A super fun November

Hey guys.

Another super fun month, and I still haven’t cut down my perennials! Ah well – the birds and the insect life will be enjoying it!

I’ve been busy in the north with my mate Steph again. First up we tested umbrellas, and we had our own wind machine to get the job done. We just so happened to spray water into them – really fun; but with a serious edge, as we wanted to see which were the strongest. To my amazement, the little handbag-style folding umbrellas were some of the strongest!


More recently, I’ve been up to a Christmas tree farm to do a live link with the studio, as we talked about the different types of trees and how to get the best out of them. I was quite taken with the Serbian spruce with its iridescent needles – might’ve even inspired me to get a Christmas tree myself! We spoke about the need to give trees plenty of water, how lemonade can pep them up, and why you should give your central heating a miss to keep them happy.


I was also super excited to work with a coffee brand – filming a few clever reels which made use of coffee grounds and old tea bags. Did you know, the acidy coffee grounds can perk up heathers, and refresh orchids? And tea bags emptied around houseplants is said to deter pests. Worth a go. Especially if you’re a big tea drinker!


I had a mini, mini weekend away too and we popped to Cambridge. I persuaded my other half to come to the botanic garden too, so that was a result! The glasshouses were looking resplendent, and the winter walk was just about coming into its own. I can’t wait to come back in January when the snowdrops will have started adding their little sparks of joy! Not long now…

Well, while I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas, I am partial to an odd poinsettia! I’ll soon be creating special content with a breeding company who have two very new poinsettia to release soon. If you do choose one, remember to keep them warm on the way back from the shops though – take a blanket if need be! They’re Mexican plants, so they aren’t keen on the English cold.

I’ve been up to my friend Ellen’s allotment again for the final harvest of the year, but her experiment with chickpeas didn’t quite work. The pods just weren’t full enough, so I only came away with kale and a few small sprouts.


Gosh – another piece of fun this month was filming at the Alnwick Poison Garden. I learnt so much, and it’s a good thing we all brush up on that knowledge every so often. The host Dean told us a few horror stories, eeeeek!

Not toooo much garden advice to impart this month. I bet you’ve still got petunia blooming too, it’s been so mild! I wonder when Jack Frost will get a hold of them…

See you next month for our Christmas get together. I might even put something festive on!

Michael x