It didn’t stay long

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was excited when the weather forecast was proved to be accurate and we had quite a covering of snow the weekend before last.

I think I would have been less keen if I’d needed to drive into QVC for work, but as it was, I was sitting at my writing desk in my loft room with the snow gradually gathering on the Velux windows – it’s surprising how much light it blocked out! There I was, typing away when there was a thud against the aforementioned window, which I initially thought was a bird crashing into it. Fortunately, I was wrong; it was my son, Dan throwing snowballs, which is pretty impressive considering I was two stories up! He and his girlfriend, Katie were outside building a snowman, which, as you can see from the photo, was also pretty impressive!

I posted a photo on my Instagram, @juliagroberts, if you’re interested in following my life in pictures on there, and most of the comments made reference to either the mask or the eyebrows!!! It was the eyebrows that made me laugh the most – I’m not sure I’ve seen a snowman with eyebrows before, but it really worked! We had a fair amount of snow, so ‘the kids’ were able to make him quite tall, definitely over five foot, but sadly, three days later, all that was left of him was a mound of snow and a trail of carrots!

Actually, mentioning Instagram, that is where I saw the recipe for this broccoli and stilton soup that my husband, Chris made. It’s on Katy Pullinger’s picture grid (there is a short video to follow) and I have to say it was absolutely delicious – much better than shop bought ones. Chris used frozen spinach rather than fresh and of course we stuck to veggie stock as we’re vegetarians. I love a warming bowl of soup in the winter and if you do too, I can highly recommend this one.

Of course, there are other ways to keep warm, particularly if you are a cat! I haven’t posted a photo of Wilfie lately, so thought you might enjoy this one of him lying on the radiator while Dan and Katie were outside in the snow.

Mind you, he’d had a busy morning watching all the birds who are still clamouring around the Grumpy Gardener fat balls!!!

They were the gardening Pick of the Month for January, but we are now in February and the new Pick of the Month is 718186, a collection of summer bedding plants from Plants2Gardens, which are on advanced order for delivery week commencing 10th May.

There are 48 plants in total, a dozen each of Begonia Sempervirens, Geranium Palladium, Impatiens Imara and Petunia Double Pirouette… all are in a mix of colours and will be ready to plant out directly into your garden or planters on receipt. By the way, with advanced orders, we don’t take any money until they are dispatched, but it’s just something ticked off your summer gardening list… and mine!!!

If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll be pleased to hear that the gardening shows are back with a vengeance this weekend on QVC. There is a gardening event on Saturday, through until 5pm with lots of fabulous themed hours and the Grumpy Gardener Multi-Headed Rake Broom Today’s Special Value, then more gardening at 9am on Sunday morning and a 3 hour gardening show with guest Mark Lane on Tuesday morning from 10am.

The Today’s Special Value on Sunday is from beauty brand Korres and if you want to know more about Liz Folce, she is the subject of this week’s QVC podcast hosted by Will Gowing.

Two more beauty Today’s Special Values to be looking out for are Tuesday’s 6 piece Turn Up the Volume Collection from Percy & Reed, which has gone on pre-sell today, (I so enjoyed my recent show with Paul Percival) and on Valentine’s Day, it is the Elemis 3 piece Pro-Collagen Powerhouse Collection, which goes on pre-sell on the 9th of February. Both of these will also be available on Auto Delivery if you’re a big fan of either brand.

I’m not actually back in at QVC before Valentine’s Day, so I’m wishing you a ‘lovely’ one in advance. Once again, I’m on annual leave and busily working on writing my next book following Publication Day for my latest book, My Mother’s Secret, last week. It was a busy day with cards, flowers and this fabulous cake that Chris had made by a local small company to celebrate the occasion. It tasted as good as it looked, and we made it last for four days between the four of us!

It made up for us not being able to raise a glass of fizz to toast the new arrival as we’ve all been doing ‘Dry January’. We did however chink glasses with a cheeky red on Monday evening when I got home from work. I hope you enjoyed the Facebook Live party I hosted on the evening of Publication Day if you joined in.

I’m pretty sure the winner of this little giveaway did, because she bought me some flowers as a thank you – Gillian is also an avid QVC viewer. And I think I know what you’re thinking… am I mad giving away a Yankee Candle large jar in Snow in Love? It’s okay, I stocked up with them when I thought the fragrance was being retired, as it’s my favourite ‘writing’ candle.

