now anyone who knows me, will know that I am extremely fussy about smells, in fact I’m affectionately known in the family as the ‘bloodhound’ and in my days as an out of work dancer I used to be paid to give my opinion on new fragrances for household detergents and fabric conditioners!

When it comes to perfumes, I am even more particular, and actually most of the well-known high street fragrances, I can’t bare and a fair few even give me a headache. I have been told that when it comes to fragrance, I have expensive taste, but I’ve found that with Shay & Blue, smelling luxurious doesn’t have to cost the earth.

So this is where Shay & Blue steps in with their outstanding boutique perfumery of scintillating fragrances. The company was created in 2012 by the very dapper Dom De Vetta.

Dom has a career in perfumery that spans 20 years, so he knows a thing or two about fragrance and was determined to make Shay & Blue a cut above the rest. The chief perfumer or ‘nose’ at Shay is Julie Masse who has a flair for combining incredible ingredients to create wonderfully unique fragrances, that can be worn by anyone any age and are never overpowering. In fact, the Shay & Blue fragrances just draw you in, they are totally unisex and so intriguing, they seriously leave you wanting more.

Which brings me to our TSV ( Today’s Special Value ) featuring all day on Tuesday 6th July, this brilliant collection brings you a mixture of Shay & Blue Fragrances, complete with gift bags that you can give as a present or simply indulge in yourself, having all of the decadence but without a hefty price tag attached.

Made with natural ingredients and real flowers fruits and spices, this TSV is certain to brighten up your summer and get you smelling gorgeous, perfect just as we are beginning to meet up and hug again for the first time in forever!

The offer includes a rich Oud fragrance, one with Amber Rose, another with Camellia and a juicy Gooseberries with Lilacs, which is my new personal favourite! Plus, you can also get Clementine, Blacks Club Leather and the fragrance that first got me hooked on Shay & Blue, the exotically alluring Black Tulip if you choose our Auto Delivery plan!

The value of the TSV offer is insane, and I’d urge you to use the savings to discover the world of Shay & Blue, I seriously think you will fall in love with these decadently different eau de parfum creations, and let’s face it, where else would you get the opportunity to try outstanding designer perfumery with a 60 day money back guarantee?


From your QVC ‘nose’ in residence!

Jilly xxxxxx

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