Meet the new presenter of Morning Style with Katy!

It’s a bittersweet blog that I write this week as there are changes afoot! As you will probably have learned already our beloved Kathy Tayler is finally hanging up her QVC hat and retiring after a glorious career in TV. We are thrilled and gutted in equal measure as Kathy, along with being a great presenter, is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and we will miss her at the studios immensely. We are however so happy for Kathy to be finally getting to do all the things she has planned with her family and of course trips in the famous campervan. Great adventures are ahead!

This actually all feels quite serendipitous too because it was because of Kathy, to a certain degree, that I ended up as a full-time presenter at QVC. 5 years ago, when Kathy decided to take a break and a 6-month sabbatical from the channel, I was freelancing and doing some of the extra pre-records for the Style Channel plus doing some of the guest presenting. I was asked to step in to fill the gap while she was away. I of course said yes and was incredibly happy to get the chance to take on the challenge and by the end of the 6 months was over the moon to be asked to stay.

Now, to give it a lovely bookend to the story Kathy asked the ‘powers that be’ that they consider letting me be the one to take over ‘Morning Style with Kathy’, and as Kathy said ‘drop the ‘aitch’! Thankfully they agreed, so without further ado I can now say that as of May 12th Morning Style with Kathy will become Morning Style with Katy.

I am so happy to be getting to take on the fab show that Kathy has brought us all for so many years and can’t wait to get started. I get an extra treat though as on May 5th Kathy and I will host the show together to say goodbye to the show from her and hello from me at the same time. It should be a fun show and yes perhaps a little emotional so I would love you to set the reminders and come and join us. It will be a great opportunity for you to send me your messages on air too so I can read them out to her. Kathy’s official last day on air will be 6th.

In the run up to the changeover I had the pleasure of getting to do a fun photo shoot for the new ‘Morning Style with Katy’ page on the website. This is the destination page for the show so that you can find the full rundown of items that have featured in the show each week. Our stylist Stine and I had some fun meetings to discuss styles and looks that I wanted to try out and she found some great looks to match the mood from our huge selection of fashion.

The looks feature the Gok Wan WULI:LUU check blazer and palazzo suit trousers styled with Dannii Minogue Love and Kisses T-Shirt (still available in Petite) and Vionic trainers. The Dannii Minogue faux leather jacket available in Regular and Petite was styled along with the Dannii jeans, again in Regular or Petite and also the gorgeous Helene Berman Contrast Dot Dress.

Fashion has been a big part of my life from an early age. I modelled as a teenager and was introduced to not just high street fashion but designer brands that showed me how exciting fashion could be. I learned quickly how to mix the two so that you could make any look elevated with just one investment peace and also how to ‘get the designer look’ without spending a fortune. In fact, I nearly went down the fashion route after I did a stint working on the fashion desk at You Magazine. There I got to assist on shoots and organise all the amazing designer clothes in the fashion cupboard along with collating information about the products to be printed in the fashion spreads.

I can’t wait to get started on the show, I am really looking forward to making it as interactive with all of you as possible. I want to see your fashion pictures, hear about your style journeys and also help you with any fashion dilemmas with the help of our fantastic guests. Make sure you are following me on Instagram because I will be doing plenty of styling videos on there along with interviews with our fashion guests.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much we will miss you Kathy and I will particularly miss our lovely chats and the advice you have given me over the years. As lovely and kind as all those chats have been though my lasting memory will be at the Christmas lunch when Kathy told a joke about clams that I can’t repeat on air, she had us all falling of our chairs exclaiming KATHY TAYLER! That sparkle in her eyes is definitely a naughty one.

Can’t wait to do the handover show on May 5th at 10am and also my first official show on 12th. Hope to see you there!

Love Katy x

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  1. Hi Katy.

    Wishing you all the best with your new show.

    A really nice tribute to Kathy which I’m sure all QVC followers will appreciate.

    Take care.


  2. Congratulations to you Katy I’m sure you will be fantastic 😀 sorry to see Kathy leave. The show will bound to be emotional but you girls can make it go out in style 😀 good luck to you both xx

  3. Sorry to see you go Kathy, but i am sure Katy will do an excellent job as your replacement, you will be greatly missed from our TV screens, but enjoy your retirement. Lyn C

  4. Happy retirement Cathy hope you e not the next part of life’s journey. Well done to you Katy you are taking over from a lovely lady and I’m sure you will make a lovely job of it.

  5. Hi Katy I’m looking forward to you doing the morning style show ..:I wish Kathy Tailor I wish her all the best in her new adventures, she did an amazing job on the morning style show. I’ll be watching the shows with you .i love following you on Instagram. You will be right at home doing the fashion show as you are looking glamorous every time I watch you on qvc and Instagram. All the best x

  6. Absolutely delighted to hear your news Katy, of course I will miss Kathy too very much, and I wish you both an amazing future.

