A bit broken… but winning!

Firstly, can I just say a massive thank you to everyone who left lovely comments on last week’s blog. I’ve read them all and will eventually get around to answering you because your very kind words are exactly what has kept me feeling so positive throughout this unfamiliar period of feeling helpless!

It’s actually been quite a busy week for me with two trips into Chiswick to my physiotherapist, my first visit from a non-family member and the charity quiz last Saturday that I had promised our daughter Sophie we would attend.

To be honest, I get pretty tired by the early evening so I was tempted to go back on my word, which I’m sure she would have understood, but I wasn’t going to let a broken arm and ankle stop me. I tried to make a bit of an effort by choosing to wear one of my favourite dresses and putting a little bit of make-up on, but asking Chris to put heated rollers in my hair was just one step too far for him. In the end we managed it together, but I don’t think it’s an experience he is keen to repeat!

So off I went in my wheelchair with the crutches also with us, just in case I needed the loo. Our team was called ‘Quiztal Palace’ and we followed on from the success of Crystal Palace who had won earlier in the day by coming first in the quiz. There was also a separate section where you had to give a lip-sync rendition of a song. We chose ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic and thanks to some very clever choreography from Sophie, we made use of my crutches as giant flutes and my wheelchair. The quiz we won fair and square, but I have a feeling there may have been something of a sympathy vote as we won the lip sync too. I’m not going to lie, I was shattered by the time we got home, but oh so glad we made the effort and helped to raise some money.

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I’m a fan of inspirational message plaques and have lots of them in our downstairs loo. I decided it was time for a new one and this one seems particularly appropriate at the moment.

Obviously, I’m taking the meaning literally with regard to my ankle, but it is also true metaphorically. This time five years ago, I had never had a novel published, despite having wanted to write one since I was ten years old. My first novel, Life’s a Beach and Then, was published in June 2015 – I know some of you bought it from QVC and I thank you for that as I was able to make a sizeable donation to the blood cancer charity LLR, now known as Bloodwise. Today, less than five years later, my seventh novel, third in the DCI Rachel Hart series and entitled ‘Why She Died’, has gone on pre-order, before publication in May. As promised, here is the cover. As with the others in the series, it is a crime thriller for those of you who like that sort of thing.

I have actually needed to do a bit of work on one of the editing stages, which has been so difficult with my arm, but thankfully QVC gave me this pillow to try out, which is a Big Deal next week. Not only has it been great for propping me up on the bed when I’m resting my ankle during the day, it’s also been a great base to rest my computer on for my one-handed typing… in fact, that is exactly what I’m doing now! It’s really clever actually, as it’s customisable for lots of different scenarios, including sitting on it in the car or an office chair. Keep a look out for the Big Deal presentations next week.

As I mentioned above, I’ve had a couple more physio sessions this week along with all the exercises she gives me to do at home. Monday was particularly challenging as she had me walking on a treadmill! I know what you are thinking, how can you walk on a treadmill if you are on crutches? Well, this is a special one. It’s called the Alter G and is widely used by athletes and footballers when they are recovering from injury – it was also used by our very own Jackie Kabler when she had hurt her back. It was a bit tricky to get into with a broken wrist but once in and zipped up, it is pumped up with air to support a percentage of your body weight – quite incredible really, when you consider I only had my operation four weeks ago. Chris did take a video, but I think I’ll be keeping it to myself!

However, I’m happy to share this video he shot yesterday morning – we had a light dusting of snow! Well, it’s better than all the rain and again my heart goes out to you if you’ve been caught up in any of the floods.

After the exertion of the treadmill on Monday, it was really nice to spend a more relaxed day on Tuesday, especially as I had a visit from my ‘bestie’ Denise. For those that don’t know, Denise and I have been pals since we did The Price is Right together back in 1983 and Chris and I once surprised her and her boyfriend Steve on their holiday in Dubai. They’re going away again in a couple of weeks, but there will be no surprise visit from me on my crutches so they can enjoy their holiday in peace.

It’s been lovely to receive get well cards and know that people are thinking of me and I had a couple more this week from the Liz Earle team and also from Caroline personally. I love the message on Caroline’s and I think I shall try and heed it in future: You can do anything but not everything! It looks like I’m going to miss their upcoming anniversary on-air, but I can do what you guys do and tune into the shows from home.

Speaking of our fabulous QVC beauty brands, we have a brilliant Molton Brown Today’s Special Value this coming Sunday, which is already on pre-order. I’m a lucky girl as I was given a sample of the Warm option to try, although I’ll probably have to buy the other option as it has Tobacco Absolute in it, which is my son’s ‘absolute’ favourite.

