Boat trips and beauty treats

Hi there! How are you all getting on? I hope you haven’t had too much cancelled as a result of the latest restriction updates. We had a few nice things to look forward to that have now been cancelled, which is disappointing but obviously we will get over it. Better that we make sure that people are safe than take us back to square one again.

Other than that I have to admit the last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle in our household. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things that someone can do and I now truly understand that. The last time Fred and I moved it was our first house together and it was relatively simple. This time it has felt like the most hurdle jumping, hair pulling out, sleepless night, stress-inducing time.

The amount of people and paperwork involved from Mortgage companies, chains, brokers, solicitors, to estate agents along with stamp duty holiday deadlines while juggling work, kids and general life is honestly not a fun time. I will admit I have had some tears this week, it’s been extreme lows with thankfully a few highs.

I won’t bore you with the details but it’s been a really tough week. It does look like things might work out though so I am keeping everything crossed and feeling hopeful, not sure we will get in before the stamp duty holiday ends but if we get to move in the end then that’s all that matters . I am grateful that we are in a position to be able to move at all so I shall hang on to that thought!

So in the midst of all this, when our friend Jules asked us if we would like to join him and his kids out on his boat after school we of course jumped at the chance!!! I just made it back in time from London to pick up the kids from school, get home and grab the swimsuits and wetsuits and be on the boat by 4.30 with a glass of rose in hand!

What a way to end a day. To have the wind blast through my hair with the speed of the boat and see the kids jumping in the sea and swimming to the shore of Brownsea Island was exactly the medicine I needed. One of those moments after a bumpy week when I remembered how lucky I am to live where we live and be happy and healthy. We often say that the kids have no idea how lucky they are to be able to do things like this at the end of a school day. I’m sure they will realise when they are older.

Today’s Special ValuePhilip Kingsley Egyptian Jasmine and Wild Mandarin 4 Piece Collectionavailable now on pre-sell

I am already a big fan of Philip Kingsley, it’s a big part of my hair routine already as I use the shampoo and conditioner most of the time along with the iconic Elasticizer. So this was really nice to be able to try this most beautiful fragrance. Egyptian Jasmine and Wild Mandarin. If I hadn’t known the name of the fragrance I would most certainly have been able to guess that the main scent was jasmine, it’s unmistakable.

In this collection you will be getting 150ml Elasticizer, 500ml Body Building Weightless Shampoo and 500ml Balancing Combination Conditioner. The added bonus is the Pure Colour Frizz Fighting Gloss 50ml, perfect for this muggy weather. This whole collection is designed around smoothing, body building and adding bounce and elasticity to your hair while making it smell incredible.

The fragrance is uplifting and beautiful for summer. As someone with curly frizz-prone hair I am particularly impressed with the frizz gloss. My hair has been so smooth and manageable this week. I am not surprised at how good this collection is as I am already a Philip Kingsley convert but I am so taken with this fragrance. I’m sure you’re going to love it too. It launches on air on Sunday with the pre-sell at 9pm, but you can buy it online now!

Liz Earle – The Power of Botanicals Firm and Smooth Superskin 4 Piece CollectionAvailable now on pre-sell!

Just in time to revive our skin for summer! What a gorgeous kit they have brought us including award-winning favourites and a brand new product.

You will be getting –

Brand New – Superskin Alternative Retinol Paste 50ml – perfect for people like me who can’t take retinol on their skin. I tried it this week and thankfully my skin loved it! Promoting a brighter more plumped, radiant looking complexion.

Cleanse & Polish 200ml plus 2 x cotton cloths – my go-to cleanser! Award-winning and smells divine but most of all leaves my skin clean and glowing.

Instant Boost Tonic 200ml – amazing for this time of year to freshen, cool and calm the skin. Top tip – Keep it in the fridge then pour onto cotton pads to refresh your face and neck on hot days.

Your choice of either Superskin Moisturiser or the Superskin Moisturiser with Neroli – either one is gorgeous and a rich beautiful cream to smooth the appearance of your skin.

It all comes in a lovely Liz Earle branded beauty bag too. This is the perfect way to treat your skin for summer! Click through to the website now to find out more.

The brand new Dyson Micro! 

Many people have said over the years that they would love Dyson to bring out a smaller nippy version of the Dyson cordless vacuums and so that’s just what they did! Same great Dyson power but neater, lighter and incredibly handy. 1.5kg in weight, incredible filtration and perfect for awkward spaces. It’s still going to be able to do your hardwood floors and laminates with great manoeuvrability, but it’s so much easier for cobwebs in corners or getting behind the TV or doing the car.

I put it to the test this week and loved how nippy it is for quick jobs but also how much easier it was to use in tight spaces! This won’t necessarily replace your larger Dyson or other upright, this isn’t for deep carpets for example but this is perfect for small flats and homes but also for the everyday quick clean in larger homes. Under the table for crumbs or dry spills of cereal and general dust around the house, this is a winner.

I loved that it was so lightweight for doing our wooden blinds without it hurting my wrist. This will become your go-to for quick jobs and doing the car seats and footwells. You can see me giving this a go over on my Instagram where I have done a nippy little video.

That’s it from me this week, let me know how you are getting on? I’m back off to the loft to clear more junk, ready for the big move!

Lots of love

Katy x

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  1. Oh I do hope things get less stressful for you all,moving is so hard on everyone.Glad you all managed to have a beautiful family day,deep breath’s it will be back to normal soon.

  2. Hi Katy,
    I feel your pain with a move let alone a move in pandemic times! I hope you get moved and can settle soon enough. Take care x

  3. I know you sold your house Katy but have you found one to buy too? (I don’t think you had in your last post). Same area?

  4. Hi Katy hope everything goes ok with your house move for you and your family and it happens before the deadline. I know how stressful it is moving house but you will forget all the downs once you move into your new beautiful home and look forward to the new chapter of your lives.
    Take care keep smiling and more importantly keep positive.
    Love Lisa x

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