  7. Can’t wait also pleased you are taking over from Kathy and wish you all the very best and love to Kathy too xx

  8. Good luck and all the best to Kathy I she has been part of our household for a long time
    Hope the future is bright for you

  9. Ahh sad i love Kathy to a great presenter but really enjoy your shows to Katy .So a big goodbye enjoy and all that mushy stuff to Kathy and big hello to you Katy xx

  10. How lovely Katy that you are taking over Kathy’s reins. You are the perfect person because you show your kindness and honesty on screen. Looking forward to seeing your shows. Love Gill x

  11. Kathy will be very much missed.

    Years go I sent an email to her asking why, apart from Emu, all your shoes stopped at size 8.
    I received a detailed explanation from Kathy. Thank you Kathy.
    Welcome Katy.

    1. Ade, you will be pleased to know I am a shoe size 42 so I am always pushing for our brands to bring in styles up to a size 9. So watch this space x

  12. So sad Kathy is leaving. She’s been in our home for so many years it’ll be like losing a treasured visitor.

    Congratulations Katy on your new role. I’m sure you’ll be a huge success. Looking forward to seeing you in our home

  13. Congratulations on your new venture.
    Can I also say a big thank you for all the work you do for the British Legion
    My dad was a Dunkirk Vet and went back every year until he passed. For various reasons the Poppy is very close to my heart and have the Poppy brooches that you designed. Love and hugs on your new presenting job. Ann xxx

  14. Wishing Kathy all the best for her new adventure
    Well done Katy look forward to seeing you do the show 👍🏼😘

  15. That’s brilliant news Katie. Couldn’t have chosen a better presenter. Look forward to your show

  16. So sorry to hear Kathy Taylor leaving as she is my favourite presenter but wish her all the best to enjoy life doing all the things she enjoys

    Good luck to you Katy I am sure you will carry on doing a super job as I love watching you present.

  17. Please say thank you to Kathy I have loved her shows and her knowledge on the garden shows too. She seems such a kind lovely lady. I wish her all the best and happy times with her family.
    Looking forward to your shows Katy!

  18. They couldn’t have picked anyone better!!!
    Can’t wait, just love your style, which even as an older lady I feel you got style for all ages. Good luck.

  19. Congratulations Katy! How exciting for you to take over the morning show, l believe you are the right person to ‘fit’ into that role l really do. I also think with a young family and the distance that you have to travel ( l live in Southbourne) the morning hours will be easier for you too.

  20. What a lovely farewell to Kathy. I

    I remember her as a successful gymnast all those years ago and again on ITV.

    I love Kathy’s morning style programme and although I’ll miss her it’s exciting to see you, Katy as the new presenter and the dynamics that you will bring to the show .

    Wishing Kathy the best of luck for her
    retirement and all the best to you for ‘Morning Style with Katy’.

  21. Kathy has been the nicest presenter QVC has her kindness shines through the screen, I wish her luck in everything she does in the future.

  22. Congratulations to Katy & farewell to Kathy. Katy I found your back story very interesting & I wish you every success.

  23. I remember posting a comment when you first started, saying you were born to play ‘dress me up’ and it’s true now. You have a lovely style. Congratulations

  24. Hi Katy so thrilled for you to be taking over the morning show good luck Im sure you will make it your own as Kathy has over the years. I have loved watching the show and how Kathy was so natural and understood the way clothes influence your mood. Keep the sense of humour and natural way you present you will be brilliant!

  25. Please pass on my best wishes to Kathy for a fabulous retirement. I have enjoyed her shows for years and like her style of presenting. I’m sorry to see her go.
    Congratulations to you for taking over a great show. I also enjoy you as a presenter an am looking forward to seeing you in your new post. Good luck. 😊👍Xx

  26. Congratulations Katy you are perfect for the job.We will miss Kathy on our screens ..always down to earth but with that twinkle you talk about.So all good wishes to Kathy for her retirement .x
    All best wishes to you Katy,I shall be looking forward to enjoying the shows with you x

    from a Viv ,a very old QVC customer [25years now]

  27. So pleased to hear you’re taking over the great legacy from Kathy. Big boots to fill but sure you’re the one to do it. I’ve grown so much to love QVC after spending so much time at home and I really respect you all for your professionalism and obvious love of your work . Carry on the excellent work!

