Brighton, Big Deals and a Retinol TSV from M. Asam

Hi there!

Olley and I don’t seem to be very good at staying at home! Maybe we’re just getting in as many mini trips as we can, in case the area where we live in becomes more than a medium Covid risk as we progress towards winter.

We’re so lucky to have our motorhome which enables us to travel safely. We have our own loo and shower (albeit a tiny one!) as well as a bed, cooking facilities and somewhere to eat. We’re completely self-contained and when we stay away in it, we usually spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors.

So, we headed to the south coast at the weekend for a couple of days in Brighton. We were lucky with the weather – no rain at all and enough sunshine to create an impressive sunset one evening. We had a lovely walk along the beach where the low tide revealed sand as we approached the pier.

The beach is mostly beautiful pebbles, surely millions of them, all in natural shades of white, brown, blueish grey and black. The combination of colours made me want to search my wardrobe to create an outfit using the same tones. They work together so well. I took a photo for inspiration in the future – I might even frame it for my wall…

On Sunday, Olley and I rented a couple of bikes for a leisurely cycle east along the undercliff promenade to Rottingdean, and then back along the Marine Parade to Brighton. It was warm enough to not need a coat and we enjoyed a coffee watching the world go past in the warm October sunshine, making the most of every moment and, of course, recharging my batteries for a busy week back at QVC.

We have such a brilliant line up of Today’s Special Value bargains between now and the end of the month. It’s worth checking them out on our website every day, and don’t forget to check out the Big Deals, which are launched at midnight on Sunday each week, too. I’ve just spotted the Vagabond Long Hot Water Bottle. I’m going to buy one for my granddaughter Zozo – it’s under £19, including the p&p.

On Thursday we will feature a collection from M. Asam (242112) from the Retinol Intense range. M Asam are a German brand that include highly active antioxidant grape extract in their lotions and potions, but the Retinol series also has other skin-improving properties.

Retinol has been a buzz word in skin care for a while now. It is a derivative of vitamin A that is added to creams that target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to uneven skin tone, discolouration and pigmentation.

However, if you use too much or too strong a concentration, sensitive skin might react, or you may find that dry or flaky patches develop. So, it’s important to try a reputable range and apply it in the evening rather than the morning to help reduce the risk of sun damage during the day.

The potent Retinol Treatment that’s included in the collection comes in the form of individual glass ampoules, meaning the ingredients are at their most active when you apply them. If you’re concerned about sensitivity, you could use the serum ampoules every other night to begin with, but the reviews on our website are generally positive and find the formulation gentle but effective.

This is one of the areas where our 60-day money back guarantee comes into its own: you can actually use some of the collection to try it out, before you decide whether you want to keep the rest or not.

The full kit includes full sizes of the face cream, an eye cream and hand treatment as well as 28 retinol ampoules. The value is fabulous, as you’d expect from QVC – the individual items would cost over £100 and the price on Thursday will be under £40.

I’m hoping that using the course of treatment will help to reduce the appearance of the small signs of sun damage under my eyes. The pigmentation isn’t awful and can be hidden, but it would be nice if it wasn’t there! I’ve taken a photo and I’ll compare after a month…

I thought it might interest you to read some of the reviews from people who’ve tried the ampoules already and enjoyed some great results, I’ve added three of them below and you can read the rest of the reviews on our website here.

“Best retinol I ever tried! I was a bit scared, having breakout prone skin, and prepared myself for the infamous “retinol ugly”, the purging period…. Imagine my surprise when it worked its magic without breaking me out!? Even my husband is amazed”

“I’ve had bad experiences with retinol in the past (red, dry, flaky patches that have taken an age to clear up), but a few years down the line I wanted to give retinol another go. I started using these ampoules twice a week, with no ill effect, so I’ve now stepped it up to 3 times a week. I like that they give my skin a hefty dose of retinol (1%) without irritation and that the results are fast – my skin looked brighter and smoother and my pores looked smaller within days.”

“I sent for this on a whim, expecting to have to send it back. My skin is ultra, ultra sensitive & some reviewers had had reactions. Also the price in comparison with other Retinol products seemed too good to be true.”

Have a good week and catch me on air Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday if you can.

Take care and all the best.

Kathy x

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    How lucky are you indeed to jet off or rather zoom off in your motor home! I’m sure you’re limiting contact with other people even though you’re away especially when your daughter is a GP! I hope she and her friends are ok. It’s such a horrendous year for health care staff. More so than ever. I don’t think people realise the demands unless you have one in the family and can see the effects. Hope your boys are ok x

    1. Hi Susan.
      Yes of course, it’s easy to avoid getting close to people when you travel with your home on your back! (In a manner of speaking)
      You’re right about having a doctor in the family – Bex has helped us all realise how seriously we have to take this. She’s a stickler for following all the guidelines and with, as I have asthma and type 2 diabetes and my husband is 70, she’s made it abundantly clear how important it is for us to take care. She’s still on maternity leave but might be enlisted to administer vaccine jabs in the new year – and my two boys are up and down, like everyone, but both doing ok and are well. Thanks so much for asking.
      I hope you and your family are all coping as well as possible with lockdown2 – it seems harder this time around for so many of us. We will reach the light at the end, though…
      Take care
      Kathy x

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