Amazing Birthday in Ghana and a Laura Geller TSV treat

Hi all,

I hope you’re keeping well! I’ve just come back from my amazing birthday in Ghana with Annaliese.
Just in time for our exciting Laura Geller 5 Piece Springtime Essentials collection for a great price of £41.95 on 18th March until midnight.The collection includes the hero Balance-n-Glow Illuminating Foundation containing swirls of multi-coloured liquid pigments baked to create a powder foundation. You also get a Cold Concealer, Smart Pout Lipstick, Lid Lust Eyeshadow, and a brush to blend in the foundation, a nice little kit for your spring make-up routine. The shade options are Porcelain, Fair, Medium, Golden Medium, Tan and Deep. I’m a real fan of the ‘Wise’ Pout Lipstick, in my Deep shade collection, the first thing I noticed was just how hydrating it is!Ghana was so hot, and the Ultrasun Protection Face & Scalp Mist Spray SPF50 was a godsend. Not only was it great sun protection, but the mist was also really cooling in the heat. It was such an amazing holiday, we went to Boti Falls, and sat under the most magical waterfall, climbed huge rocks, went to a nature reserve and I saw some family.The most special person was my godfather, who I call grandad as he’s been like a grandad figure my whole life. He left England to go back to Ghana in 1996 and I’ve only seen him once since. He is the kindest, wisest man I know and I was so happy to see him.I literally landed home today and am looking forward to being back in the studio, I have some exciting shows to prep for, so I’ll be back with more in my next blog. Before I go, another piece of equipment that was sooooo handy while I was away was the portable Rush Charger! Everyone needs one or two in their lives if you own a mobile phone and we all probably do.

I have so much more to share with you in the next blog, I have holiday pics and stories on my Instagram @ophylia if you’d like a peek.

Lots of love,

Ophelia x

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