What I’ve been up to this May

Hi guys,

How are you doing? It’s been another busy month, but as I write this summer has arrived, it’s really warm and I feel good. I have finally tidied up my garden and I feel better for it. I don’t know why, but it always gets so messy then I have a massive blitz! Is it just me?

Earlier in the month, I had a great time in Holland around the Keukenhof bulb gardens, where we were super lucky to interview the team for our podcast. I also got the chance to go in the flower auction which was a real eye-opener. I had to get up at five a.m. though! I’m not bothered really… it was totally worth it and I saw so many unique cut flowers – it really got me thinking.

I rounded off the trip with a visit to a plant breeder and we walked around his daffodil beds. I recognised a few new plants, I can almost see them from a distance – I think I have a good eye for it hehe! Some amazing new double flowered types, star-shaped types, and of course those pinks that I’m in love with!

Also this month, I had a magazine come and shoot in my garden. So, that meant a mad Sunday evening, running around weeding. I had a crisis of confidence as I pulled out the nettles. I wanted to leave them, but I wasn’t sure what the magazine would think. However, I wish I had now, and I was the pioneer for leaving pollinator-friendly “weeds” in my borders… maybe next time!

I am feeling quite proud of my front garden recently, and I really am pleased that I planted the fennel, it has a lovely feathery vibe!

I have also had a brilliant time at the Malvern show, and was very excited to meet many QVC viewers as well. I was hosting and speaking on the main stages and doing various other activities, basically hobnobbing around the place. I was doing some talks with my friend and colleague Ellen, and we used the rotating composter as a tombola machine. The audience could win prizes and I think they quite enjoyed that!

We also did a floral challenge with Jonathan Moseley and I won, although I did steal various sprigs from the surrounding display… but I see that as being creative!

And if that wasn’t enough, I had a last-minute call to go down to Cornwall to film at Heligan, the Lost Gardens, for Steph’s Packed Lunch. They even got me weeding in the lake – it was a really fun day, and I also learnt how to grow pineapples in our country!

A little bit of downtime this month, as Lorna dragged me to Syon Park, where apparently they film Bridgerton. I’m not a fan, so I wasn’t sure. But before I knew it, I was dancing around a conservatory!

Finally, I made an interesting piece of content for a brand this week, and it was all around sharing your gardening love with your neighbours. Do you do that? I must admit, I sometimes have spare plants, and leave them on the wall out by the front of my house for my neighbour, so she hardly ever has to go to the garden centre. LOL.

Until next month, keep gardening and stay safe 🙂

Michael x

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