  28. Hi dear Katy
    I had thought I might be immune to feeling too much emotion as I leave QVC, because I’m so happy, excited and absolutely ready to be stepping into retirement. But as I said my first goodbye (to Chloe last week, as she’s on annual leave for next week, my last) I suddenly realised the enormity of leaving the amazing place I’ve worked for almost 21 years. Although, of course, it’s not the place that’s hard to leave – it’s the people.
    Reading your blog has increased that feeling – I’m so going to miss getting to know you better than I already do. And you say some really kind and lovely things about me – thank you.
    I didn’t realise you’d worked on the fashion desk at You Mag – that made me smile because I worked for the sports desk of Mail on Sunday newspaper which You Magazine comes with, and wrote interview features for the back pages – many, many years before you were there, though.
    I’m delighted you’ll be the Morning Show presenter. I love your look, am inspired by your social media posts and find your positivity and wonderful smile (those red lips…!) so engaging. You’ve got far more fashion knowledge than I have, a super savvy style about you, and you have the energy to be so much better than me at involving our viewers via Instagram than I have ever been. I already love your ideas about how to move the show forward and ‘make it your own’ – you’ll do that fabulously.
    You don’t need me to wish you luck with it, we all know you’ll be a captivating host, but just to say I’ll be watching – and no doubt buying from – the show every week that I can.
    Take care Katy, all the best and lots of love from me.
    Kathy xx

  29. Thank you Kathy you have been my favourite presenter on QVC and will miss you . Enjoy your retirement 😃. To Katy looking forward to watching you with your new slot , QVC great choice to replace Kathy .

  30. It’s a big shame that Kathy is leaving/ retiring!
    Wishing her enormous luck in the World!
    Lovely lady!
    Goodbye and good luck.
    God’s blessings.

  31. Congratulations on becoming the new presenter of Morning Style Katy. Good luck with your first official show beginning on 12th May.

  32. Congratulations on becoming the new presenter of Morning Style, Katy. Kathy could not have left Morning Style to a wonderful safe pair of hands (you). Good luck with your first show beginning on 12th May.

  33. As you say, Katy, it’s bittersweet. Kathy was so kind to me once on air when the (nameless) guest went a bit OTT and I’ve never forgotten it, so I know what you say about her is true and I hope she enjoys her retirement. She’s given us the best of the fashion choice and I know you’ll continue to do the same but in your way, but you always look so stylish, anyway – I’m envious! You’re the perfect choice so good luck with it all!

  34. Good luck on your new adventure I agree with you Kathy is loving and gorgeous I have watched her on tv for years if she has picked you to follow her you must b great nice to c u on your own show once again good luck to you and Kathy on her retirement Denise xx

  35. Good luck for your new show-sure you will be a credit to Kathy and present show with same ethusiasm and professionalism.

  36. I will miss you Kathy , but life is too short and after this last year we have all had we must make the most of everything we have and follow our dreams! All the very best to you and your family in all you do on the future . Love Amanda xx

  37. I watch Morning Style every week and enjoy the hints & tips given by the guests & presenters. Been shopping with qvc since the 90s looking forward to seeing you on air Katy will be tuning in to watch with on awednedday.

  38. Well done Katy I expect you are really thrilled for this new challenge.You seem a very lovely lady with a good heart.I enjoy present and you are so funny and enjoyable to watch.Good luck.

  39. Congratulations Katy on your new show. Can I ask that you give the sizes as Kathy did not like to, therefore it was not a show I watched. Good luck and enjoy.

  40. Well done in your new job as you deserve it ; so pretty and stylish and a delight to watch presenting – Kathy is a hard act to follow but you will make it your own .

  41. Sad that Kathy is retiring but so glad that you are stepping in to her shoes Soto speak hope you enjoy looking forward to your shows

  42. Sad that Kathy is leaving but glad that you are stepping in to her shoes hope you have a great time looking forward to seeing you 🙂

  43. Congratulations on your new venture Katy. I am sure you will being your own style to the show as Kathy did.

  44. Hi Katy,
    I love watching you on QVC your so genuine and friendly. I’m sad Kathy is leaving but pleased she can do whatever she wants to. She deserves it. I’m pleased for you with your new show and will be watching as often as I can. Good luck!! Xxx

  45. Hi Katy

    Wishing you all the best in your newest role. You will be great!! You are beautiful and so warm.
    Big (or maybe small ) shoes to fill but you will settle in just right. Loved Kathy and love you too. Big virtual hugs xx

  46. Well done Katy ,will follow you on Morning Style on Wednesdays as I have done with Kathy, give my best regards to her and I hope she really has the best time in her retirement, Wishing you both happiness in the new chapter in your lives. Kind regards to you both Jean Smith xx

  47. Wishing you all the best Kathy on your retirement.
    Have a lovely time.
    Well done Katy taking over the reins from Kathy, you will be great.
    Much love
    Elizabeth 💕

  48. I am an older viewer (74), who does not have all the (expensive) modern technology, so I will not be able to be ‘interactive’ with your show. It would be nice if you could try and remember that not all QVC customers can join in. We feel very side-lined these days, as if we’re not worth bothering about, because we can’t make our voice heard.

  49. Love Katy in my mind she is the most stylish of all the presenters and is the right person for the role.

  50. Katy don’t forget to keep on at Moda in Pele to give us with 42 feet a chance to buy their shoes. I hoped it was going to happen soon when you mentioned it. I have e mailed them lots of times about this but to no avail.

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