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Hi there, how are you doing?

I hope you are having a good start to the year so far. Yes it’s wet, cold and a little miserable but I do find I get quite a bit done in January. It’s a bit of an admin month don’t you think? I’ve been clearing out the house, I have even started painting our living room. Nothing too exciting, just white as it needs freshening and brightening. Our living room is still the same magnolia it was when we moved in 10 years ago!! Everything else got painted except the living room as it still looked pretty fresh at the time. I have only done one wall so far but in between work days, juggling kids and everything I else I will do another one and another until they are all done!

Back in November I wrote about my friend Emma’s 40th and how she was the start of the domino effect for us all to celebrate our 40ths. Well last weekend it was Thali’s turn to celebrate (she’s the blonde in the middle). We all headed to a function room above a pub in Kingston along with aaaaall the kids. Boy were we all outnumbered.


Pizza, drinks, games and colouring to keep the kids happy, a giant red velvet cake and most importantly great company. I’ve always felt it is so important to celebrate Birthdays. I know some people rather just let them slip by unnoticed, but I love to show my friends and family how much I love them all. Life would be very dull without them and it’s what makes it all worth the down days amidst the boring life admin. Happy birthday Thali, love you lots. Me next……gulp.

(I wore one of my favourite Ghost dresses, it’s now out of stock but do check out some of their other gorgeous dresses)

Beauty – It’s a bit of a Beauty week this week here on the blog as I have some exciting products to tell you about.

ElemisSuperfood Cica Hydration Juice

Firstly a product from Elemis that I want to shout about because it’s made a massive difference to me so I want to share. It’s the new Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice. As I have mentioned many times here and on air, I have a dehydrated skin type. It has little to do with how much water I drink etc, it’s simply my skin type. I layer on moisturisers and serums but sometimes it still just doesn’t feel enough. This is where I break into a song from The Greatest Showman…..Never Enoooooough, Never Enoouuuuughhhhh!

So I was very excited when I tried this gel formula and I instantly noticed a difference in how my skin felt after using it. It’s designed to be moisture quenching but also soothing and calming to the complexion. It’s got 75% Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Organic Cucumber Extract and antioxidant-rich Biotransformed Cica. If like me, you have dehydrated skin or skin that needs to feel soothed then this could be for you.

I am very lucky in that I get to test these products but this is definitely one that will be going on my representatives purchase list as my skin really feels hydrated when I use it. Thankfully that is also the great thing about QVC, you get to try it too, before you decide to keep it or not.

Decleor – Today’s Special Value – Launching on air 9pm Saturday 1st Feb

Time to stock up on some of the essentials from Decleor in supersize! This offer will include:

Essential Cleansing Milk Supersize 400ml – Light cleanser perfect for removing make-up and Impurities. It includes green tea essential water, sweet almond oil and neroli essential oil.

Prolegene Gel Supersize 400ml – firming, toning and great for balancing the appearance of skin imperfections. I love this for my entire body but I also use this as a face mask for extra hydration when I am tired and run down. I love this to help balance out the look of my thighs.

Neroli Bigarade Light Moisturiser 100ml – enriched with neroli essential oil ( I love this oil and have it in my diffuser right now) this leaves your skin feeling and looking plumped, fresh and smooth. It smells amazing.

Moisturising Body Milk Supersize 400ml – this is a new and improved formula with intense hydration and even after sun protection. Perfect for summer but also for those of you who are off to find some sun right now. But like me, if you are not getting away right now it’s also a fantastic daily moisturiser too. It’s full of neroli and macadamia botanical oil vit E.

Laura Geller

The product that we get the most messages about on social media has to be Balance n Brighten from Laura Geller. Well finally it’s not only going to be back in stock but it’s going to be a Today’s Special Value this Monday 3rd Feb. This means that it will launch at 9pm on Sunday 2nd.

I want to make sure that you have your reminders set for that launch because I know how popular this is going to be. There is a chance that the most popular shades may even sell out by the morning shows so please make sure you are ready for it. Medium is always the most popular shade so stock up as it can take us a while to get it back.

You will be getting your Balance n Brighten but you will also be getting the perfect brush for it and also the perfect Spackle Concealer. Now I will put my hand up and say I am normally a Tarte Shape Tape fan for my concealer but I have been really impressed with this concealer. When I first tried it I thought it would be too light for me. Whichever you go for of the Balance n Brighten, the concealer will be lighter to help brighten your face. When I put it on and blended it, it lifted my whole face and it blended in beautifully. I have had no caking or cracking with it at all.

In this before and after I am wearing Medium Balance n Brighten and Light Concealer. For my true skin tone, Medium is the best for me. If I am faux tanning though I have a few darker shades to play with. I often use Tan as a bronzer and for contouring. Personally I think this combo is one of the best ‘no make-up’ make-up looks I’ve ever had. I have nothing else on except a little mascara and a subtle lip colour. So don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone and on the telly!

What I’m wearingRino & Pelle Checked Tweed Blazer

Wow, I love this blazer. It’s one of those pieces that gives a wonderful nod to a time when women ‘dressed’ for any occasion. It definitely takes inspiration from the most famous female designer who empowered women to really think about how they dressed, Coco Channel.

The blazer also has a sea captains vibe with the gold buttons which I love and I would suggest accessorising with even more gold jewellery. I put a simple white shirt underneath it which keeps it classic. I will wear this with skinny jeans and flat ballet pumps for a Parisian feel. We also have it in a green version which is also very cool.

Well that’s it from me, I hope you don’t mind but I will be doing my blog every other week for a while. Sometimes you just have to streamline life a little so you can stay on top of things!

Lots of love Katy xxx

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  1. Hi Katy,
    Happy birthday to your friend! You all look amazing! I hope you have a fun birthday planned. It’s great you embrace birthdays!
    Totally agree about having to pull back in life. We all have so many things to juggle, people to look after, work to do. Priorities change over time so you’re just right! See you soon x

  2. Hi Katy
    Happy belated Birthday. I have big birthday in March. So much choice in all areas.

    I can’t get into the other presenters blogs when press presenters it does not work. Do you know what’s wrong. Sorry to bother you.
    Thank You

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