New Year, New House!

Well, January is well and truly underway, and I hope this little blog finds you well and not too chilly!

It’s funny how we always concentrate on personal health and fitness in the New Year, which is great in some ways, but I always think that’s something we should be focusing on all year round really, and possibly setting unrealistic fitness goals, just because it’s January, can be detrimental, because if we fail to achieve what we have set out to do, we can feel totally demoralised before the year has hardly begun!

So, slowly but surely is my approach to those ‘New Year New You’ goals and start to make some methodical changes in your quest for a healthier lifestyle and make sure they are realistic and changes that you have a chance of sustaining, but I do believe that January, if we use it wisely, can give us a real sense of purpose.

Which means you can turn your attention to your home! There has been a lot of press recently about home environments being linked to health and wellbeing, which actually makes so much sense. So why not make a ‘new home’ your project for the new year, it will certainly help to take your mind of those mid-morning munchies.

Giving your home that ‘new’ feeling is probably easier than you think. The biggest thing you can do, without spending a penny, is to have a little swap around. Start with changing some pictures around from room to room, try some different photos in your frames or switch up some cushions.

Play around with the position of furniture, change the layout or even the angles and maybe try tables on opposites sides. It’s human nature to just leave things in ‘their place’ but it’s amazing how fresh things can feel with a little switcheroo.

You can then think about adding a couple of new items to really give a fresh feel to a room. Check out some of the incredible K by Kelly Hoppen items we have, there is so much more than just bedding to choose from. I love the K by Kelly Hoppen Buddha that’s back in stock after being out for such a long time.

Also take a look at the BundleBerry range by Amanda Holden. I recommend the storage trunks which come in loads of different colour choices. Not forgetting the brilliant Alison Cork who designs some incredible homeware and furniture for us. Check out this gorgeous ottoman.

If it’s a bit of bling you are after, look no further than JM by Mr Sparkle himself, Julien Macdonald where everything is ‘fabulous’ – said of course in Julien’s beautiful Welsh accent! I particularly love Julien’s mirrors. This round wall mirror being one of my favourites, with the floating crystals.

All of this of course is the icing on the cake and if you really want to get your home off to a flying start for 2022 how about an initial de-clutter and a deep clean. A clutter-free house is said to lead to a clutter-free mind and it does make a lot of sense.

You know that feeling you get when you eventually knuckle down to clearing out a messy drawer, garage or spare room? There’s a real sense of achievement which is fantastic for your overall well-being and can really lift your spirits.

Now talking of cleaning there’s a super Vax TSV on its way this Tuesday (18th January). The Vax OnePwr Blade 4 is a powerhouse of a cordless machine with maximum performance and an enhanced run time.

Perfect to help you with that New Year cleaning and superb for maintaining your cleaning on a daily basis. With no loss of suction, fast charging and an exceptional motorised pet tool for stubborn dirt and hair, the Vax will be a great investment in your home cleaning throughout 2022 and beyond, and our TSV offer includes the pro cleaning kit too!

So that’s a clean sweep for January!

Jilly xx

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  1. Happy New Year to you Jilly,makes perfect sense what you say in your blog…im going to be 70 years young tommorow…so its defo a new era for me…im actually looking forward to it in a posative way…keep safe me babby,much love,Jilly Mason

  2. Hi Jilly I agree I often move furniture around even if its only from one side of the room to the other it just makes the place look fresher! I’m 75 on the 19th February and I’m looking to get some decorating done to freshen things up so that I on’t have too much to do when I finally retire! Have watched QVC for so many years and still love it as much as ever so keep up the good work and I wish you and yours a very happy & healthy new year.

    Love Linda xxx

    1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Linda!
      Hope you are doing something nice, and lovely to have you watching.
      Much love,
      Jilly xxxx

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