Great style is always in fashion! The Style channel is back!

I’ve been in my element recently at work as I’ve been hosting so many fashion hours. As you may or may not have picked up by now, I love fashion and style (there is a difference between the two).

Best of all, I’ve gotten to work with so many of our great fashion guests in the last few weeks. Also, from this week, our Style Channel is back on-air every weekday afternoon. Due to the need to minimise the number of people in the building and, therefore, limiting the number of models and guests available, we took the Style Channel off-air for a while. However, as lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, it means we can start to open things up slowly and cautiously and that means we have a few more staff around to be able to bring you the Style Channel on a regular basis.

Best of all of this is that I got to spend two hours on-air with Ruth Langsford talking about her collection at Q. Ruth’s range has been evolving and growing over the last few years and Ruth has reason to be very proud of it. I hope she won’t mind me saying this, but she works incredibly hard on it and is so involved at every stage of the process (she is always popping in, pre-lockdown of course, for design meetings and fittings meetings and a myriad of other meetings involved with putting her collection together). Best of all to my mind, though, is the fact that Ruth is often wearing her own pieces, a real testament to her connection to her brand. It’s for that reason and the fact that the range is really accessible and easy to co-ordinate with other pieces in your wardrobe that I was really pleased to be on-air with Ruth. We have only ever done one hour together before on the Style Channel early this year, so it was nice to get a full two hours on the main channel together. If you saw it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (Ruth is a lot of fun to work with). If you missed it, please do check out Ruth’s whole range here, you’ll thank me for it!

Sarah Booker and I also did a great hour together with a footwear sale. Sarah is our brand ambassador for Emu, which we usually see more in the autumn and winter – in fact, it will be coming back again very soon so watch out for it, but it was great to see all the great footwear brands that we have at Q, like Skechers, Moda in Pelle, Clarks, Rieker and Vionic.

I do love shoes. I think I take after my mother in that respect. I remember seeing a poster once that, quite humorously said, “I know my life will be OK if I can just find the right shoes!” To be honest, I think there is a part of me that actually believes that. I have a mountain of shoes in all shapes and varieties. Summer shoes, winter shoes, sports trainers, fashion trainers, flip flops, boots… the list goes on and on. I can’t help myself. Lol!

I also find it impossible to throw anything away (by that, I mean give away to recycling) as I always think I will get one more wear out of them or they will come back into fashion, or (with some of the pieces I have held onto for a very long time), they are practically vintage so I just can’t part with them. I’m lucky in that, as my mother says, I’m not “heavy on shoes”. In other words, I don’t wear shoes out through having a heavy tread so I never, ever need to discard shoes because they are worn out. I think it’s because I have so many pairs that I wear a different pair of footwear most days, so they never get the chance to wear out! I know it’s probably not environmentally very sound but the hunt for the perfect pair of footwear is something akin to the search for the Holy Grail – the search will never end!

Caroline Macleod Smith was also on-air with me, discussing sleepwear and loungewear. Let’s be honest, over the last few months we have all been practically living in our comfiest items of clothing as we have, mostly, been at home. By comfiest clothing, we all know what we mean of course: loungewear, sleepwear, pyjammies, P.J’s, jammies. Whatever you call them, they amount to the same thing, so let’s wear pieces that actually look and feel good!

With that in mind, Caroline had some great pieces for us from some excellent brands. A new brand to me was, Cyberjammies. What can I say about this range? They are style personified, not to mention quality from start to finish. I became a fan at first sight. They have gorgeous fabrics of cotton and modal and the cuts and prints are exquisite. Please go and check them out. If you’re feeling like you are never dressed these days or just want to feel a little special some days but want to always be comfy at home, or even when you are staying away from home, as some of us are starting to do, this is the brand for you. Please trust me on this one.

There is also no P&P to pay on this range at the moment either, so it’s a great time to try them out for yourself or get them as a gift for someone who deserves something a little special. We also had some gorgeous Carole Hochman pieces too. There is a reason why she designs sleepwear and loungewear for some of the biggest designer names in fashion!

If you are thinking ahead to the new season though, don’t worry because we already have our New Season Fashion on the website. It’s always useful to get ahead of the game and get your key pieces sorted before your colour or size sells out.

Better than that, you can shop selected designs in three interest-free instalments by using code AUGF3Z. So come on, let’s turn up the style volume whether at home or taking our first steps back out into the world! Wherever we are, we all want to feel good about ourselves and how we dress is a really easy way to create that feeling. I have been loving the opportunity to dress up again now that I am back at work and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be able to see my Outfit of the Day on a regular basis.

In fact, why not put your QVC outfits on and post your owe Style of the Day pics too? I’d love to see what you are all wearing! Check out our website or tune into the Style Channel, which we have back with us again to find your look.

Until next time, stay fabulous.

Miceal xx

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  1. Love your expertise on the fashion hours on Qvc. Please can you do more! I really enjoy your knowledge. Lots of us ladies aspire to timeless quality pieces. I love your designer edge, and would love to see you doing more designer quality fashion for us. Thankyou Aly Xx

  2. Great uplifting post, Miceal, and enjoy you presenting clothing and skincare ranges, you clearly know your stuff and have a genuine ‘feel’ and love for great style. Incisive comment about style and fashion in opening paragraph too!

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