My sample is already well-used as you can see, particularly the Heavenly Gingerlily, a long-time favourite of mine, and it has the Re-charge Black Pepper, which is my husband Chris’s fave. Whichever option you go for, you will receive two 300ml Bath & Shower Gels, two 100ml Bath & Shower Gels, one 50ml Bath & Shower Gel and a 300ml Hand Wash. Check out both options on our website and also check out the price – £45 Today’s Special Value price when it would be £89 direct from Molton Brown AND it’s on four interest-free Easy Pay instalments. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you could treat your mum to the larger sizes, which come gift-boxed, and keep the smaller sizes for yourself.

I’d better finish there as my one-handed typing is sooooooo slow! Enjoy the extra day tomorrow and Happy St David’s Day on Sunday to any Welsh readers – we’re planning Welsh rarebit and potato and leek soup for lunch.

Much love and thanks again for all your kind words,

Julia xx

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  1. Hello Julia,
    My oh my, what have you done, lets hope your arm heals quickly, and of course your ankle too….
    Well as you can see we are back from Mauritius, we had a 15 night stay at the Westin Turtle Bay, really loved it amazing Hotel. We visited The Maritm early the next morning to be shown round with another couple, “our guide” was 1 hr late and it was very humid and no drink was offered ! 🙁 Anyway we had a quick chat and look round, all very nice very spread out isn’t it. The beach was gorgous we also walked along the pier too. The four of us took each others photos on the pier and some from a distance. We were shown the area where weddings etc take place it was at that moment the sun really shone it was very hot for the rest of the day. We were offered a drink before we left so we sat near the pool and talked for a while. All very nice. We went to Sugar Beach in Flic en Flac the next morning, really liked the Hotel and surroundings so two hotels on the list to consider along with two in Barbados. We did have a few rain showers during our stay but they seemed to be short bursts. We both came back with amazing Tans though.
    We are going to Mexico next year after talking to Alison K last year about her trip there and talked again after her visit this time. In fact ive just noticed on one of your blogs a couple of pictures looks very much like a resort we have book marked, Is it The sunscape by any chance. ? What did you think of it varied reviews i see.
    We thought we had 3 places in mind to choose from but unfortunatley St Lucia came up, recommend to us by a friend, looks an amazing hotel oh dear i’m sure we will decide by 2022. !
    Glad you have been out and about no races in the wheel chair i hope don’t over do it on the treadmill either. Can’t believe we are in March all ready hopefully get out in the garden soon a lot of tiding up to do out there but it’s so wet, our lawn very green but full of moss. I hope you have using your time looking for an ideal place for your 1st Wedding Anniversary, so many beautiful countries out there. I wonder where you will choose. !
    Sorry for the long post, get well soon and look forward to seeing you on QVC again.
    Love Kathy. x
    Good Luck with the Book by the way.

    1. Hi Kathy
      Pleased to hear you enjoyed your holiday in Mauritius – the Maritim beach is pretty spectacular and hopefully next time we go I’ll be able to walk along it without the bones in my ankle crunching together… in fact I’m looking forward to being able to walk along any beach without the huge discomfort I’ve been experiencing of late. Have they finished refurbishing Sugar Beach – that was the basis on The Plantation House hotel in my first novel, Life’s a Beach and Then… – thanks for the good wishes for my latest one, very excited about it.
      Re the Sunscape where we stayed in Mexico – we had a lovely beachfront room with our own deck area and four-poster sun bed leading directly on to the beach BUT I think they are knocking those down when they refurb. We had a lovely holiday with no issues but I would only recommend rather than highly recommend. Good luck in reaching your decision – 2022 will be with us before we know it!
      Hoping to be back on QVC by the end of this month
      Julia x

  2. Hi Julia

    So,glad you’re in the mend, you’ve been well missed on QVC. It’s great to see you’re able to get about, hopefully you’ll be back on our screens very very soon.

    Take it easy, take care.

    Theresa xx

    1. Hi Theresa
      Improving every day and hopeful that I will be allowed to come out of my air boot on Monday once I’ve had my X-ray. Aiming to be back on QVC by the end of March
      Julia x

      PS no problem with typos xx

  3. Julia, sorry for the typos in my last message, I’m sure you got the gist of what I was trying to say.

    Theresa xx

  4. Hi Julia I am glad you are listening to your body and also yourself and the wonderful people that love you your family and friends when i slipped a disc in my back 15 years ago I was off work for 12 weeks and couldn’t wait to get back to work but had to go very careful as I work in a care home we have now changed to a nursing home and enjoy my job very much i don’t do the careside any more but love listening to the wonderful story of the lovely people that stay with us in the nursing home and their family.sending you hugs and best wishes to you and your family and friends love from Lyn and Mr Pip the cat 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Lyn and Pip
      I’ve heard that slipping a disc is one of the most painful things you can do – hope all is good with that now.
      I know how fortunate I am to have kind and caring friends and family and you guys on here have been amazing too – you’d be surprised how much these lovely messages can lift your spirit.
      I’m on the mend and hope to be back soon
      Julia x

  5. Hi Julia

    One quick question, do you have any idea when you’ll be back in screen.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.


