Getting ready for my summer garden

Hey guys,

Good to see you again!

It’s not the best day today, it’s super windy and as I sit writing this blog, I can see my trees being blown around like crazy. It’s heart-breaking, but what can you do!? It’s not like I could move the trees in to the garage to protect them LOL.

It’s been a busy month, not just for me, but for the flowers. Some of the displays this year have been bountiful. Have you seen any beautiful wisteria for example?

I was fan-girling over some in Chiswick last week, then drove past an amazing display in Camden, check it out!

I also love the blossom time, but it’s always over too quickly. Just like my tulips. Although I can’t complain, the cold has kept them in bloom for longer this year, same applies to my daffodils.

We are now moving into that in between moment when spring finishes, and summer is yet to start. My alliums will hopefully fill that gap. Sunday’s (30th May) Today’s Special Value offer featured Alliums I wonder if there are any left?!

I actually had a mammoth planting out session yesterday and did a bit of weeding too. I have to say, by adding a mulch of plant matter to my borders, weeding is so much easier, and the soil looks super healthy, I met many worms during my gardening session!

So, I’ve managed to free up my windowsills a little bit, but I’ve lost track of what I’m growing, I’m not very good at labelling things. I do have the gorgeous Petunia Darcey Rosa though!

I’ve been up to Leeds this month too, doing a segment on growing edibles for Steph‘s Packed Lunch. It was really fun, and we got to show the Tomtato, a plant you may have heard of. It’s tomatoes and potatoes all on one plant!

I hope you’ve been joining us for the shows on QVC this month, you’ve probably seen our flower crowns, which we donned to celebrate Garden Day. Also, you might have seen me sitting on a plant. This plant was Lomandra White Sands, and I was proving how indestructible it really is!

Back at home, I’ve been doing a surprising amount of online seminars, and did one for an international bank this month too. An hour and a half, including a weird and wacky plant show, live demonstrations, and a miracle berry tasting session! Lots of fun!

So, once the wisteria and blossom faded, I had bluebells to keep me happy. I found an excellent, extensive wood of them locally.

I also have been indulging in the yellow brassica fields. I even took a few home to make a Japanese style tea with them!

Then, it finally happened. I have been filming for a footwear brand in my own garden! Gosh! I felt really excited and proud to be able to show off my outdoor space!

Rumour has it that QVC will be visiting at some point too. Can’t wait to show you all!