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I hope this finds you well in a funny old time, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Baby Beatrice’s favourite present (aside from the wrapping paper) was a doorway bouncer which she has great fun jumping up and down in. I think it was our favourite present too, as it’s such fun watching her in it! She has just started on solid foods and had carrots for her Christmas lunch. I think her favourite so far has to be courgette, which I was very surprised by. I personally particularly enjoyed the faces pulled when she was trying apple for the first time. She is loving the food and I am really enjoying introducing her to all these new flavours.

Monty’s favourite Christmas present was a big, bright blue and yellow toy duck, which you can see him cuddling in the photo at the top of the blog. He had a small one before that lasted a remarkably long time before it inevitably lost some stuffing, so when I saw the big version I just had to get it for him as he loved the other one so much. So far even the squeaker is still in tact which is very impressive!

It’s hard to believe it’s finally 2021 and it is perhaps not starting the way we all pictured or imagined. 2020 is a year that many of us might be rushing to leave behind but, for me especially, it’ll be one I will never forget. This time last year I’d not long had my 12 week scan and only a handful of people knew that I was expecting my baby. I was tentatively imagining all the things that might be in my future for the year ahead. Some of which happened and many I missed out on. But, of course, the overwhelming positive was the arrival of my little girl, Beatrice and all the joy that has brought. I feel lucky that we have had something to draw us through a year that for so many has felt like one big pause and boy has my brain been kept busy ever since July!

I have also felt such warmth from friends and strangers alike who take delight in all things baby related and share stories and advice. Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me and shared nice comments in the last year… it has been so lovely. Here is a photo of her all snuggled up asleep in the pushchair after a walk today.

I am looking forward at 2021 and thinking of all the things that will happen and the milestones that will be hit regardless of what is happening in the wider world. Crawling, possibly walking, trying new foods, growing relationships and many many more firsts. Plus, lots more cute outfits which bring me so much delight… gosh, I do love baby girl clothes!

I have so enjoyed being back at QVC for the past couple of months too and I know this year is going to be an exciting one here too. For starters, for the first time ever we are holding a huge prize draw this month. It launched on Monday 4th January and is continuing for three weeks. If you order from us in that time then you can use your order number to spin our Great QVC Giveaway wheel for the chance to win a whole heap of amazing prizes AND be put into a draw to win £10,000! I know many people have been spinning away already so good luck if you give it a go.

Morning style with Kathy is also re-launching this week and our lovely resident stylist Stine has written a blog about it, including a photoshoot, with Kathy herself looking resplendent in some fab QVC fashion pieces. I recommend checking it out.

An exciting new brand that is winging its way to QVC is Olaplex, which is all about gorgeous hair. I am yet to try it myself but I am definitely going to, as many of the presenters and make up artists at QVC have sung it’s praises and are very, very excited to see it arrive at Q Towers.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Feel free to get in touch in the comments, maybe share a little positive that you can take from last year – even if it’s tiny, I think it’s nice to try to focus on some small happy moments if at all possible.

I’m wishing you well for the next few weeks and hoping you can keep happy and healthy. See you back here soon.

Kathryn x

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  1. Hi Kathryn

    The pictures of Monty and Beatrice are lovely. They both look very content and Monty certainly looks very attached to his new toy duck 😀
    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year.
    Best wishes

    Jules x

  2. Adore you Kathryn. You’re a breath of fresh air. Genuine, always happy, friendly and honest. So pleased you are back. You never make us feel like you are showing off as to how fashionable you are or how wonderful your new baby is or how much your life outside work is fabulous. You are just a lovely presenter to watch. Your baby is beautiful, and I wish you the happiest, healthiest and most joyful of years ever. Much love xxx

    1. Oh Louise! You’re too kind! Thank you for such lovely compliments. And thank you for watching and for reading the blog. A very happy new year to you too, I hope its a fabulous one. Kathryn x

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