So, another book baby out in the world and another on the way later in the year – it’s a good job I like keeping busy! That said, I need to get back to my writing desk. Kathryn Goldsmith is holding the reins for Fashion on Friday today and next week it will be hosted by Katy Pullinger. I believe it is Kim & Co with Jenny Blackhurst… I wonder if we’ll have invested in some Huggable Hangers for her to use on air by then??? – it only makes sense if you saw the show on Monday where an open cardigan in a host of colours refused to stay on the hangers – sorry for laughing, Jenny, but it was very comical!

So, I’ll next see you on air on QVC on the 16th February. Until then, stay safe and warm.
Much love,
Julia xx

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  1. Hi Julia,
    Congratulations on your new book, i will buy it soon.
    Seems a long time since it was Christmas doesn’t it, hope you had some some good prezzies. Amongst others things we had a joint gift from my son of Tea for two at The Ritz, after watching the tv series really looking forward to that when things are back to normal and will spend a weekend in London.
    Alas we didn’t have any snow in our little town in Dorset, but 10 miles away, there was quite a lot. I love the snow and we seemed to have a lot of it when i was small, but the seasons are changing.
    Love wilfie, he knows the best places. We do have a ginger and white cat Ollie who’s 15 this year sleeps a lot but also still catches mice and leaves the remains of them on our porchway. !
    Holidays this year big question, we moved our Feb Mexico trip to April before Christmas, hopefully it will go ahead if not we will leave it. Ian still has 4 weeks holiday to take from last year, but his boss has very kindly said just take it when ever you want . We have 16 days booked in Mexico, not including this, but plan to go to our place in Cyprus later in the year, again hopefully. ! Ian’s 60th Birthday coming up late this month too.
    I forgot to mention about the couple we met in Mauritius, they have decided to get married in there home Town just outside of Naples in Florida at the end of this year, we won’t be going but, have been invited to their “Party Moon” next year April time but not decided where yet, maybe St Lucia or Barbados. !
    Are these still holidays from last year you are taking, did notice you were not on the tv listings…you will be able to get so much done, in this time. And maybe enjoy some long walks close to home, we are so lucky being surrounded by woodland and just a few miles the other way so many beaches.
    I might just order those plants above, i have bought some flowers seeds locally, having time now Ian has put up a new shed / Cabin and done some painting indoors , ie kitchen and downstairs cloak room. Thinking about a new kitchen hhmm maybe !
    Well enjoy the rest of your time off. Must order your book now.
    Take Care
    Kathy x

    1. Hi Kathy
      Nice to hear from you. I know what you mean about Christmas, it feels ages ago. We kept things fairly small this year re presents but all were either well received or gratefully accepted.
      I’m not even allowing myself to think about holidays if I’m honest – I don’t want the disappointment of having to cancel. Hopefully a time will come in the not too distant future when we’ll all be able to travel freely again. Fingers crossed for you for Mexico in April.
      I’m still not able to go on long walks, I’m afraid – it’s a year since my cast came off but there has been a lot of strengthening and rebuilding to do in the ankle and calf – I’m not complaining though, it feels much more stable – I may even be able to wear low heels soon.
      No pressure to order my book, but if you do I hope you will love it. I’ve ordered the Gardening Pick of the Month – something colourful to look forward to.
      Julia x

  2. Hello Julia Beautiful Garden I just love this time of Year So many Plan I’ve a book that I write all my wishes of Likes and too do List !! Lets see How that goes this Year in Gower you were down my part of the world When your Son took you to see The Worm Beautiful Gower !! You are so Busy so I will Just say Hope all your Dreams come True !! Keep Safe xx Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela
      I loved the Gower – the beautiful wild beaches are just gorgeous! It was one of the locations in my second novel, If He Really Loved Me. Fingers crossed for all our dreams to come true.
      I’ve just ordered the Garden Pick of the Month, some Richard Jackson sweet peas and some more Grumpy Gardener fat balls which our birds adore!
      Julia x

  3. I have been enjoying your new book on audible. I would highly recommend it. I shall read your other books now I know what a good writer you are. Just go now so I can finish My Mothers Secret.

    1. Hi Yvonne
      So pleased you are enjoying the audible version of My Mother’s Secret. Thanks for saying you would recommend it & also for your king comments about my writing – much appreciated
      Julia x

  4. Hi Julia
    What a fabulous book I have read everyone but this was so moving I read it in 2 nights x
    You are looking fantastic and you certainly brighten our days
    Take care

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      Thanks so much for your kind words about my latest book, I’m so pleased you loved it, but also for saying I brighten your days – truly a lovely thing to say.
      Julia x

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