    1. Hi Theresa
      I’m improving every day and hoping to be back before the end of March so long as there are no more setbacks
      Julia x

  6. Ah Julia sorry to see you incapacitated in such a way considering you are always hard working and active you must feel like a fish out of water xx
    You remind me of my mum in that way, she returned to my dads home even though they were divorced to nurse him when he become terminally ill. In the process she was exhausted and had a bad fall almost severed her thumb landed on her knees and now needs two knee replacements, she said she still didn’t regret her decision. I know like her you are a positive person and it will be no time at all until you are rarng to go again. Wishing you the very best xx

    1. Hi Marie
      Your poor mum, especially when she was doing something so selfless for someone else. I hope she gets the knee replacements soon and will recover well. A traumatic time for you too.
      I’m keeping myself busy – I had some editing to do on my latest book which took much longer with one hand! That was finished Saturday so I’m having a slightly lazier week although all the physiotherapy takes up a big chunk of my day.
      Julia x

    1. Hi Gee,
      Yes, I fell off my crutches & broke the bones in my forearm- fortunately the breaks are aligned so I’m in a splint rather than a cast
      Julia x

  7. Hi Julia
    Glad to see you are getting out and enjoying yourself with your family, sounded like a good night. I misunderstood your previous blog, having said you had cooked a meal and then disaster struck I thought you had been leaning against the kitchen worktops and lost your balance, but to get your crutch caught in the bedding, then falling with your arm still in there…oh ouch!!!
    If you are looking for footwear I can thoroughly recommend the last Skechers TSV with Arch Fit. They are the most comfortable trainers I have from Skechers so far and really do support your feet and arches, although it was said to go down half a size I decided to stick to my normal size 5 and so glad I did, perfect fit with wiggle room and a very stable sole may I add. Hoping that Skechers will bring a leather version to Q before too long!
    I have now got Tennis Elbow in my right arm, being told it could take 2-3 months. Doing the exercises given but the pain is horrendous when I use it to pick anything up even a cuppa, more so than when I broke my leg and that’s saying something. We think it was started lifting and draining the big heavy stainless steel cooks essentials stockpot of many moons ago and it has got worse from then.
    I think you’re doing ever so well with everything that you have going on, each day forward is another step in the right direction for you.
    Take care
    love Annette x

    1. Hi Annette
      So far behind with replying to blog comments but I do read them all. Thanks for the get well card you sent – a bit naughty, but very funny. I only picked it up with some others when I went in to the QVC building last Monday – it’s a shame they didn’t post them on as it would have been good to have a laugh in the early days of recovery.
      I’ll have a look at the Skechers ex TSV you recommend- although I think we have another one coming up soon.
      I hope things start to improve with your tennis elbow
      Julia x

  8. Hi Julia, thank you for your lovely blog. I am so happy that you are on the mend. Please get better soon. Thank goodness that you have a lovely family and friends to help you. Missing you and your lovely smile on screen. Best wishes. Antoinette x

    1. Hi Antoinette
      Apologies for the delay in replying to your lovely comments. I feel very fortunate to have had such great support from my family, particularly Chris. Hoping to be back soon, provided I’m not classified as ‘at risk’ due to my CML
      Julia x

  9. Hi Julia, Hope you are on the mend and feeling a bit better at least. At the time it seems we’ll never get there but as they say, ” these things to shall pass”.
    Well the rugby has not been going very well. Some of the matches have been cancelled with the current health scare going around. We’re playing England Saturday but the spark has gone out of it for me. I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment as I had a very unwelcome letter this morning. To cut to the chase ,I was caught doing 36mph on a 30mph road!! So I am not a happy bunny waiting to hear what happens next. I’m hoping to be able to attend a speed awareness course and not get points on my licence. I am gutted. Anyway I know things could be worse with what’s been going on in the world but I’m still mad at myself.
    Well here’s wishing you all the best with your recovery,
    Love, Tina S. (S. Wales) x

    1. Hi Tina
      Apologies for the delay in replying and of corse things with the ‘virus’ have changed so much since your post. No football or rugby or sport at all but it’s for the best.
      My recovery is going well – splint is off my arm now so yet more physio exercises, but I don’t mind as long as they work in the long term.
      Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket – if it makes you feel better, my mum got one a couple of years ago (she’s 93!)
      Julia x

  10. found out you had bad fall julia i broke my wrist and know it is so painfull get better soon best wishes marie h

    1. Hi Marie
      Thank you. The splint is off now – very stiff & still a bit swollen but the physio is helping.
      Julia x

  11. Hi julia hope you are on the road to recovery iamnot bad hope chris sophie and daniel arewell how are you getting on with married life.

    1. Hi Martin
      I hope you are still keeping well in these uncertain times. We’re all good – fortunately Sophie can work from home & some of Dan’s job can be done from home too.
      Married life is good – Chris has been amazing during my recovery
      Julia x

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