New Year and my gardening awards ceremony!

Hey everyone,

By the time you read this we’ll be in the new year, and I always love this time. Fair enough, the bulbs aren’t coming through the ground yet, but the promise is there. It will soon be time for the rainbow of primroses and pansies which I unashamedly love.

Also, by the time you read this, we will have started the gardening season at QVC. We’re kicking things off with a Today’s Special Value offer at 9pm on New Year’s Eve no less. Although I’m not working on that shift, I’ll be there at 9am on New Year’s Day. We’ll have a special offer on Richard Jackson’s bird food which is better than ever. It even comes in lovely packaging, so if you’ve forgotten to buy someone a Christmas present this year, here’s your chance to get a late one in the door!

I’ve got something quite special for you in this blog, and it’s a little bit of an informal QVC Gardening Customers Awards Ceremony! I’ve put a few posts up on our Facebook group during December, and you guys contributed some lovely photos. Well, here are the results of the jury.

Perfect Patio 

Winner – Anne Mattingley


Runner Up – Michelle Sweeney


Runner Up – Hope Danvers


Tastiest harvest 

Winner – Michelle Sweeney


Runner Up – Peppers


Happiest houseplant 

Winner – Carol Allcorn


Showiest Plant 

Winner – Diana Eastwood


Runner Up – Julie Barker

Runner Up – Annette Hearn-Gibson


Longest bloomer 

Winner – Denise Farrar

Runner Up – Diana Eastwood


We have such a lovely group of QVC gardening customers, and I love seeing the pictures and hearing the comments. I recently had a meeting with the buyers at QVC, and there are so many exciting products to come. New plants, useful tools and a few surprises, too!

I’m wondering what the weather will be like in the first week of January. I must confess I’ve still got a few bulbs to plant. As long as the soil isn’t frozen, I should be just about fine. It’s difficult to keep gardening when you’re also on the road a lot of the time working! Does anyone want to be my gardening apprentice?

So, please keep up with me on QVC in the New Year, but look out for me on other channels too. I’ll be doing more gardening tips and having a lot of fun on Steph’s packed lunch on Channel 4, which is on every lunchtime.

Keep up with me here, and also on my website for the latest gardening news and useful tips.

Until February!