Haircuts, carpets and QVC deals


I hope you’re all well and not too fed up with things. It can be hard some days can’t it, but I just keep thinking that there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel this time. The photo at the top here was me wearing the Ruth Langsford Today’s Special Value we had last week, which sold out very quickly. I still wore it for my gardening show with Michael Perry as I really loved the look. I’ve never done the show with him before and I really enjoyed it. I love a bit of gardening and I definitely learnt a lot.

Also, I’ll take this moment to mention the Gardening Pick of the month from the Grumpy Gardener. It’s a huge box of their fat balls which are packed full of goodness to help out the birds at this cold time of year. I’ve got them hanging in my garden now and have already noticed some more birds. Have you tried them out? What birds do you get in your garden?

We had an eventful time at home last weekend: after ages waiting for a good time to get carpet fitters in with all that’s going on in the world, we finally decided to fit a carpet in Beatrice’s room ourselves. We ordered all the kit including carpet and underlay online and watched a couple of videos. So, on Sunday we set about it, tag teaming entertaining the baby and doing different jobs. I was in charge of hammering in the grippers and trimming with the Stanley knife and my husband did a lot of the stretching and hooking on because he is obviously stronger than me! In the end it looked pretty and good and the most amazing thing is we didn’t even really argue!

The underlay we got was made from recycled material, so was all sorts of different colours, and Beatrice was quite mesmerised by it when we sat her down in there. Doesn’t she look tiny all on her own in there? The room isn’t even that big!

So that was one big achievement and the second was that, for the second time, I gave my husband a haircut. I am not a very precise person, or artistic and can be quite clumsy so when, last year, Lawrence asked me to cut his hair, I was very anxious about doing it. It was another “watch a video on YouTube to see how it’s done” job and I manage okay taking very slowly, even with a big bump in the way. I only messed it up over one ear! So, I was given the job again now as my husband’s hair was driving him mad and I think I’ve improved too. The bad news is I don’t think he’ll ever want to pay for a haircut again and I don’t exactly enjoy doing it. I have to say I think I’m more bothered about it ending up looking bad than he is! Ha!

Now, there are a couple of great deals coming up on QVC.

Firstly, on Monday 18th, we have a Today’s Special Value from Vionic. It will be the Jojo Trainer and the saving is around £25 with the Today’s Special Value price. Not only does this mean you can get a podiatrist-designed trainer, but it’s also a sleek, stylish design with no seams to help with comfort while you wear them too. Trainers were actually the first type of shoe I tried from Vionic and I was instantly surprised at the support on my feet and how they felt. I really recommend giving them a. So if you haven’t already, this is a great opportunity to do so. There are five colours available; Black, White, Lilac, Blue or Rose.


Starting on Monday, too, is a new Big Deal from Mr Max. This is a longline rib knit cardigan in six lovely colours. I think this could be a real staple in your wardrobe… pretty sure it will be in mine (the khaki is winging its way to me already). Remember that Big Deals are limited time only so, whilst you have longer to shop than a Today’s Special Value, we can’t guarantee that they will stick around for very long!


Don’t forget that the Great QVC Giveaway is still running with plenty more prizes to be won and every time you spin you get entered into the prize draw to win TEN THOUSAND POUNDS! Just remember that you need to play with your order number rather than the item number and it all ends on 24th January with the big draw on the 27th. Head to to play.

That’s all from me for now. See you back here in a couple of weeks.

Kathryn x

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